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      A weird dream about a strange woman, but in my dream I was her.

      (Im a 25 y/o female with a husband and a 4 y/o kid)

      Im my dream I was a young woman (maybe around 20s) wearing an old looking dress and a maroon/reddish cape. I was in a place that looks like a mountain, lots of green grass, trees around and i was there picking vegetables. The scene looked like it was either very early in the morning or almost sunset, it was dim, and it looked like it just rained, the ground is moist.

      As i was picking the greens, since the ground is moist I slipped down. When i stood up what was in front of me was a huge cave entrance .. It was so dark inside and as i was staring at it, very slowly it started to get brighter. Suddely though in one blink I was inside in the middle of the cave, everything was dark except the place where I was standing at. There was nothing I could see but a brand new thick book on a dusty table.
      I took like 3 steps towards the book, as soon as I touched it a man's voice echoed the cave and talked for like 20, maybe 30 seconds of words that I do not understand, it sounded latin to me. I opened the book and some pages has nothing on it, some pages has random images and words I do not understand either.

      It changed scenery instantly, I was in a house that in my dream I felt like it was mine but i havent seen that before irl. Outside there were people, around 50 of them, surrounding the house, they are pale and not moving, they looked alive though, not ghosts, but just there looking at me or at the house. And then my husband woke me at that part of the dream.

      In my dream i was calm, like an everyday feeling. Even inside the cave I wasnt scared.

      If anyone can interpret that for me I would be very grateful!

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      I was gonna post links of a similar looking dress, cape, and the cave entrance to better describe what was in the dream but since this is a new account it wouldnt let me.

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      Can you tell us a bit about what is going on in your life, what issues are on your mind? Dream interpretation is more likely to be meaningful if one knows a bit of context. Two people could dream similar dreams and yet with totally different meanings given what is on their minds.

      Edit: Even without the context from your waking life, here are a few things I noticed about your dream: it may be about something that is old and has been hidden and is not understood, rediscovery of some knowledge, contrasts (old/new, dark/light, inside/outside, alone/in-a-crowd, dead/alive). I wonder whether there is something you are trying to understand that seems contradictory, something that is from the past, and you may be feeling like you are being observed while you are trying to understand. Does any of this make any sense? if not, please disregard.
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      Greetings Zucchini,

      Your dream is very significant. It is a dream about your destiny. Let me go through it in three stages (which is rather significant) and give you a general summary at the end.

      The old red dress you were wearing represents a mature wisdom that you already possess. You are the kind of person who people go to for advice. An accelerated maturity for your age. You are the focus of this dream.

      There are three stages in your dream. Three is the number of completeness - so there is the MOUNTAIN, the CAVE and the HOUSE on your road to completeness:

      1. The MOUNTAIN.
      The mountain represents the presence of G-d and the great times you have been experiencing. The rain and wet ground before you arrived there is evidence of the blessings you have had throughout your life. The green grass represents the level of growth in your maturity as you have been having this "mountain-top" experience so far. However, picking the vegetables reveals that you have become too complacent and preoccupied with your own blessing and growth that you have forgotten about what your destiny and calling. So you slip to highlight the mistake you are making by staying on the mountain for too long!

      2. The CAVE
      This is the second phase of your journey. G-d wants to take you into a place of retreat to escape at times when life becomes too busy. The light around you is His guiding presence. You are taken to a dusty table that represents a place which has been neglected (a sign you have been too introverted and now need to look outward). The thick old book represents the wisdom you will receive in this place of retreat and escape where you will in time learn to understand the words that you were hearing and the book you were trying to read. Latin could imply this book was the Bible. You take three steps towards it (again, you are walking towards your completeness - towards your destiny and calling). Once you are prepared you enter the third and final stage....

      3. The HOUSE
      A house represents your ministry or calling in life. Fifty represents "freedom" and "joy" and this is applied to people who looked pale just staring at you. This highlights what your destiny is leading you to do. In this case, I believe it is a deliverance ministry. You will be setting people free from their traumas, problems, life hurts etc.. I don't know if you have ever had a desire to work in the caring profession, healthcare, psychology, prayer ministry, but this dream is leading you to a place where you will at some point be able to execute the compassion you have for others and see them free and full of joy.

      Let me know if this resonates with you in any way,


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