Hey Hello guys i really do hope i post this in the right spot. Well guys i have no idea how to view this dream. It started with me talking to some old high school classmates (im 24 now and out of highschool if that makes a difference) and then after a bit of talking something/someone wanted to kill me. They had really big monsters and i was really scared but for some reason i decided to call for help and when i did my voice was gone. it was replace insted with a dragon roar (hehe sounds kinda funny). For some odd reason i figured hey i might be able to scare them if i keep it up. So i roared even louder then before and next thing you know the monsters started to back off little by little. i honestly thought it was all me then as i look up at the sky light comes shining down and about a dozen dragons come to my aid and start fire breathing and clawing everything they could do to protect me. Then there was someone who appeared close to me and told me that the dragons i had called for was not enough to protect me and that they will be able to get me. So i decide once more to roar even louder then before and down comes 2 really massive dragons one was golden and the other one was of a dark color i cant really remember because this all was happening at night time. anyways the 2 dragons let out a roar and just that alone scared of the monsters and person. then my class mates from high school decide to ask me for help to find of a way to fight back and prepare for the next time the enemy shows up. so i decide i would help them later on that same night the monsters and person shows up again this time with a really power full monster so i call for the dragons they show up and The elder dragon (i think thats what the big ones are called) show up. This time they are somewhat irritated so i decide to ask them what is wrong and they tell me "If YOU ever need help just call us" for some reason they did not like me helping out anyone . they took me to their cave to protect me but everyone ells that was with me was gone the elder dragon told me how he will listen no mater what and will do all he can to complete any request i have for him. So my question is what does this dream mean? does it even have a meaning? why would they answer my call? why did they not want to help out anyone ells? the dragons overall were happy to see my they just did not like anyone i was with. (oh and i did see some of my current friends but the dragons told me to hop on their back and they flew me to their home) If anyone has had kinda the same dream please do tell me and did you ever find out what the dream meant? also i kinda rushed this post before i start forgetting what i dreamed (i just woke up lol)