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      Interpreting this dream I had a few days ago...

      Hello! Normally I find a way to interpret dreams on my own but this one in particular really stuck out to me so please help me out!

      I think the main part of the dream was I was with a few friends staying at a hotel but I guess we were outside somewhere and I headed back to our room to shower. When I got there, there was a guy in the room I did not recognize but I just tried to ignore him and quickly get my stuff since I wanted to jump in the shower. Some reason I already stripped my clothes before going into the bathroom, maybe I forgot something, but it was then that this guy noticed me and feeling alarmed, I quickly went into the bathroom and locked it. Immediately afterwards, the door opened to see the guy trying to get into the bathroom and feeling scared and panic, I tried to lock the door again to find that it was broken and the guy pushed the door again trying to get in and this push and pull happened three times. I was feeling really scared and just then, a Friend A came into the room and stared down at the guy who randomly happened to get into our room. I don't quite remember what happened with the guy afterwards but I do remember I hugged my friend while I was crying, and relieved that she was there. The next thing I remember was me crying to Friend B in the hotel room with a few other people and she consoled me. Friend C was there comforting me in the next scene and then afterwards, I was talking to someone about probably my experience when I heard Friend D's voice in the other room and I jumped from where I was and went over to him. I then embraced him while I was crying again and when I looked at him, he looked like he was about to cry as well. He said something that made me laugh but I totally forgot it after I woke up.

      All of the friends are my friends in the waking life.That was the bulk of what I remember after waking up and it was a dream I never encountered that I wanted to ask for some interpretations. Any help is appreciated, thank you so much in advance!

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      I don't know what it means except that you have friends who are watching over you and care about your well being. That's a blessing regardless of the scary nature of your dream.

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