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    Find the one without a mask

    by Fantasma on 10-13-2018 at 11:05 PM
    Find the one without a mask

    There were a lot of people everywhere, they were all around my age. So in their early 20s basically. What I noticed was that they all had animal masks on, covering their faces. The masks looked really terrifying and I couldn’t help but to feel very uncomfortable when looking around. The swine mask seemed very popular which also happened to be the most scary one. I was the only one without any mask and therefore felt very scared and alone. As I kept looking around, I noticed a guy standing in a corner staring down at the ground, without a mask. Suddenly I felt so relieved and walked up to him to say hello. When I came closer I saw that it was Jay. He was really shy and as he spoke, I could easily tell english wasn’t his first language but I already knew about that. He even tried to speak spanish but it went hilariously wrong and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I told him that he could sit down since he seemed so nervous because of the other people with the masks. He smiled and we kept talking.

    Note: Jay is from a Kpop group, iKON.

    Updated 10-13-2018 at 11:15 PM by Fantasma

    non-lucid , nightmare

    A painfully sharp situation

    by Fantasma on 10-04-2018 at 08:35 PM
    A painfully sharp situation

    I remember trying to walk down the stairs in the extremely dirty house. We were supposed to move out so there were things all over the place. Tables, shelves and even on the floor. It was hard to get to the kitchen but I managed and started to search for my sewing kit. When I found it I accidently dropped the plastic thing that had all the needles so them fell to the floor. I tried to pick them up but noticed that my hand was starting to hurt. As I stared at it I could see all these needles going trough my skin. I must had at least twenty that pierced my hand and fingers. I’m terrified of needles so I tried to stay calm and pick them out one by one. It hurt soooo much when I did it and kind of wanted to give up since it was so frickin’ painful! I kid you not, I wanted to scream, cry and die because the pain was so intense.
    When I managed to get them all out and just doing my best to cope with it, Jay from iKON runs in with a bowling ball. He was all excited and told me with a shy smile that he really wanted to play. I glanced at him like: YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME… ;___;
    But I agreed and was just right behind him when the dream kind of faded away…

    Note: When I woke up I thought the pain would contuine or at least give me an explanation of the pain but my hand was feeling alright. Confusing, huh?
    non-lucid , nightmare

    I was no one until I became a prince

    by Fantasma on 09-30-2018 at 09:01 PM
    I was no one until I became a prince

    I remember that I was waiting for my childhood friend since our mothers had decided to let us meet, without telling us about it first. My friend was late so I went outside the mall for a walk. But as soon as I stepped outside the building I felt dizzy and every step I took made me feel even worse. It even felt like I was going to vomit or even faint as I tried to get to my way back into another entrance of the mall. Just right outside of the entrance I felt so ill, so I sat down on all four and that’s when I threw up. In front of other people. They looked at me, saying things and then kept on walking. I got up and noticed that I felt way better! But now I needed to freshen up before meeting my old friend so I went to one of the bathrooms but there were so many other girls a head in the line. When it was finally my turn I took a shower and then got escorted to the meeting by my dad and sister.

    They opened the door to a large room, this is when I noticed that we were not in the mall anymore. Everything and everyone looked like they were taken straight out from the 1600s, even my friend had changed. She had a beautiful pink dress, with blushy cheeks and a white wig. She looked so shy this is also when I noticed something strange about my own appearance.
    But instead of wearing a dress I had male clothes and a white wig. Everyone was referring me as the prince and wanted me to dance with my childhood friend. I took her hand and bowed very gracefully. She smiled. I glanced at her and then at everyone else. They looked at us and I could tell someone even whispered that we were such a lovely couple.

    This is were I thought the whole thing was really odd and woke up.

    Note: Me and my childhood friend was bestfriends in the past but as we became older we just grew apart. We would talk everyday and now I don't even see her once a year even though we live 5 minutes in walking distance away from each other.

    Updated 09-30-2018 at 09:07 PM by Fantasma


    Did I sell myself?

    by Fantasma on 09-25-2018 at 05:03 PM
    Did I sell myself?

    I remember a train station since I could see it so clearly and it was so detailed. The black steel beams that created a beautiful pattern decorated with pink flowers that was climbing it’s way up to the roof. Old gate lanters were everywhere to be seen and just helped the whole thing to look so old fashioned and romantic.
    But we only passed it by. With us, I meant the group of people I was hanging out with. One really tall man, easy above 2 meters. I tried to grab his arm and since I felt we had that kind of connection. I tried to look up to him. To really get a good glimpse of his face but it was definitely not a very easy task! He was busy with our mission, to look for more people to join us. We passed by a shop that selled gemstones, that I had visited in a different dream from before. She was dressed all in black, had at least three different shades of purple in her black poffy emo looking hair. She was looking so cool and not to mention her attitude. The super tall man talked to her while walking away from the train station and the little gem shop. I couldn’t help but to feel jealous and tried to get his attention but he didn’t care. He didn’t shove me off or anything just giving me the look: “Not now, K?”
    He was never looking directly at me either. More like, glancing at me or even looking down at me… since he was so freaking-ishly tall!

    I went home and straight to the bed. Sulking. There were other girls in the room, kind of half naked. I suddenly didn’t wear anything on my upper body, topless you know, and talked to the girls that seemed more or less drunk or even high. The place was really dirty. What I noticed when I tried to walked around was that every girl were in this weird kind of state. Even I had a hard time trying to stay on my feet. Music was playing on the loudest possible volume outside the room. Since there were sooo many beds in a room made me start to think of what kind of a place this was.

    Note: The man looked like an inspector.

    Updated 09-25-2018 at 05:10 PM by Fantasma (Fixed spelling errors)


    I was not stealing.

    by Fantasma on 09-24-2018 at 05:09 PM
    I was living together with another girl, she had blonde hair and big blue eyes. I think she worked as a model since she was so stunning. Anyway, we both seemed to have a crush on the same man which I didn’t really mind. Because she had dated him but now when they had broke up, the guy was interested in me instead. He asked me out and I was sooo happy!
    After the date, I came back to the street near our apartment and stopped to buy some cinema popcorn and soda to feast on while talking about my first date with my roommate. But as I ordered the popcorn and the soda the people around seemed rude and glared at me. I was holding the pink dress that I had been wearing on the date with one hand and was holding the pink shoes in the other. It looked amazing, all sparkle with rhinestones.
    It did look like a prom dress!

    The woman who was supposed to take care of my order was really mean. She put plenty of acorns and three popcorns on the desk and glanced at me with some attitude! I told her she forgot about my soda and that I was allergic to acorns so I really wanted to have the popcorns. She stopped being so rude and actually did as I told her. Finally. I just needed to pay but forgot to check if I had money on my card but the phone was taking ages to load the site for my bank. I was so tired so I kind of felt drunk. The girl was I was living with suddenly saw me passing by while waiting for my phone to load the site. She looked at me with fury before she walked away to the apartment. I followed her and she locked the door. I didn’t understand since we were supposed to be best friends. But when I came closer to the door I heard other girls in there talking about me. They all talked about my beautiful pink dress that seemed way to fancy for me to even own! Why had I been wearing it? Why was I seen with the girl’s ex? Why was I even a part of her life? All this questions got more painful as I was eavesdropping. The door suddenly opened and the girl came out with a key in her hand. She opened the door to another apartment and threw all my things in there and told me to stop stealing from her. I was heartbroken. I hadn’t been stealing. I had a lovely first date… I just wanted to share. I was deeply disappointed.

    Note: I'm not allergic to acorn but it felt like I needed a reason not to accept the acorns. Eh.

    Updated 09-24-2018 at 05:14 PM by Fantasma

    non-lucid , nightmare