I had a really strange dream that was set at and around my school. It was pretty long, but I only remember three big parts of it. The first part I remember is at this sandwich shop near my school, only it wasn't a sandwich shop anymore. It was really dark, and they had machines that sold different kinds of pepsi from around the world. I tried to buy some but none of the machines would work for me, even if they had just worked for someone else.

The second part I remember was quickly rushing to my locker, only I'm wearing nothing but my shoes and boxers. I was rushing to my locker because I was convinced that I had some clothes in there. When I got to my locker, there was a kid I don't know who was trying to rape some girl. I pulled him off of her, then I started punching him in the face and walked away.

The third part I remember was walking outside the school building. There were a bunch of chairs, umbrellas and stuff set up, so I guess there was some kind of event or something going on. I saw a friend of mine crying near some stairs. I held her for a while and then we started making out. After that, a guy I know told me I had something on my chin and I woke up.

This dream actually confuses the hell out of me and I'm kind of weirded out my the second part. Help?