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    Thread: Keep dreaming of a place I don't know

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      Keep dreaming of a place I don't know

      HI everyone! I'm new to the page so I don't know if this happened to anyone else.
      I keep having dreams of a place I don't know.
      Today was the third time.
      The first time,like three or four months ago,I was in France don't know where but I was trying to make my way to a city name Palace of Popes, which was close to the border with Italy. I knew I had to make it that night so the next day I could cross over to Italy.

      I was in this other city at night, on my own, walking through cobbled stone streets and I see, at a distance, a kiosk (that was the only thing opened) everything else was closed.
      I walked to the kiosk and here comes this guy, from the inside of the kiosk, and I asks if I'm close to this city/place. Instead of directing me he tells me to give him my purse and wallet, I said no and he reaches for it anyways. We starts to pull so u would let go of it and then I punched him in the face. He takes out a knife and so I let go of my purse and run away.

      I woke up. My dream was so vivid that I could remember every single detail. I knew I didn't know where that place was or even if it was close to Italy.
      I reached for my computer and Google it. I found that that city/place actually exist and it's not that close to the border with Italy but it's not that far either.
      I haven't heard of this place before. I thought it was weird but that's all.

      Next, like a month later I dreamed that I was inside the actual Palace of Popes this time and that I was coming out of it. I remember seeing one of the sides of the palace. Remember the street and everything.
      Woke up and looked it up, this time the actual Palace and recognise the side and the street.
      Now, this time I was super spooked. I have never being to that place, never heard of it and somehow I dreamed about side doors and streets that actually exist on that town.

      The third time was today, I was talking about it to my dad. I kept telling him what I have being dreaming and that this place actually exists.

      I don't know this place, never being and I'm getting spooked of every once in a while dream something related to it.

      Why could this mean? My husband says that probably is the universe telling us to go visit it. I'm not really sure about that.

      I would appreciate any feedback, any at all.

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      Welcome, Danaemalmeida!
      I'm moving your thread to Dream Interpretation so hopefully more people will see it.

      I think your husband's idea makes sense. It sounds like you are being drawn to this place for whatever reason, so it would be interesting to see where it leads!
      I would personally also focus on how the dreams make you feel, and what kind of vibe you get from the place. Maybe you'd get a clearer message by interpreting your feelings rather than the dream itself, and following your intuition from there.

      If you're wondering about phenomena like remote viewing / astral projection rather than traditional dream interpretation, then you might get some interest in the Beyond Dreaming subforum:
      Beyond Dreaming

      I hope you find the answers you're looking for!
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      Thanks so much for your response Dreamer!

      The vibe I get from those dreams are always creepy but somehow intriguing.

      Since I posted my dream, my husband and I have decided to go to this Palace of Popes on our next vacation. I guess we are both intrigued by all this dreams.
      Hopefully I can find answers when Im there.

      Thank you again!

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