I am unsure if this dream was connected but the first thing I remember is me digging at a spot of acne and all of a sudden having huge disgusting pores.

Skipping to the next scene:
I was in a convenient store, my sister, one other female I don't recognize, and I was hiding behind an aisle. Wondering what I was doing crouched like that, I stood up to look and there were four guys with hostages shooting at us. I duck back down, I heard the guns but no bullets hitting anything.

My sister hands me a gun and stand back up, I get scared but then I see that there are no bullets, I know I am dreaming. I shoot at one guy and miss a few times, then I get him in the head. There are still no bullets even from my gun and no blood either, he just falls to the ground, I think they must be invisible bullets. I shoot at the next guy and get him also in the head. (I have a history of dreaming of shooting people square in the head).

The other two guys use the hostages as cover, and I run out of invisible bullets after shooting one more time, at this point in the dream I realize it is a type of game we are playing. After the hostages and bad guys go out the door they disappear.

We leave the store, and the point of view pulls out. The other female is gone, I wonder if it is because she didn't do anything to help. You can see everything on the block similar to games like Supermario but in 3d. I could see us walking from this different point of view, I say I think we have to go there. It is this ladder to a building with no support, it wasn't moving so I wouldn't call it floating. The other building was brown and red brick, the convenient store and laddered building are both white.

We climb up to the building, only my sister and I are in here. Our new game goal is to make these dresses and display them on a runway, I was frustrated because I didn't know what we were doing here, nor what our prize or anti-prize was, I was also very creeped out. It seemed that we were in some weird old factory. We both passed the first round, but the second round my sister messed up. She was dying a red dress, it looked like it wasn't fully dyed when she took it out, she said I got egg yolk on my dress, she looked like she was about to cry but she vanished. I was worried what was going to happen to me. FIN

IRL: I have recently moved back into my mothers, and I am extremely broke due to breaking up with my long-term boyfriend. I am searching for a new job, because the one I have I cannot live on by myself. I also feel like I am finding myself again, and haven't been this happy since I was a kid. I met someone who makes me feel like it's okay to be myself, and I think he owns the most beautiful soul I have ever met, but he feels like a failure in life. My sister is getting married to a man she loves, but she isn't ready to get married and is frustrated with that. My mom isn't happy with life, either is her husband, and this is a bit stressful. She is just in a lot of pain all the time and is having a hard time physically and mentally keeping up with her job at a factory.

I view defending myself with a gun perfectly acceptable.

Feel free to ask anything that you find necessary in helping you interpreting this dream.