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      terrifying dream i had on 1/4/16, pokemon, japan, and anxiety

      at first i had this drema abt science and it was kinda cool like those fuckers from avatar those blu fuckers right?

      then it like mrophed into some shit abt yuri on ice right, except victor and yuuri had a fuckign kid that i hated like i wanted to throw it in the garbage. yuri was the onlny good character except he was trailer trash bc he wore a blank tank top and his hair was trailer trash pink and like, he was emo as FUCK honestly fucke him he didnt help at all,

      and then it starts to get kinda horror-y and suddenly im being ushered into this van with a bunch of cots in the back and im supposed to just go along for the ride and i ddnt understand, but i went anyway for some reason. we went to a mcdonalds and my sister was suddeny there, and i ddint want her to be there but like, i couldnt send her home. so we eat and then half way thru we're done eating the other kids (theres like 10 other kids on this weird field trip) are fucking filthy pigs an d i have to clean up their trash an dim getting stressed bc these kids r just throwing their shit on the bground and they dont care and im about to cry and my sister is missing???

      so i go looking for her and the adults dont care theyre just eating so i go and my sister is suddenly with a nice lady and her dogs and suddenly i am SAVED, and then im stressed again because the lady has a bf and a cousin who bothhand me two dogs and tell me i need to hold them and i dont want to theyre big dogs and im afraid they'll pull me or smth and generally i dont like holding other ppls dogs bc iim afraid theyre owners will think im bad w them like im not an animal person and so im STRESSED so scared 4 some reason

      and then apparently the mcdonalds we're at is in japan and it just makes things worse bc theres more ppl suddenly and then my sister disappears again and i go looking for her this time with dogs and i finally find her outside in the lot and i hand the dogs back to the owners and i take my sister and im mad and im yelling but also crying and the adults find us and suddenly my sister disappears and like in my head im freaking out

      and then the lady gets so mad at me shes like "ur an ungreatful bastard why r u like this' and im like what did i do, what did i do? and nobody will tell me and they remind me of my grandparents from my dad's side and im freaking out again so i go to call my mom but suddenly all my apps on my phone r disabled so i start crying on the inside like i do wheneve r something goes wrong like this and im like helpless and i cnt even get ahold of u guys (idk why i tried to open discord anywat but i was hysterical) and i cant and i realize its bc im in japan so apparently my phone doesnt work and i had protended to get a call that i needed to answer and it was a lie to get away from those jerk ppl and i realize they KNOW that i lied so they start treating me worse

      and like they make me get inside the car and i go to the back and im like :fuckfuck fuck they killed my sister who was for some reason a white bird with blue around the eyes and i thought they turned her into the bird and killed her so im angry and sad and grieving

      and i guess we go back to america and im like so shook and then wer'e in one of the adults houses and i escape somehow but we're really high up and i cant think of a way to get down so i like, contemplate jumping for a couple seconds and then i realize i can somehow transform into a pokemon???? so i transform into a lycanroc and like, it was the pokemon sprite from sun/moon and it jumped fown from the balcony and it like bounced off of the pillars until i reached the floor

      and someone wa s chasing me so i just kept running and then i get to this river and im like frantic trying to get over the fence and i cnat so i start crying pokemon tears and then i transform back into a human and i crawl thru this little hole in th e fence and i runall the way to this hotel and i start realizing how stupid i was for not just riding my charizard back to hawaii and im yelling at myself about it

      and i go up the hotel and ppl recognize me bc its my mom's work ig and i go up to my room and im like, crying and telling my mom and shit and i think imm safe but im not and someone keeps opening the hotel door and i just get hysterical and im like "DO SOEMTHIGN" but like nobody helps

      and so i go into the next room and i lock the doors and i feel like im in a horror movie and im gonna die and then i wake up
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