I had a dream that there was this creature who had the power to suck the life right out of people and kill them.* She could also breathe new life into people who were alive and make them feel invigorated or renewed.* She was partly human, but not all human, and I remember recognizing her as female in the dream. In the dream, she was about to take the life out of someone. I yelled and pleaded with her to not do it and to give the person fresh life instead. I remember I felt very passionately about it, and that was the only way I was going to convince her, and I did. She looked at me and then changed her mind and gave the person new life instead. This same scene repeated again.
I've been struggling lately with a lot of unhappiness and frustration about different things in my life, so I think it might be a representation of my inner struggle to remain positive, but I wanted to get some thoughts.*