Hey guys, I've been wondering about these dreams (rather nightmares) for years, so hoping for some advice.
Now I know what dreams about ghosts allegedly mean, there are many "dream dictionaries" online, thing is, I'm of the opinion that dreams are very personal and one size doesn't fit all, at least not most of the time. Say for example, someone who dreams about horses and who's had pleasant experiences with horses growing up on a farm, for them, dreaming of horses would mean a very different thing than for someone who's been seriously injured by horses in the past. There are probably better examples but I hope you get my point.

That being said, I've been having nightmares about poltergeists and demonic girls for several years. Granted, some if it might be my fault for watching literally hundreds of horror movies. I can't remember how much those ghost horror movies scared me at first, but over the years I probably became desensitized because nowadays it's very rare for me to find a horror movie that genuinely scares me, even a little. Perhaps the fear became subconscious and created this phobia of ghosts? Who knows..
Anyway, I've had nightmares about poltergeists and demonic girls that look a lot like the ones from "The Grudge" movies. They never occurred at the same time, it was either the invisible ghost or the demon girl, trying to get their hands on me in different dreams. I'm glad to say that both types of nightmares decreased in frequency and intensity, though.

I haven't gotten around to confronting the poltergeist yet, I'm hoping to do so, as soon as possible, preferably in a lucid dream. It keeps showing up in my dreams, once in a while, though not nearly as terrifying as before. Before, there used to be this really heavy, really oppressive sense of absolute dread that came over me and I couldn't do anything about it. Last time I dreamt about the poltergeist, which was last night, I was scared at first, but not nearly as much as I used to be, and also managed to get a grip and calm down and tried to stop feeling scared.
Yet I'd still really like to know what dreams like this mean for a person who's terrified of ghosts? (and who's in the process of trying to eliminate this irrational fear). Could it merely be the fear itself which manifests in my dreams? Or that and something else, more common and easily interpreted?
Sorry if I wrote too much, just wanted to give the useful info in case someone can give some advice.

p.s. I haven't dreamt about the demon girl in a very long time, ever since I compassionately confronted her in a dream. Strangely enough, I wasn't lucid in that one, I just remembered what to do from a book I read earlier during the day. It was kinda funny cause when I confronted her, she immediately stopped being scary, she actually looked scared herself, and then suddenly she was grabbed and violently dragged away by the poltergeist, rofl, poor thing..

p.p.s. Is it possible to have a phobia and a philia of one thing at the same time?..