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      I had a strange unicorn dream.


      my name's Anchanel and I have allways thought, that dreams must means something,or be connected to something, although I never searched for stuff like this.
      But now I would need any of yours help. For you to understand why the dream seems to strange to me, you need to first get to know some stuff about how I feel lately and what's going on in my life, so let's get on to is.
      I'm a 19 years old pothead and I have had 1 girlfriend with who I was with, because I was desperate to know what "love" is, I was allways curious about how is feels and I thought that if I will be with her, I will get to love her ... silly me.
      Well that didnt go well, I went on with my life and suddenly I cannot put my eyes from this girl at work.I spoke to her before, but now we both cannot stop seeking, looking at, smiling, touch eachother this sort of stuff.But she has a boyfriend and shes a really "right" person.Because of that I am lately very sad, because I cannot be with her, eventhough we obviously like eachother and 3 days ago for the first time in work, because he decided to work there aswell and that made me even more sad.Now I ussualy don't have any dreams, because I',m a pothead.I guess because I was not smoking as much lately I had this 1 dream yesterday, my first dream after a long time.
      In the dream I feel kind of reliefed and if I knew what was gonna happen, but didnt at the same time.I can feel "change" (I know its a strange way to say it, but I have no better) and I see a black/white horse running towards me (it was either full black or white,it changed color as it ran), Im looking at it the whole time,it goes past me and as it's going past me I see a horn magically apprearing on it's forehead.The horn looked like a glass it wasn't looking like a regular horn.The time goes really slow and I am kind of happy in the dream.

      I was very curious about the dream, because I am being sad lately and I'm a realist, but suddenly I have a unicorn dream, pls help.

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      It looks like a change you want, perhaps of your personal power or independence, that maybe you can be positive or negative about.
      And not to let it pass you by and become a fantasy. Or maybe you saw it can be your defense. Maybe being alone can be turned positive.
      Or you saw through a defense you have which you won't need then, like from being alone, and is a fantasy. And you have plenty of time.

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