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    Thread: Finding my car

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      Finding my car


      I'm new here, I signed up because I was wondering about a dream I just had.
      This is a recurring dream in which I can't find my car (and I don't even have a car or a licence in real life). It's always in and near the shopping complex where my grandma and uncle have a store. But everything looks bigger. This is the second time I have had this dream. The first time was a while ago.
      In this dream (the one I just had now) I reunited with a guy who used to be my best friend in primary school and also with a guy who is one of my best friends now (a couple of months ago he left for a 6 month job abroad). In this dream he was leaving aswell. I also remember seeing my uncles girlfriend (not my aunt) helping a group of people finding the underground parking lot. I followed her but she didn't seem to recognize me (I don't like her in real life). At the end I went outside the mall and walked by the many pubs were people were sitting outside. I walked up and down the street trying to find my car. Then the dream ended.

      What would be your interpretation of a dream like this?

      Kind regards,


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      A car in a dream could be, going from one stage in life to the next, so maybe contemplating how to continue on in lifes journey, perhaps your in need of a new friend since this other one left and need some advice from someone you are close with?

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      Could be, ever since I went to study in another town (so away from my hometown) I've isolated myself, and I became depressed, so maybe that's why I saw the people sitting at the pubs, might be jealousy.
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