Hello..I got this weird dream and I wish to get interpretation for it as it is related to illness in real life

I was with my brother, sick, he said he wanted me to take metro to nearby place, but I said I can't, then I was terrified that I have forget taking my medication, I was paralyzed in a chair, I saw my brother with my cousin as a toddler, but someone said she is very responsible and successful woman, they seems like my brother enjoying time with her, and he told me to go try going to Syria(supposedly Syria in the dream is a nearby shop) somewhere nearby but I said I couldn't, then I was in a very desperate situation, I was thinking why I was tortured with this disease then an answer came from where or some entity that its because of "Fancying Homosexuality" then I said won't repent and would rather be sick and Paralyzed then leaving watching it(thats not who I am in real life), then I went to somewhere like dark underground, I saw group of Indian workers, someone asked me if I liked any Indian Bollywood actor, I said hmmm there is one I liked but none of the showed me here and I forget exactly who he was

in real life, I am not paralyzed, but have sickness make me unable to do anything and it has been going for 5 years, I am going to doctor and all and doing diet..but in the dream I forget to take my medication

the part about Homosexuality, is because I enjoy watching Kpop gay fan service...so in the dream it came like a warning I should stop watching it? and thats why I have the disease?
I don't watch any heavy stuff about homosexuality..only very light