So I have a crush on this guy at my school and I know he likes me a little bit too, due to his body language. Or at least he is attracted to me in the animalistic sense. But he has a girlfriend in Hawaii and flew over to see her the beginning of August but he never talks about her and gets really stiff when similar topics come up. Anyways, I have this routine with guys I like. Over a series of days I will see them in my dreams and eventually end up kissing them in my dream. Which has always been like a "kiss of death" because that's usually when I fall hard, but it happens within reason. All the guys I have kissed in my dreams I have had chances in real life. But I have had a few sporadic dreams about this guy for the last year (we did track and field together for a bit) but now they are getting more and more consistent but I am trying not to have them because he does have a girlfriend (I'm pretty sure they are still dating but not positive). So the dreams are as follows day 1-3.

I was in a class room, its a weightlifting room, that me and the guy I like have in common. I sat down in a chair and he kept moving it, out of the way of people or things. Then he picked it up and moved it over to a weight stand in front of another guy who had an Irish accent. I never met the guy but I remember he had reddish brown hair and a very distinct voice. Then it changed tome getting a custom magical hat for a wizard school I was transferring to. When the hat was done I went to the school at night which was made of glass and marble. After the dream I shot awake and was freezing like the school was and a little bit in shock.

The next night was something much more elaborate.

I was trying to get the attention of the guy I like at a sport event or something. I was walking around and went inside my school and into a classroom that this weird device that let you talk to people around the school but it was like a pile and it had pipes in it and if you listened on the wrong side it would burn your ears. Any way so I turn around (the guys name is Garrett) and Garrett is behind me and then a teacher comes up behind him and is really a monster disguised as a human and tries to kill Garrett but somehow I just looked at the monster and vaporized him or something, all that was left was a pile of clothes on the ground and Garrett thanked me and we hung out for the rest of the night. He was starting to get more interested in me. The next morning I drove to his house before school with my friend (an older friend, a motherly figure) and he was sitting on a wall that divided his house from a bunch of trees and bushes, basically an overgrown lot. He walks over to the car but on the driver side (my friend was driving) and he looks at her completely shocked like "wait I don't remember spending my night with her" and then he sees me and gets a relieved look over his face and smiles. I don't clearly remember us going to school though but I remember we were in a parking lot by his car talking and laughing. Then the scene jumped and we were at this house inhabited by monsters who were pretending to be humans. And the girl at school I hate was having a sleep over at the house and saw us and ran away. So we talk to this dwarf monster type thing and he owes money and it a con and just a really nasty person. I stabbed him and he evaporated like the first guy and left his clothes behind. And so we go through the house which is really nice but has broken glass and some messed up walls and floor, and kill the monsters and put their clothes in a pile. I turn around and the guy is charging at me and Garrett saves my life and the we jump out of a window , well more like climb. Then like a camera rolling out it went to the girl I hate and some other girl talking in a bathroom, the second girl kind of looked like the guy's girlfriend. The girl I don't like said "I'm sure that was them (or it or him not quite sure). And I remember hearing "Father why are you tied up is everything all right?" and then an old man responded but I don't remember what he said. I woke up feeling a bit uneasy but somewhat satisfied and in shock that the dream just happened.

The following night was a bit off.

I had a dream someone was pouring broken glass (it was mirror glass) in my mouth it was a girl and in hindsight I think it was his girlfriend but I'm not sure. And I leaned over trying to get the glass out of my mouth and I was in a white room and I was crouched on the ground looking around and I woke up. This scared me a bit because I thought I actually had glass in my mouth when I woke up.

Please don't judge me on liking a guy with a girlfriend, I feel bad about it and I'm trying not to like him but its kind of hard.