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      Spiders but in different context -please help

      Hi all,

      I have two dreams now about spiders within a week of each other.

      First: the spider was extremely big and walked very slowly across a large patch of long grass. It was reddish in colour and was almost mechanical in its movements.

      Second: I tried to kill a small black spider with spray. It flipped on its back; and when it did it multiplied and lost of spiders starting running about. I was more freaked out with the little spiders as appose to the first dream.

      I would be grateful for some explanations on this as I have looked it up and find it hard to piece everything together.

      Thank you

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      It does't mean anything, spiders are just one of the images that are hardwired into our minds as symbols to fear, and so they show up a lot in scary dreams. Snakes are the same. There have been scientific experiments that demonstrated that newborn animals of certain types (mammals I believe, but I don't remember what kind) already recognize the silhouette of a flying hawk as soon as they're born and know it's something to be afraid of, so that's undoubtedly a hardwiring thing. For us the main culprits are spiders, snakes, bears and other predators so these tend to show up in nightmares or sometimes just in ordinary dreams which of course immediately turn scary. And when something frightening shows up in a dream it's very common for it to multiply or grow. That's just the way dreams work - anything that really captivates your attention will take on great importance, and the dream responds by making it get bigger or stronger or making more of them appear. It's all just straightforward stuff that everyone experiences. Trust me, on this site many people keep dream journals, and if you read through them you'll see countless dreams that are just like yours.

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      Good Evening sunshine85,

      This is what I would call a "spiritual warfare" dream. You may not believe in G-d, but this dream is G-d allowing you to have this so you can see the plans of the enemy exposed for your life. Spiders represent an occult attack in our lives.

      The first dream is showing you there is going to be a large obvious attack in your life which will happen slowly. The reddish colour indicates this attack will come as anger and someone seeking to wage war against you.

      The second dream is showing you there will also be a smaller attack coming which is evil in nature and if you try to attack it back in your own strength, with your own "spray" it will cause more problems than you had to start with.

      Now, the focus of dream are the spiders (a metaphor for an evil attack in the form of anger and smaller problems) which mean G-d is showing you what is coming your way and what you shouldn't do to stop it. The only way to stop this is to pray and ask G-d to stop the plans of the enemy heading your way. If you come up against problems that are evil in nature and attempt to destroy them yourself it will fail and you will end up with more problems than you had in the first place. Most of all, you are being shown this in order NOT to have fear but to be prepared.


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