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      Trinity, Basement, Reptiles, Eggs

      This dream was 1 of 5 dreams I had during a 5 day fast

      1. While investigating a noise in my basement, I see three reptilian eggs (they look like the eggs in the movie Alians) where only one of the eggs had hatched. I see movement and notice a very large lizard like creature scambling up the wall and then towards me as it leaps at me it's thrown back by some invisible force that seems to blocking it from moving out of the basement. I decide to turn the air down and as it becomes colder the creature crawls back into it's egg until the egg is no longer hatched.

      2. I was in the basement again which is now completely empty, except for insulation so that sound cannot escape.

      3. I go to out to see a show in the city, my parents are there. My dad proceeds to tell me that my mom did something wrong. From there they start showing the blueprints to my brothers new house.

      4. I meet up with some 2 of my lady friends, one of them goes home but Nicole asks me if I want to go to Burger King with her. We end up at her hotel room where her husband is waiting for us. He hangs out for a little bit but then proceeds to tell us to have fun and leaves.

      5. At my house once again and I am talking to a girl (don't recognize her) we end up going down to the basement to hookup. In the middle of our fun we hear someone coming down the basement stairs. The girl starts panicking, she tells me that the church can't discover us and that we have to shut and lock the door. We then realize that there is another door I run over and just as I close the door I see an older woman (look like puritan).

      Can someone help me interpret this dream please?
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      You’re keeping some negative things hidden. The air conditioning represents your ability to control this hidden thing. The Puritan woman provides a pure option for you. (Not religious just purer)

      Fasting cleanses your soul. This dream is a result from your fast.

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      I agree with all of that.

      1. You heard what was under your suface, deep in you.
      To do with relationship? Whether with ideas in you or people. But one, alone, it seems was blocked from getting out. That may be why the cold, as lizards need the sun. Interesting you called the eggs a trinity.
      So it looks like that maybe you turning the cold up ensured it stays inert, even if you don't realise you do this.

      2. Now it's empty down there. And you will not hear, maybe did not listen to this situation.

      3. You do hear though you did something wrong in your feminine side, that could mean emotions or relations.
      From there you can build a new you.

      4. You met with with two now, not one - ladies and friends.
      And to find fulfilment with that side, but looks like junk or temporary. Though to join with you.
      Maybe you need to make it fun first.

      5. For you don't recognize the feminine aspect here, so need to join with it in your basement, maybe making it more fulfilling and permanent.
      But it looks like maybe you fear letting others in, or seeing down there, your self.
      The others or union can't discover you. So do you shut and lock that door?
      Maybe you then realise you are closing the door to purifying yourself, in this deeper way.

      If you wanted to purify your soul, the dream showed you how.
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