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    Thread: Want your dream interpreted? Read this first!

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      Want your dream interpreted? Read this first!

      Hey there! There's heaps of us here at dreamviews who'd love to take a stab at interpreting your dreams. But for us to be able to help you, you've got to help us.

      So, here's how you can help others interpret your dream:

      1) Don't merely write a brief summary of your dream. Give us your whole dream, everything you can possibly remember. Include as many details as possible, anything you can think of, even if it doesn't seem important at the time.

      2) Don't just tell us what happened in your dream. Tell us how you felt in the dream, your "dream emotions", particularly how specific events in your dream made you feel.

      3) Tell us about yourself! And not just the essential info such as sex, age, family situation, etc... include anything that you think might be of relevance to something that happened in your dream. For instance, if you see a friend in your dream, tell us about that friend in real life, how you feel about him/her, etc.

      If you do this, you'll find that other people will be much more able to help you and far more willing to provide interpretations. Interpretations are more likely to be meaningful, as well.

      Thanks for reading, and sweet dreams!
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      Sounds like good advice to me. Folks as The Blue Meanie said, please give as much detail and background as you can.

      Of course, don't feel pressured into giving away any information about yourself or aspects of the dream you feel uncomfortable with.

      Good post Meanie! Stickied!
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      Perhaps people should be more descriptive with their topic titles. There seem to be too many that are "This is a weird one," "Help with this dream," and "Interpret this one." Dreams are all weird and this forum is for getting "help with" "interpreting dreams." Perhaps people should consider a title that lets people know what they're about to read (examples include, "My mouse sang a song," or "House has new rooms" or "Lottery Numbers").

      Just a thought.


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