I'm new to this forum, but I've been interpreting my dreams for about a decade. I know a lot of it is personal but this dream has me stumped and I can't figure it out.

It's not so much the volcano but it's what I was doing in the body of a young man, guiding him down from the side of the volcano to safety.

Anyway this is what I wrote of my dream. I've only just woken up and written it out, so I hope it makes sense.


Dream 7.2.12
I was floating over a small city which was at the base of an active volcano (huge hills in the distance.) The occupants of the town had lived with this active volcano for years and the scientists were warning that it was going to erupt, but the majority of the inhabitants had ignored their words.

I floated/flew over to the mountain to have a look and then I decided to float into someone. That someone was a young man – in his early 20s perhaps, and he was standing near a waterfall on the mountainside and the water coming over the edge looked all wrong.

I went inside him (like a spirit, or like a pilot on a remote control drone) and started moving him back down the hill. It was steep and really scary for me, even though it wasn’t my body I was driving forward (it was like a video game, except my instructions were, ‘we have to get to safety’ and I wasn’t controlling his body movements - like how he judged a jump just right so we didn’t fall off a ledge). We walked along a ledge that was a sheer drop and the ledge was less than a foot width wide and covered in mud and it took quite a bit of balance on his behalf to be able to make it down.

As we got near the carpark, there was a group (maybe five or six) of older women (gray haired grannies) who were carrying a rug with a dead body in it. They were leaving it on a dry creekbed. I just looked at them, saw the body and then quickly minded my own business.

I approached about twenty or so parked cars (a lot of people came up to the volcano to sight see) I warned a young man with his young kids that it was going to erupt but he ignored me. I looked at the row of cars and I thought “Oh crap, I don’t know which is my/his car” (and felt a little panicky at not knowing which car was mine and my mind was racing with how am I going to get out of here) but he walked straight to the car (it was an old car dark blue, square like a Cortina, but well maintained) and he got in. We drove towards a freeway, through the city streets, watching in disbelief as people were just doing their thing – not scrambling to leave the city.

On the freeway, I was trying to figure out where to go – but it was like navigating around a new country and having no idea where safe is. But he was a local so he didn't have any of the worries I was having about knowing where we were going. So we stayed on the freeway, driving past a sign that said an US army base turn off in so many kilometres.

A combi van comes careering the wrong way on the freeway and I control the driver to break, despite his growing anxiety at having to flee the volcano. The driver of the Combi van turns around and joins the rear end of the group of traffic he’s just driven through. Slowly the man, I’m controlling starts the car up again and we hang back from the group of traffic.

Then I’m woken up by my toddler.

It was a little like when you lose yourself in a movie, and you are experiencing things from the character's perspective - they are the one that is risking their body but you are safe in your cinema seat. I got the feel the urgency of the situation but none of the risk.

It was almost like he was reckless and I was responsible (because he would have stayed and watched the volcano eruption from the side of the volcano) and together we made a great team.

I have no idea where it was I visited, but I got the feeling it was an island with a really large freeway in the middle of it, weaving between the mountains. It felt south American or perhaps somewhere wet and green with lots of forests. I woke wondering if this is Guam.

I’m in my early 40s, a stay at home to my only child a toddler and live with my husband in a part of Australia that is far from green. Have had lucid dreams before, controlled my flying etc but never controlled a person before.