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      Dream about cheating on a test

      I was at my hangout place in school when out of nowhere a woman, who I assume is a professor, and a famous TV anchor walked toward me. They accused me in public of cheating on a math test. Of course it drew the attention of other students nearby. Then they showed me the booklet where my answers and solutions were, and said I obviously cheated on this one particular item. Realistically speaking, I don't understand how a somewhat faded photo of a person appearing on the space for my solutions is cheating, it doesn't make sense. But I clearly remember in the dream, I was very nervous because I think I know they were right in saying I cheated. If I remember correctly, the photo gave me a flashback of what happened or what I did during the test, the person being the exam proctor, I assume. Of course I denied their accusation of cheating. I took pretended to look at the item in question, then said "No I didn't cheat. How is this cheating?" A guy was suddenly sitting beside me, and the TV anchor asked him something like "Does this look like cheating to you?", showing the booklet. He said no, to my surprise, then I looked at him and it kinda felt that he was defending me. They then asked a girl nearby, and she also said no, it doesn't look like I cheated. I think I kind of gave the woman and the TV anchor a "See?" face, then both of them concluded that I didn't cheat, although doubtfully. I stood up and moved to a nearby bench, where 2 of my friends were. I think I shared my disbelief about what happened, and I'm not quite sure if they agree with me, but they didn't react negatively so I think they sided with me. while the commotion is slowly winding down, we talked about how I have never watched the shows of the TV anchor's channel, and how I'm starting to dislike him and their TV station more, now that this has happened. We were eating a can of Pringles, and I woke up acting like I have chip residue on my thumb and index finger.

      In my waking life, though, I have really never cheated in a major way in college. And I have graduated recently.
      Also, I'm done with math 3 years ago. I was never really good in math. I often fail. I hated it.
      It's true, though, that I don't watch the shows of the anchor's station. I have great respect for him, however.

      This dream isn't really a big deal to me, I just got curious since I can remember it vividly. I also don't understand why the TV anchor is there. I just want to know if this means anything?

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      Maybe you're afraid that one of you're professors will think that you cheated and will fail you?
      Just a thought though, don't really know.
      or maybe it means that you'll always have the support of friends/family even through hard times.
      I don't know lol. Just a thought.

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