Hi everyone,

I've always been fascinated by my dreams but really struggle with vivid dreams and spend a lot of time waking up exhausted and like I haven't slept at all. A lot of the time I have very similar types of dreams and enjoy interpreting them myself.

Last night I had 2 dreams. The second I got woken up in the middle of and managed to get back into which I was quite impressed with. I've woken up so confused though. Between them there was so much going on. I'd love your help in figuring out what's going on in my head! (Sorry one bit of the second is a bit gross...)

1. Weird beach island camp. For family reunion. With my Swiss family (I was raised in London away fr Switzerland but live that side of the family dearly and miss them loads) poss for a wedding, because they were my family but I didn't really realise them and I was on my own.
Found my little wood cabin. Got all cosy and ended up bumping into, someone I consider a little brother (although he is very handsome, I've known him since he was 5 and is 26 now we've only got a very sibling/platonic relationship)
Not sure how it happened we were discussing life and mucking about and got so close I kissed him. We were both like, EUGH weird. And that bit of the dream fizzled out.
I was back out exploring the island, which was dusty with lots of barky oak trees and sun scorched grass watching a rally car race around the patch of wood I was in.
Kept getting closer, so I Climbed tree.
Saw a log crossing high up in my tree. Tried to get across, but the log shifted and I chickened out.
Then that dream fizzled out.

Next dream...
I was back in Switzerland. In the city centre but by a Beach again (there are no beaches there!) , in a cafe trying to work even though my family weren't there, it was random people I feel I knew but was somehow detached from, I think I was supposed to be getting ready for a wedding the next day.
Everyone telling me I need to learn to relax and just be me.
Someone, one of the girls buys me flowers, wrapped in lilac paper. Pretty sure they were gladioli and stocks which are my favourites.

(This is when the cat woke me up I let him out and fell
Straight back asleep)
Then I somehow left with them and a smaller bunch to try get back to my grandparents house. Left the cafe.
Was in City centre at a Bus stop which was more like a London major station. Loads of busses. Loads of signs. , Looking for busses which kept speeding by.
Even though its a friendly country and I could speak Swiss I was Asking directions for the right bus stop but no one could help and I couldn't work out the time tables.
I found 3 men, all kind of big and fat and odd looking, in perfect Swiss but they all laugh at me. So I walk off to look at more signs and timetables. I don't remember putting them down but the 3 men steal my flowers from floor while I look for bus.
I run after them and they're Theown my flowers on floor in the kerb by a bin and rubbish and one guy is peeing on them the others laughing.
I shouted at him and got angry, managed to get my flowers, then he's like waving his penis at me trying to pee on me. His mates are laughing trying to hide behind one of them but the guy is still getting me on my jeans, I think I've got a few tears of angry frustration now.
I'm shaking the flowers off as much as I can.
Find toilets in posh restaurant but the waitress takes me to a public shared loo. All
Old 70s style wood and marble, dim light brass fittings. People in there looking at me strangely. And her like I'm some sort of tramp.
I washed my flowers but they're all sparse now and the lilac paper is gone. For some reason there are florist supplies and I find happy birthday cellophane to wrap them in.

Last thing I remember is trying to cut the tramps wee off my jeans and turn them into dungarees.

Seriously. I haven't got a clue.

Your help much appreciated.

Newbie xx