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      Reoccuring Dreams

      I'm not really sure how long its been going on and when I try to remember how often its happened before its all a blur so I want to ask here while its fresh before I lose it again. I'm thinking for about the last year to year and a half I've been having this dream about this Asian girl. I don't know her, I've never seen her, I don't even know her name. Still no matter what happens in my dream a few details always end up the same, we end up spending time together, something bad is always looming around, I end up in love with her, and we end up at this festival somewhere with food and music, lots of strangers and people smoking and breathing fire out of stainless steel tubes. Some of the more specific details that come to mind were that the mafia for whatever reason was threatening her, I don't know why, I'm assuming its because I've been watching a lot of Gotham on Netflix lately. However before that we were dealing with some lady who had an obsession with demons, though I can't honestly remember if that was the same dream as the one she was in or whatever dream I was in before it. I think she must have been in that dream or the reason I got out of it because I'm not the biggest fan of demons and darkness and the dream didn't go wrong, it transitioned into driving around in some flooded fields before changing to go do something at this festival.

      When we got to the Festival it was dark, the stars were out and I was fixated on them. It makes sense the Festival was along the beach and ever since I was little I've loved the Beach and Stars, they've always captivated me. While we were there we sat down to eat some food, it wasn't anything special, like Windy's Calibur carnival food. There was a table we sat with where some guys were singing the original Mortal Kombat theme song. My grandfather whom I was never close to was also there looking at the stars and made some irrelevant comment about one of the clouds not really being a cloud before walking off to continue being dead I guess. Its funny but now that I type it out maybe that did mean something and I just didn't catch it at the time- I don't know. Anyway after we'd finished eating she kissed me and told me she wanted to go for a nice long soak in a hot tub that was near by. I wanted to go too but we didn't have bathing suites. She said she thought it would be fine and as she started to undress I woke up. I don't think it was seeing her that woke me up, while I'd never actually seen her undressed in that dream my mind felt like it knew what she looked like, like seeing her undressed was something I'd seen before and was familiar with, we'd changed clothes together earlier in the dream but she asked me not to watch and I remember wanting to but not doing it because I had some deep respect for her. And while I feel like we'd been intimate before we'd never had sex, I'm a virgin in real life and on principal am saving my first time till I'm actually with someone I'm in love with. Still I felt like I was going to ask her out because I wanted to be with her when I woke up.

      We also at one point were chasing a poison filled sentient balloon aligator out from under a bed in the middle of what seemed like a rice patty because it was going to blow up and kill someone if we didn't. I have no clue why.

      Any interpretations would be awesome.

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you, it’s safe to say that a dream recurs because it’s trying to get across an important message.

      Since the main character in the dreams is an Asian girl, this points to the issue of your feeling life because girls in the dreams of guys usually represent the state of their emotions and values.

      Often, a girl will also relate to a guy’s connection with his natural instincts and overall sensitivity etc.

      Because she’s Asian and you’re Italian, it’s possible that the dreams are in part trying to say that the feeling side of your life still tends to be mostly “alien” and “different”, meaning basically that it’s not as yet consciously developed enough so that you can feel comfortable to include it, for example, when making various everyday decisions, especially regarding relationships. Of course, this state of affairs is very common among young men, just like girls often really don’t use true logic and thinking in their lives.

      The dreams show you visiting festivals which maybe symbolize the “carnival of life” where you’re going to experience many new things. The girl is always there perhaps to emphasize that in order to be successful in meeting various challenges etc., you’ll need a strong connection with your positive so-called “feminine” side that’s related to emotions and the instincts etc.

      This is partly because a negative “feminine” side could tend to take over and spoil things sometimes (the lady with an obsession with demons).

      For instance, this could come out in subtle feelings that seem to say “You’re no good”, “You’re too lazy to get a nice girl” etc. etc.

      Other negative “masculine” aspects of you (symbolized by the Mafia and the guys singing the Mortal Kombat theme) will also tend to appear at times and cause problems.

      For example, this could appear in a fear of expressing your feelings and instead, becoming aggressive and unfeeling etc.

      To help control such negative influences, it looks like it will be a good idea to often kind of step back and reconnect to quiet eternal things like the beach and the stars.

      Your deceased grandfather in the dream speaks about the possibility that a cloud might not really be a cloud.

      It’s possible that this represents the idea that a man who has lived a long life probably has learned the difference between illusion (a cloud) and reality (it might not be a cloud), so the dream could be reminding you to keep an eye out for the difference between illusion and reality early on.

      It looks like the dream also touches on the earthy physical side of things as well (e.g. the girl wants to take a nice long soak in a hot tub, she undresses in front of you).

      It’s possible that the dream is also hinting that you might not yet recognize enough the “explosive power” of sex which can “destroy people”. It perhaps is saying this by using the image of a “toy” alligator under the bed which is in a water-filled rice patty, symbolizing the distant “Asian” world of heat and the emotions which are also symbolized by the water.

      So overall, it looks like the recurring dream is trying to help you prepare for life in general by pointing out some important basic things.

      If you think over these ideas and they seem to fit with your personal situation, and if you make any needed changes in your outlook and behavior etc., then these particular dreams should stop, being replaced by less repetitive ones.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your recurring dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dreams.

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