Dreams night of 2nd/3rd Dec '15

First dream occurred within 2 hours of falling to sleep. I had the ability to be in any place or in any body I chose e.g. I could be in a different country, I could be in a different persons body experiencing the world through their bodies and minds, I could be in any animal body. All I had to do with bring to mind a place / body and I was there. Cool dream. The more I dared expand on what I could do the more I found I could do.

In my 2nd dream I was wearing my thin soled shoes and stood on 6 nails. It was very painful. Both blood and clear liquid was coming out.
I did this while asking the tenants to take down a wall so I could take some bricks. They were busy building a stage which they could use to practice their playing. They were 2 small children. The house belonged to an old English estate.