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      Complicated love story: A lie about the identity

      So the dream kind of starts backwards, just so you know.

      There was a rumour that everything that had happen during the past weeks was a lie. Someone had lied about their identity.

      I was entering a classroom where both classes had joined together to figure out what was going on.
      There was a girl holding back the tears. She stared at me with such hatred that it became very uncomfortable. Did she know?
      "There she is, now we can finally begin." said the girls to comfort the almost crying one. I guess I was late. But I had my reasons.
      I found a spot to take a seat and went there. It was with the guys. All the girls were in the back of the classroom and all the guys in the front. What I noticed when I looked around.
      The teacher wrote names on the whiteboard, they were all male names, and began to eliminate one name after the other. They wanted to find the culprit. I looked like I was calm but on the inside I felt so stressed. What if my name appeared on that whiteboard. What if...?
      Soon there was only three names left and one of them was the name of the guy I had a thing with. The teacher asked him a question that if he was sent to an isle what would he wish to have? The guy answered: "Money." Wrong answer apperently. The teacher wanted him to pick a person. So the guy said my name and turned around and confessed how much he loved me. I was taken aback a little and just patted him on his hand and smiled briefly. I realized that he liked me way more than what I did but at the same time I was so relieved that they never found the real culprit. I glanced back to the girl with the tears and whispered: "I'm sorry."

      A few weeks earlier:

      I was hanging with with guy I had a thing with and some classmates. It was fun until I saw a younger girl passing by with her friends. She was really pretty with dark brown eyes and long, very dark brown hair, it was almost black. She had a pink dungarees with a white t-shirt underneath. My friends were joking around and the guy-to-be-my-boyfriend brought me back to reality. He wanted to do cool things more fited for 16 year olds and nothing a 14 year old could do. Which was the age of the girl by the way. I wasn't really in for it so I blamed it on stomach-ache. Later that day when I came home my mother told me that I needed to retake some classes I missed but couldn't do it as myself. So I put on a wig with very boy-ish hairstyle and very loose fitting clothes. I would be given another name to be able to go to this other grade in the school. I still needed to go as myself to the classes I already had but aslo to the other classes I missed but as someone else. So I basically needed to run between the classrooms and switch the identities. Why? I didn't know it myself.

      Next day

      I walked into the classroom meanwhile eating a green apple and looked around for a seat. I saw the same girl as the day before. She was laughing and smiling with her friends. I tilted my head and smiled. Her friends whispered something in her ear so she looked at me. It was so sudden so I almost choked on my apple. She was really cute. I sat down a few tables infront of her with the other guys. The lessons went on but I could still hear her and her friends talk about the new guy in the class. I thought I looked like a tomboy but it seemed like I was wrong. After a long day in school I was ready to leave the yard to go home when this cute girl shyly asked me if it was okay if we walked home together. I was fine with that.
      Soon she opened up about herself, she made funny jokes and just kept me in this extremly good mood.

      The days went on like this. We met up after school and walked home together. Sometimes I couldn't be the guy and went home with the guy I had a thing with instead. So I saw her standing just right outside of the school-yard and wait for me. It was like I had become her new bestfriend and to just ditch her like that kind of broke my heart. But when I met her outside after school the next day she gave me a green apple. Suddenly things felt... different between us. She was afriad that I wouldn't always be there for her but as stupid as I was I promised her that I would ALWAYS be there. The very next second I knew she kissed me!
      I was really shocked and worried.

      Soon I would recieve letters home from someone that knew about me and my secret identity. I didn't dare to ever speak of it again and never did that "new guy" ever appear in the school ever again after that. But that was not enough, apparently. Someone sent two voice messages to the cute girl and the guy I had a thing with, it was my voice saying:

      "If you don't come to this place before ???? a clock you will find me in pieces near you. All my bones will be broken and my flesh will be cut into unrecognizable...??? You must find me if you want me to live."

      I was really shocked when I heard this and tried to find both the girl and the guy.
      It took awhile but I later found out that they both went to that place to save me, but I wasn't there and I was fine. The person who sent the voice message was found on that place, broken and cut into a billion pieces. That's what I heard.
      The guy I had a thing with found me in someone else home, lightly beaten, but he cried of happiness and hugged me dearly. The girl never showed up. She didn't know the female version of me. She didn't know that I lived. She probably thought I died in that place. She later found out that... that was not the case.

      I'm not sure what this dream is supposed to mean?? And it's not the first time I have had this dream either. :s
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