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    1. Boyfriends or Crystals?

      by , 07-28-2019 at 09:43 AM
      Boyfriends or crystals?

      I dreamt that I had a boyfriend that was blonde, I can't remember his face tho but he liked me a lot. But I didn't feel anything towards him at all. There was this other dude that I really liked that confessed his feelings to me. He had dark brown hair, a multicolored leather jacket and was always smiling like the world were a perfect place for us. Even tho I liked the brown haired guy, I couldn't break up with my boyfriend. Also I tried real hard not to act upon my feelings for the brown haired guy but it was difficult. I asked my sister for advice and she only said: "Take a look" and I looked around when I discovered that there were crystals all over the ground. I quickly picked up as many as I could and tried to take them with me home not caring for any of the guys.

      I'm single IRL and couldn't find any meaning with the dream since all dream dictionaries suggests that such dreams are only for people with partners.
    2. Find the one without a mask

      by , 10-13-2018 at 11:05 PM
      Find the one without a mask

      There were a lot of people everywhere, they were all around my age. So in their early 20s basically. What I noticed was that they all had animal masks on, covering their faces. The masks looked really terrifying and I couldn’t help but to feel very uncomfortable when looking around. The swine mask seemed very popular which also happened to be the most scary one. I was the only one without any mask and therefore felt very scared and alone. As I kept looking around, I noticed a guy standing in a corner staring down at the ground, without a mask. Suddenly I felt so relieved and walked up to him to say hello. When I came closer I saw that it was Jay. He was really shy and as he spoke, I could easily tell english wasn’t his first language but I already knew about that. He even tried to speak spanish but it went hilariously wrong and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I told him that he could sit down since he seemed so nervous because of the other people with the masks. He smiled and we kept talking.

      Note: Jay is from a Kpop group, iKON.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. A painfully sharp situation

      by , 10-04-2018 at 08:35 PM
      A painfully sharp situation

      I remember trying to walk down the stairs in the extremely dirty house. We were supposed to move out so there were things all over the place. Tables, shelves and even on the floor. It was hard to get to the kitchen but I managed and started to search for my sewing kit. When I found it I accidently dropped the plastic thing that had all the needles so them fell to the floor. I tried to pick them up but noticed that my hand was starting to hurt. As I stared at it I could see all these needles going trough my skin. I must had at least twenty that pierced my hand and fingers. I’m terrified of needles so I tried to stay calm and pick them out one by one. It hurt soooo much when I did it and kind of wanted to give up since it was so frickin’ painful! I kid you not, I wanted to scream, cry and die because the pain was so intense.
      When I managed to get them all out and just doing my best to cope with it, Jay from iKON runs in with a bowling ball. He was all excited and told me with a shy smile that he really wanted to play. I glanced at him like: YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME… ;___;
      But I agreed and was just right behind him when the dream kind of faded away…

      Note: When I woke up I thought the pain would contuine or at least give me an explanation of the pain but my hand was feeling alright. Confusing, huh?
    4. I was no one until I became a prince

      by , 09-30-2018 at 09:01 PM
      I was no one until I became a prince

      I remember that I was waiting for my childhood friend since our mothers had decided to let us meet, without telling us about it first. My friend was late so I went outside the mall for a walk. But as soon as I stepped outside the building I felt dizzy and every step I took made me feel even worse. It even felt like I was going to vomit or even faint as I tried to get to my way back into another entrance of the mall. Just right outside of the entrance I felt so ill, so I sat down on all four and that’s when I threw up. In front of other people. They looked at me, saying things and then kept on walking. I got up and noticed that I felt way better! But now I needed to freshen up before meeting my old friend so I went to one of the bathrooms but there were so many other girls a head in the line. When it was finally my turn I took a shower and then got escorted to the meeting by my dad and sister.

      They opened the door to a large room, this is when I noticed that we were not in the mall anymore. Everything and everyone looked like they were taken straight out from the 1600s, even my friend had changed. She had a beautiful pink dress, with blushy cheeks and a white wig. She looked so shy this is also when I noticed something strange about my own appearance.
      But instead of wearing a dress I had male clothes and a white wig. Everyone was referring me as the prince and wanted me to dance with my childhood friend. I took her hand and bowed very gracefully. She smiled. I glanced at her and then at everyone else. They looked at us and I could tell someone even whispered that we were such a lovely couple.

      This is were I thought the whole thing was really odd and woke up.

      Note: Me and my childhood friend was bestfriends in the past but as we became older we just grew apart. We would talk everyday and now I don't even see her once a year even though we live 5 minutes in walking distance away from each other.

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      Tags: faint, prince, vomit
    5. Did I sell myself?

      by , 09-25-2018 at 05:03 PM
      Did I sell myself?

      I remember a train station since I could see it so clearly and it was so detailed. The black steel beams that created a beautiful pattern decorated with pink flowers that was climbing it’s way up to the roof. Old gate lanters were everywhere to be seen and just helped the whole thing to look so old fashioned and romantic.
      But we only passed it by. With us, I meant the group of people I was hanging out with. One really tall man, easy above 2 meters. I tried to grab his arm and since I felt we had that kind of connection. I tried to look up to him. To really get a good glimpse of his face but it was definitely not a very easy task! He was busy with our mission, to look for more people to join us. We passed by a shop that selled gemstones, that I had visited in a different dream from before. She was dressed all in black, had at least three different shades of purple in her black poffy emo looking hair. She was looking so cool and not to mention her attitude. The super tall man talked to her while walking away from the train station and the little gem shop. I couldn’t help but to feel jealous and tried to get his attention but he didn’t care. He didn’t shove me off or anything just giving me the look: “Not now, K?”
      He was never looking directly at me either. More like, glancing at me or even looking down at me… since he was so freaking-ishly tall!

      I went home and straight to the bed. Sulking. There were other girls in the room, kind of half naked. I suddenly didn’t wear anything on my upper body, topless you know, and talked to the girls that seemed more or less drunk or even high. The place was really dirty. What I noticed when I tried to walked around was that every girl were in this weird kind of state. Even I had a hard time trying to stay on my feet. Music was playing on the loudest possible volume outside the room. Since there were sooo many beds in a room made me start to think of what kind of a place this was.

      Note: The man looked like an inspector.

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    6. I was not stealing.

      by , 09-24-2018 at 05:09 PM
      I was living together with another girl, she had blonde hair and big blue eyes. I think she worked as a model since she was so stunning. Anyway, we both seemed to have a crush on the same man which I didn’t really mind. Because she had dated him but now when they had broke up, the guy was interested in me instead. He asked me out and I was sooo happy!
      After the date, I came back to the street near our apartment and stopped to buy some cinema popcorn and soda to feast on while talking about my first date with my roommate. But as I ordered the popcorn and the soda the people around seemed rude and glared at me. I was holding the pink dress that I had been wearing on the date with one hand and was holding the pink shoes in the other. It looked amazing, all sparkle with rhinestones.
      It did look like a prom dress!

      The woman who was supposed to take care of my order was really mean. She put plenty of acorns and three popcorns on the desk and glanced at me with some attitude! I told her she forgot about my soda and that I was allergic to acorns so I really wanted to have the popcorns. She stopped being so rude and actually did as I told her. Finally. I just needed to pay but forgot to check if I had money on my card but the phone was taking ages to load the site for my bank. I was so tired so I kind of felt drunk. The girl was I was living with suddenly saw me passing by while waiting for my phone to load the site. She looked at me with fury before she walked away to the apartment. I followed her and she locked the door. I didn’t understand since we were supposed to be best friends. But when I came closer to the door I heard other girls in there talking about me. They all talked about my beautiful pink dress that seemed way to fancy for me to even own! Why had I been wearing it? Why was I seen with the girl’s ex? Why was I even a part of her life? All this questions got more painful as I was eavesdropping. The door suddenly opened and the girl came out with a key in her hand. She opened the door to another apartment and threw all my things in there and told me to stop stealing from her. I was heartbroken. I hadn’t been stealing. I had a lovely first date… I just wanted to share. I was deeply disappointed.

      Note: I'm not allergic to acorn but it felt like I needed a reason not to accept the acorns. Eh.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. Dangerous animals and boys scouts

      by , 09-15-2018 at 10:25 PM
      Dangerous animals and boys scouts

      I remember passing by my grandparents house, over the yard right to the horse paddock. The house was full of grown up-boy scouts and I was… naked, for some reason. Since the guys were such a bullies I couldn’t go inside the house. What was very unusual for being their house was that it got large windows and looked way to modern actually. But anyway, these boy scouts had been torturing me all day and they had probably been stealing my clothes somehow. I was not worried about being seen by other people since the house lies in a forest on the country side so no one is ever around. It was getting dark and I was… still naked. I really wanted to go inside but needed to find something to cover up myself with first. So I was watching out for not touching the electricity wire that was surrounding the horse paddock when I stepped in. I had seen a polo shirt laying around in one of the horse paddocks and didn’t care how I got it as longs I would just have something to cover my body with. Suddenly an ostrich appeared on the other side of the wire which scared me a bit. Then I heard someone behind me saying: “Wait!”

      I looked over the shoulder and saw one of the boy scouts walking towards me, trying to look cool meanwhile doing so. He looked at me briefly before the polo shirt really caught his attention. He told me that ostriches are dangerous and that I shouldn’t even try to go in there. I was just nodding very slowly and sighed. I KNOW. He looked at my face and then his eyes were walking down towards my body before turning away to face the ostrich again. This motion was repeated every time he talked or just wanted to know what I had to say. I just told him to go on if he really wanted to help me get that polo shirt. He entered the corral and got instantly chased be the ostrich. The guy kept running around screaming like a crazy idiot while I was kind of hoping the ostrich wouldn’t kill him before I got the polo shirt. During the chase I noticed that I suddenly started to feel cold and looked down. I was wearing clothes!
      But now the guy was running around with a thick and warm vest. He came out from the corral with the vest in his hands. As he entered the horse paddock where I was waiting, an enormous horse appeared out of nowhere which scared the shit out of me. It was rearing and almost hit both of us with the hooves.
      I screamed: “RUN!” and we both ran for our lives to the other side of the horse paddock and under the electrical wires. We kept running towards the house and didn’t dare to stop. As I was going to thank the guy for the help…

      I woke up.

      Note: My grandparents had ostriches when I was a kid, they even had emus! But I was never allowed to go in there to them since they can actually kill you. They also had plenty of horses but now as my grandparents are starting to get real old, they simply just don't have to energy to take care of all their animals. So they have been sold off and some have even died of age.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Annoying guy

      by , 09-09-2018 at 10:18 PM
      Annoying guy

      I had a school’s project with a guy that had a crush on me which I didn’t like. At all. We needed to get some information and needed to ask different people that was working in skyscrapers. In the elevator the guy was talking endlessly about our future and how he wanted us to live and such. Me on the other hand was very uninterested in what he had to say and was barely paying any attention to him. When we finished the interview with the people and we took the elevator to get to the first floor from being on like the twenty fifth or something. There were seats so we were sitting down and he would try to lean his head on my shoulder which I didn’t appreciated at all. I didn’t wanted to touch him and I didn’t want him to touch me somehow so I poked his head with a pen. All he did was mumbling something about how much he loved me and he was sure I felt the same. That’s when I had enough and went to my childhood friend and asked her if we could be in the same group so I could kick out the guy. But instead of joining me, my friend changed her partner instead so I got hers. I was very disappointed and went with this other girl who seemed to be a perfect match to the guy.

      Note: Must say I was deeply annoyied during the dream. This guy that was my classmate, would talk about us, like there even were an "US" to begin with, every time he got the chance to speak with me alone. This would go on for around 5 years. Still haven't had my chance to reject him tho.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Dolls and Skeletons

      by , 09-09-2018 at 10:01 PM
      Dolls and Skeletons

      I remember me talking about dolls with my childhood friend, she showed me what kind of dolls we liked to play with and where in her old room. I was smiling and pointed out that we hadn’t been talking for a couple of years and that it was so nice to talk with such ease. As I kept thinking about it her voice became lower and harder to understand. She was getting smaller with the room and it felt like I was watching her from a camera and just slowly zooming out. The edges were black and soon all I saw was pitch black mass and I got the feeling like I was falling. Suddenly I realized that I had my eyes closed so when I opened them I could easily tell that I was somewhere else.

      I was in a forest. As I walked I noticed that there were other creatures living there. For example a dragon that tried to make me into a toast. It was not fun being in the forest so I ran and got to a desert. I was not really sure why I was in this mysterious place but I ran into a girl that gladly took me to her secret room. She showed me so many different toys that I liked to play with as a kid. She then told me that she kind of wanted me to move in even though she didn’t know me but since I had such a good taste, it was okay. I wanted to go out and for some adventure and ran out to the forest again. And yet again I almost became a toast for the dragon, but this time I did outsmart it somehow. On my way back I noticed that it was getting dark and it went pretty quickly so I begged for some light to scare away scary skeletons. I found my phone and used it as a flashlight before getting back to the girl’s secret room. Back before I had the chance to lock the door behind me two skeletons got in and tried to kills us. The girl was screaming like crazy and had climbed up in her bunker bed. I tried to follow her but one of the skeletons tried to pull me down. I managed to fight them off so they… died?
      Both me and the girl were so happy so we jumped down on the floor and took each others hands and danced with excitement. Suddenly the girl stopped and looked really surprised. I turned around and saw… Darren Chen. I was amazed by the fact that he was standing there in the room with us. I greeted him and told him that I needed to go. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. He responded by hugging me harder and so did I until he basically squeezed me so hard I couldn’t breath. We were also both laughing like crazy meanwhile doing it. He then picked me up and laid me down while we both were giggling.
      I was about to grab his neck hair to kiss him when I heard a buzzing sound…

      And then I woke up realizing it was my sister sending me texts. URGH!

      non-lucid , memorable
    10. The Bully Boyfriend

      by , 09-06-2018 at 11:48 AM
      The Bully Boyfriend

      I was in a school that I didn’t recognize, but I didn’t really care to look around since I felt kind of scared and uncomfortable so I stayed in the classroom. There were at least six or seven other girls with me which made me feel a bit better. We talked about basically anything. Then one of the girls giggled and started to talk about a guy in our school that was really hot and popular. AND cool. The other girls quickly joined the topic and added even more to this list of how awesome that guy was. I knew very well who he was and felt the scary and uncomfortable feeling increase out of nowhere. Suddenly, like lightning followed by the thunder, the door slams open.
      A tall guy with brown hair and blue eyes stares at me. Behind stands three other guys waiting. The girls were screaming with excitement and everyone was sitting down on the floor. Forming a circle. I was not sure what was going on but it kind of freaked me out. I got this burning feeling on me like someone was staring, as I looked up from the floor my eyes met with his. That scary guy from before. The other girls were trying really hard to get his attention but failed. These kind of meetings with the other students happened everyday during school. But between classes as the guys were older than us girls. Soon that scary guy tried to make it clear for everyone that I was his girlfriend… which I hadn’t agreed on. But I didn't dare to say anything since the guy had a really bad reputation as he would beat the shit out of you if he didn't get the things he wanted.

      The girls were really jealous and tried their best to make us break up. Once someone had eaten all the special food for those with allergies and such. I was really upset since I was so hungry and skipped the school’s lunch. But “my boyfriend” heard about it and scolded the girls who did it. Then he tried to buy some food to give me but I didn’t wanted it. Another time the girls and I were in the classroom playing truth or dare and drinking soda. Then one of the girls who was obsessed with “my boyfriend” dared me to throw ice cold coke on him. I was cool with that and walked outside to the school’s yard and found him fighting with another guy. The guy he was trying to beat was way taller and bigger. All “my boyfriend” did was provoking him and tried to watch out for the punches. At first I was so pissed at this and was walking towards to crowed of people prepared with the glass of coke in my hand. The ice cubes were clinging as I came closer. But as soon as I overheard the guys and realized why “my boyfriend” was fighting I stopped. He was just trying so hard to protect me from other people trying to cause me any harm. Stunned I slowly turned around and walked away. The other girls were looking at me and shaking their heads.
      The girl that was obsessed with “my boyfriend” marched over and grabbed my arm so aggressively so the coke flew out of the glass. The girl scolded me for not breaking up even though I didn’t like him. I didn’t know anymore, what I felt or anything about my thoughts of him. He wasn't that very bad as a person after all. She suddenly went quiet which caused me to look up from the ground. “My boyfriend” was standing there with a huge stain of coke on his t-shirt. His eyes looked so sad but only for a second before they changed. His stare was cold as ice and it kind of freaked me out. As he clenched the jaw he glanced at us with fury. I tried to reach out to him but I felt so ashamed and a tear was slowly trying to escape.

      He pushed away the obsessed girl so she almost fell and strode away.

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      nightmare , non-lucid
    11. Dream in a dream?

      by , 09-03-2018 at 11:33 AM
      Dream in a dream?

      I was listening to a song and kept it on a low volume since I didn’t wanted to be annoying to anyone else in the house. This was my childhood home. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen when I found Do Kyungsoo. He glanced at me briefly before concentrating on the cooking. I kind of wanted the hug him and did so a couple of times. He was busy and didn't really care much about me tho. He got me thinking about my first love and made me miss him a bit. Soon when Kyungsoo was finished he looked at me with a smile and lifted me up. I was kind of embarassed since I had a very short dress on and whenever he lifted me up it was possible to see my underwear which I desperatly tried to hide by pulling down the dress with my hands. He was just laughing and kind of smirking even. Then he let me go and I went to bed.

      I told myself that this was the real world and nothing like spirits or fairies actually existed. As I fell asleep someone spoke to me telling me that they did exist but only showed themselves for people when it was necessary. I ended up being in a forest and standing on the water surface to a lake. I didn't really understand. But the voice said that right now everything are calm as I could tell on the water. It was merely moving. But things could change and make it go wild the voice said and suddenly the water flew around me. Like waterbending kind of. I was terrified and said that I didn't wanted the water to hit me. The water did as I told it and split into two big waves around me and fell down and became the calm lake as nothing happend. That's when I realised I was dreaming...

      But woke up because of my alarm went off.
    12. Running with Do Kyungsoo

      by , 09-03-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Running with Do Kyungsoo

      I was running together with Do Kyungsoo. It was a competition and we kind of helped each other. There were many stops on the way were every stop had a question. You needed to solve it to be able to get to the next one. As we came to a place full of gemstones Kyungsoo freaked out at the question. “What is the name we are looking for?” The thing was that non of the stone were named. Just numbers. Kyungsoo thought we needed to know the names of the stones but I told him that, that’s not the case. I wrote down: Xiumin. Then I found a picture of him and showed it for Kyungsoo and said that we could move on.

      Note: Do Kyungsoo is a Kpop star
    13. Three heavy dreams

      by , 08-27-2018 at 02:21 PM
      A dying land...

      I was going to check out a place but first I needed to go there by car and then switch to a cable railway. But on the way I was being chased by a dog. It tried to bite me, I told the car to go faster even thought it went a bit slow when going over the hills. The landscape looked like it was dead, all the plants, grass and trees all looked brown and boring. No leaves no nothing. I tried to push away the dog and told the car to go even faster and so it did. But soon there was a cat as well... and soon more animals to follow. When I came to the cable railway I met another person who told me that it was almost near impossible to go to another isle. I didn't listen and went anyway. Soon the cable railway was supposed to go into a tunnel but it was blocked with mud underneath a tree. I tried to dig my way in there but soon the animals would appear and I panicked. I closed my eyes and was hoping I would wake up.

      Unpopular foster kid

      I was in a foster home with my sisters. There were other children as well. One of them mention an amusment park which of course my little sister wanted to go to as soon as she heard about it. Before checking my wallet I told her that we could go, she was really excited but I noticed that we didn't have enough money for us both. So half way there I turned back and asked for money but no one wanted to lend me so I entered the toilet. I was in there for quite some time before going out. When I walked out from the foster home I noticed it had gotten dark and I was no longer in need of sunglasses. On my way back to the other children, they came one by one and told me that I was way to late and it was my fault that they never got to the amusment park. My little sister cried and told me she hated me and she even refused to talk to me. She disappeared into the mists.

      Famous Woman Killed

      I was walking on a beach when people caught my attention. They were looking at the birds, holding there wings and trying to make them run away from. The ocean instead. I kept on walking and soon I found a ring. It was really pretty with blue stones on it. I put the ring in a blue high heeled shoe. Then I found a pink, green and so on rings and shoes that I did the same with. I soon realized that it was a crime scene. I found out that the woman was blonde because of the hair samples on the weapon and basically everywhere. There were also shoes and clothes of a man laying in the sand.
      I figured that the woman and the man had a drink of wine because of the bottle laying in the sand. They had a quite romantic evening because of all the candles. It went wrong somewhere when the man, probably drunk, went all insane and killed her. But when I told my theory for the policeman he started to yell at me and threw the wineglass on me. Scared, I walked away and went to the victim’s house. She was a very famous woman and film director. She had made at least 30 movies were all women were strong and independent. She was truly loved by many women but hated by men. I searched through her house and found bees. I ran outside with the bees in a box and left them outside. Then I just ran away.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    14. How to drive?

      by , 08-27-2018 at 01:48 PM
      How to drive?

      Needed to learn how to drive a car with a baby seat in it. So first I practiced with a bike but I needed that seat so I went to a doll store but couldn’t find one. Contuined walking around in that building and found an art gallery. Both my sisters were sitting there in a dark room with their iphones. I damaged a carpet before I started to rip off a piece of the wall. Underneath there was pictures of EXO. I even went to the blinds and so I could look outside the window. But even there on the window glass there were even more pictures. But when I saw a person outdoors I would let the blind slide down again.

    15. Time to Join the Military

      by , 08-27-2018 at 01:44 PM
      Time to Join the Military

      It was time for me to join the military like all the other women. All the men were already out in a War and soon we’d join them. But my mom was a bit sneaky and hided my uniform so I became late enough not the be able to cut off my hair. When I tried to find my uniform tho, I found a lot of toys and such that I played with when I was a kid.
      Tags: military, toys
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