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      Shot a Black Dog

      This wasn't the first time that I dreamt of a dog, but last night's dream made an impact because I felt an intense emotion.

      So, the setting was on the street. There was a black dog who's playing with another dog. I remembered that this dog was trying to attack me so I ran and ended up hiding inside the house of my neighbor and locked myself in the room upstairs.

      I felt like the dog was still outside, trying to attack me. I was so scared and then out of nowhere, I just got this gun and even made sure that there were bullets in it. So, I got out of the house and then saw that the dog was busy...i dunno playing or something with another dog. I ran in the opposite direction with the gun in my hand. When I looked back, I found out that the dog saw me and then chased me again. When I was sure it was nearing me, I stopped and faced the dog. I shot it several times. The dog stared at me with, I think, pain or love in its eyes. For some reason, I felt like that dog loves me. I dunno why but I cried and regretted what I did. It was dying in front of me; I was sure of it. I felt like I also love that dog. I wanted to save him but I knew it was already too late. I touched his head while crying, and he touched my hand back. It felt so real, and I was really weeping in that dream until it ended.

      What was that mean? I felt like I was scared for no reason at all. The dog loves me, but I dunno why in my dream, I felt like he was chasing me because he wanted to hurt me.

      Please help me interpret this dream. I couldn't forget it. I can still so vividly remember the feeling of pain and regret.

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      Greetings lunargoddess,

      Dogs represent loyalty and friendship in a dream. This dog seemed to be negative but turned out to be positive. This dream is warning you not to "kill" the loyal friendships you have because you are scared of getting close. These people really love you, but your fear and mistrust will push them away.


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      I think it's really difficult to interpret other peoples' dreams for them unless you know them very well. I think our dreams range from meaningless images to symbolic (or even quite straightforward) representations of deep emotional beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Ask yourself when you have ever felt that way before in real life. What is the very first memory you have of feeling those things in your life? What caused those feelings? Do you have a history of being attacked by dogs? Have you lost special pets? Have you ever had to stand up for yourself and felt that way? Do you react to fear impulsively in a way that you're afraid will hurt others? The dog could be symbolizing something else that relates to those emotions or it could be a simple trigger. You see, it is quite complicated and only you know the answers. I don't think dream symbolism is the same for everyone because objects mean different things to different people since we have all had unique experiences. My advice is to journal about it and try to gain some emotional insight on yourself.
      By the way, nice to meet you, fellow lunar goddess...I like your name!

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      Why'd he have to be black?

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