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    Ice Cream collector?

    by Fantasma on Today at 06:13 PM
    Ice Cream collector?

    I ran around doing my job, which was fixing birthday parties and it was a lot! But at the same time I needed to collect as many kinds of ice cream as possible to make the best parties. When I wasn’t running around preparing, I went to see my baby I had. A friend asked me if it wasn’t a lot of work with a baby and I said: “Nooo, not at all.” And just tucked in a bottle in the baby’s mouth. I also took the baby to my mother and told her to babysit my child, which she gladly did. I felt so stressed during the dream like I wouldn’t have the time to do all the things that I really needed to do. Later I found my phone laying in the baby’s carriage and had a look at it. Instead of showing the picture of the locked screen it showed me so many pictures it possible could in a few seconds. The time was also going faster as the pictures changed. All of the pictures were of a guy. A thought I had was that the time suddenly stopped at the time my alarm should go off. And so I realised it was a dream.

    Note: My alarm went off so I woke up tho… not sure if the dream was finished or not?

    Updated Today at 06:30 PM by Fantasma


    Who's the father? A trip to Italy?

    by Fantasma on Yesterday at 08:15 PM
    Who's the father?

    I tried to collect as many different flowers as possible. It was some sort of a competition and many people were there to brag about how big and beautiful their bouquets were. I did have the biggest tho even if I held a baby in my arms I could still be the very best. It was justÖ I couldnít figure out who was the father of my child. I was supposed to get a flower from the guy and I had two options. Darren Criss or Byun Baekhyun.
    I went home to Darrenís place and entered the building. But he wasnít there and it was really dark since the lights were not on. I couldnít find any flower in there either which kind of made me disappointed. Before walking to Baekhyunís home I was passing by a bar. I went in there and had a look. Darren was sitting at a table drinking beer. A few tables away I saw a vase with a beautiful white flower with a note saying: ďFor my one true love.Ē
    I took it with me, smiled at Darren that hadnít noticed me and walked home. The other girls that were competing were really jealous of my lovely flower that I had received. Later Darren came by and was really surprised by the flower. He didnít know anything about it. He said that he wanted to bring a flower but he seemed to forgot about it. I glanced down on my baby and realized it looked like a watch. Like the time was running out.

    There was another dream but I only remember taking the flight home from Italy to get my creditcard and then fly back again. Just so I could return to Sweden the day after with my luggage. The trip was really stressful and very unnecessary.

    One loving girlfriend and a violent boyfriend

    by Fantasma on 08-18-2018 at 12:03 PM
    One loving girlfriend and a violent boyfriend

    I had been pretending being a guy and been dressing up as one... and the girl that was my girlfriend found out. She was deeply upset, throwing out all my clothes from my car. Then she looked at me and stopped. I stared at her as well. She then sat in the front seat and told me that she kind of wanted me to still be that guy. That we could pretend like nothing happened. I really liked her, so I agreed and that's how my real identity disappeared.
    She told me she wanted to go to a specific destination and wanted me to take her there. I got into the car and suddenly we were in a building, she glanced at me and mimic: "Remember." There were other people and they all seemed interested in knowing me. I needed to remember who I had become to be able to be with her, my love.

    The people looked different with different clothes, hairstyles and some even had pointy ears. My girlfriend waved at me and told me that she wanted to show me something. As we walked out of that small room I noticed that everyone looked really odd, like elves. She wanted me to show people what love is and the only way I could figure out how was to throw petals from a balcony. Which was prohibited. Since the people took notice of this I kind of got myself into trouble. Suddenly my girlfriend and my best friend came to my rescue since they had been climbing up to the balcony just to find me before getting caught. I was hiding behind her skirt with the flower basket when she talked to the angry citizens. My best friend helped with the explaining and the obvious misunderstanding. But it seemed like it didn't help so I took my girlfriend's hand and ran away.
    We were chased all the way home and outside a very tall muscular man were waiting. He wanted to hurt my girl so I went outside to meet him and told him off.
    "I was the one who did it, I should be the one who gets the blame. I should be punished not her! So now leave!"
    The man did as I told him.

    Later I was sitting on a toilet out in the open with people walking by. It was kind of disturbing. But I didnít have the time to really think about it because of the turmoil going on behind me. It was the same man trying to beat up his girlfriend, it seemed. I got up from the toilet seat and both kicked and punched him a several times. The wounded and scared girl ran away just briefly thanking me. I ended the fight with wiping my butt on his white t-shirt. Like a dog. Then I was too scared to show myself as a guy so I went somewhere else and quickly changed appearance. It didnít take very long until that same man found me but this time he seemed kind of interested in me. He showed me around in a magical forest, there was a sick dragon desperate in need of help which he gladly took care of. He even had a dog that my dog liked and just everything about him was so different. When we came back I found a toilet and discovered that I had diarrhea but he didnít seem to really care. He lifted me up and carried me away the a bedroom. I got the feeling that none of us actually wanted to do it really. I was just laying on the bed not trying to move and he was merely touching me. That bold man was now my boyfriend but I just didnít really like that much. I was thinking about my old life with my girlfriend and realized that I missed her. I wanted her back.
    I should never had let her go. My beautiful blonde girl.

    Me and my girlfriend ^
    non-lucid , memorable

    Why did I die?

    by Fantasma on 08-12-2018 at 08:53 PM
    Two dreams

    My dad, brother and my foster-brother said that men are better than women on everything. My sister and I got very upset but didn’t had a chance to tell them off. So I poked my brother with a stick in his stomach and yelled: ”Too bad it wasn’t a harpoon!” Everybody laughed and my sister told me I had a sassy comeback as always. Then we tried to do everything to prove the guys wrong.

    I was in Italy, just paying a visit to my old school there from when I studied abroad. I had a looong conversation with the principle who asked me questions... strangly in english but I liked it. We had a really good time. She asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I was thinking really hard to come up with a good answer.
    The principle wanted me to come back, but not sure how tho. She was talking and talking and talking. I realized that I no longer really knew where I was. Wasn’t it a part of my own hometown just right outside the window? I wanted to end the conversation but principle seemed so determinded to keep talking about things I could do if I wanted to stay there, Which I didn’t want.
    She wanted me to dye my hair blonde but I didn’t want that. She took me outside to a balcoony and asked me if there were any guys I would like to date but as soon as I looked. I only saw guys that I already knew. Some even from kindergarden. I refused and told her that I already knew these guys and didn’t want anything to do with them. She became very angry and headed inside again. It was time for her to have a lesson. So I decided to run with my old friend’s younger brother, who I never really spoke to.
    We quickly ran away from the school and tried to get to a bus stop. Suddenly I could hear the principle’s vocie behind me. She was furious!
    I wasn’t far from the bus stop when I stopped running and looked back. The young brother was gone but the principal stood there instead, looking at me with sadness in her eyes. First I thought she was going to beg me not to go but what she told me made me go insane. The younger brother was hit by a bus... the very same bus we were supposed to take to get away from this place. I ran away from the bus stop and kept going until I was hit myself by a car.

    Suddenly spirits appeared on the streets, singing and laughing. But not I, because I cried. I covered my face with the hands and cried as loudly as I could. Until I heard my mother’s voice. She wanted someone to hold the dogs’ leashes and take them to a field. I gladly took the dogs over there and found three presents for each pet. The cat wasn’t there tho. I opened the first gift. It was a perfume bottle... MY perfume. I glanced at my dog that was sitting down and paying attention to the bottle. I realized that I had chose the wrong path and cried because I wasn’t there for my dog anymore. I could not pet him, feed him or talk to him. He couldn’t even see me! I couldn’t help but to cry even harder. I just wanted it to be a dream.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    The stealer

    by Fantasma on 08-10-2018 at 08:54 PM
    I dreamt that I had a mission and that was stealing something very small, like a brooch. A woman showed me the way the a huge safe. She quickly let me in but then the door closed behind me and I only had a few minutes before the owner would come. She asked me to help since I was one of the very best to steal in such a impossible situations. I quickly looked around, trying the find the brooch and also a way out. Soon I would here a man's vocie behind the door and didn't sound very happy. I felt the time running out in the sand and stressed around in that giant safe.

    There were no boxes and no other exits. I kind of panicked, high up in the ceiling there was a window which was impossible to reach but still no brooch. The owner sounded very upset and he said that he knew that I was in there. I ran towards the wall that was located right at the door to the safe and found a handle. I desperatly pulled it and found a very small box for jewelry. I opened the box and found the tiny brooch that the woman wanted and put in my pocket. Then I put the box back and discovered another way out behind the it. It looked like a shelf and behind it a secret exit I quickly got out and in that safe I could here the man talking with someone else. I didn't wanted to stay for long so I ran away. Later I found the woman who wanted me to steal the brooch in the first place and told me I was a good boy.