I dreamt i was having a clear look at my own tanned skin. Ants are building nest there. A voice was telling a story about slavery and how small ants building nest are slave, white nests (takes about a 1/3 room, square shape, on my skin) indicates slaves's homes, and tanned ones (which differ great in value) are for the rich. I poked at one of the nest and they feel like rubber
Theres more but i cant remember
Next part:
i was with ALL of my friends, and standing next to a friend that i felled in love, but it's one side, at a festival. A comic, cosplay, dress up festival (cosplay/ dress up is my hobby)
I had a fight with my lover, then suddenly one of my friends asked for water in a big trunk. The water delivery guy suddenly get all burst up and run away, dragging people with him
everyone was despressed. I thought i could call for rain, so i looked up the sky and ask for a really big rain. Rain fell heavily, as if a waterfall is falling down on us
Next i found out that i dont have my dress up clothes (which is a situation in my real life now). Then suddenly a friend said i can have hers. i was so surprised and happy! i was really happy!
Next i found myself again at a desert, some what i thought that it was near to the ant nests
my mother was sitting on a big rock, having a nice chat with me (which my real life dont have), i was standing in front of her, when suddenly i see a hug stunami (big wave) behind, so i yelled "mother!" in my language and point to the wave
my mom SLOWLY (which surprised me) look around, at the wave, then smile! then she got caught up in the wave
but i wasnt, the wave go in a string shape, do not go over half of the desert's way and me, but over my mother (btw if it isnt clear, the desert was like a road and we were at the right most side, i leaned my self a giant mountain at the left to avoid the wave)
mother was clinging on a clif, i ran to her and yelled again, but she was laughing (with water in her mouth) and took of her glasses (she was short-sighted)
the wave cover half her body and thin water was cover her mouth and nose so she couldnt breath
i was so scared
then i woke up
plz anyone can help me...? i got these type of dreams everyday. i even recorded them for a week. If u want to hear more plz tell
plz and thank you