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      Strangers vehicle...what is the meaning of this

      I was in school trying to get my paper work together. I walked out wondering where my boyfriend was but he couldn't make it to take me back to my place. So I decided to take a stranger car home. He was tall, his nationality was black and he wore a hoodie and good looking from what I remembered but I've never seen him or knew this person. He liked me it shows and told me I can come inside of his car but then my crush bump into me. He asked me where was I going, it's dark outside. He wanted me to come home. I wanted to bring the other guy but my crush was saying no.
      My crush now was at a place where people were all around. That guy followers us too. My crush kept showing me his text messages of I think his friends and I told him I'm the girl on Facebook and hide behind his back. I got up and laughed while hiding my face. He smiled at me. He kept smiling. He asked me where I am from. He said I look part white. I said well figure it out on your own. So we went into the car and talked for a while. I brung up the subject where in reality I did actually like all of his statuses and he tag me in a post saying "do u like all my statuses lol" but back to the dream, I apologizes about liking all his statuses and he said its fine and smiled. I was looking in the mirror and I'm lighter than his skin which is not even true, he's lighter than me. besides that, I see we had a resemblance to each other. He was talking to the other guy more than he did with me but he kept smiling at me. My top came off and my breast was showing. I asked mike if use saw and he said no and I was in relief. He was making faces when I looked in the mirror with him. We drove to my house and he kept talking and smiling.
      My father passed on a few years ago and he was also in my dream...he told me he was going out. He was dressing in black as if he's going to a funeral. I ask him if I gotten super tan bc in reality I was getting too tan. He said yeah ur getting way too tan as a joke. I ask him do u think my crush likes me. He said I didn't know the entire story...so I explained to him what had happened and before I could hear an answer I woke up.

      What does this dream even mean? I really like my crush a lot but I think there's a lot of negativity going on here

      I forgot to mention about the stranger guy Sat in the backseat and we got to my place.

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      I don't see any negativity. Anyways your brain has no intention on meaning harm to you. Unless something monumental happens there is usually nothing to interpret. In fact you should be happy you even dreamed about your crush because it shows that he has a significant effect on your life.

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