Hi all

I hope this is in the right place, brand new member.
I very rarely dream of any kind, but one night I had this really vivd dream I thought I'd try and find out what it's all about.
So, I work at a sailing club on a big lake, one of the main jobs is rescuing boats in trouble.

I am standing outside the clubhouse with a workmate, he's smoking a cigarette (he always does) and we're chatting.
We see a very large blue and white helicopter come screaming along over the hedge, then hear a huge splash and a bang. We run down to the water and this helicopter has crashed in the lake. So we get in our rescue boat and motor out to it, to pick up people.
Strangely, no one makes an effort to escape, and the whole thing sinks.
Then an army vehicle turns up, launches a boat and comes out to us. They send divers down, and start recovering. A diver surfaces with a body, which has an SAS army style gas mask on under the flying helmet. As the body is pulled into the boat, the head comes off.

Then I wake up. This dreams happened 2 nights in a row. Any advice would be appreciated, and sorry if it's in the wrong section.