I went to a camp with friends and other people. Later, when it was time to go home, we packed and went away.

In the next scene, I was at the bar with two men (one of whom I think was related to the camp). I was attracted to that stranger and flirted with him, teasing him. Sitting down, he pulled me closer to him and whispered while kissing my neck also, "What are you doing today, whore?" I felt aroused at that. I was not a ghost then.

The next thing I remember was that I was in the stranger's bedroom with him and Jennifer Aniston. It wasn't really a threesome, because I was the ghost of my own body and Jennifer was too busy talking on the phone about work and couldn't see me. I was teasing him with my body and excitedly, we were about to start without her.

But the stranger's father came home and I hid in the closet, because I was naked and I sensed that he too could see my ghost body. Then I ran to the bathroom, where he ran after me. I felt terrified. He was going to molest me but I ran and when he caught up to me, I hit him repeatedly and the stranger's family gathered around the father, wondering what was happening, since they couldn't see me. The stranger was the only other one to see me and genuinely told me he was sorry and he would've sent me away sooner if he'd known his father was going to be here.

I ran out of the house, where I wasn't a ghost anymore, and into the streets of Vancouver (I don't live there). I saw a gang of stripper women on motorcycles who wanted to capture me for "rape scene" at their strip club. I tried to run away, and I woke up.


I don't know if it could help, but recently, a friend of mine contacted me and wanted to see me, implying the offer of going back to his house after dinner. But it isn't the stranger from the dream.