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      Weird dream, need interpretation help.

      I typically don't remember my dreams, at all. I can't remember my child hood, I can't remember anything. But for some reason this dream was very lucid to me and I remember it almost in detail.

      I started sleeping on the couch with my wife. We fell asleep watching Pearl Harbor on HBO. I fell asleep late, at around 5am and woke up at 6am to an alarm going off on my phone.

      The dream went like this:

      I was driving a girl back to her house. Not sure if this girl was my wife or not as I do not remember the face of this person. We approached the girls house and entered through the garage, can't remember if we were on foot or not approaching the garage. We went inside the garage and entered through a door leading into a pantry which leads into the kitchen of the house, this was very prominent to me. As we enter this pantry I remember talking to the girl, but not sure what was said. Shortly after I initiated "intimacy" by pushing the girl back against the pantry, kissing her, tearing open her shirt and grabbing her breasts. Words were exchange but I can't remember what.

      I only specifically remember her breasts and nothing else was done, no actual sex took place. During this moment she tells me to be quiet and almost around the same time I hear voices coming from the kitchen. She tells me to go so I high-tail it out of there. As I exit the door leading back into the garage and close it, it almost immediately opens up behind me and I go to hide behind the door as it opens. Once it closes I see a man confronting me. I believe this man was her dad, because I remember him to be older although I don't remember his face. I faintly recall him wearing all white, like a white suite. He screams at me and says something about me not getting his daughter pregnant, although I don't think he directly implied in me getting her pregnant. Then he pulls out a lighter, points it at me and lights it. I remember the flame well and it being long, like on a crack lighter.

      It was at some point around this time that I finally realize being only in my boxers and I remember them being blue in color. I also remember I had my hands up while talking to this man, then I telling him that I "came here like this." And was trying to convince him that I showed up to his house already in my boxers and that I didn't wind up that way while I was there.

      Then I ran out of the garage to my vehicle parked along side the road. I remember this was a blue-colored truck, not a pickup. And the first thing I reference it to was my father-in-laws truck. As I get in the truck I remember the front seats were all connected, like a bench seat. In the middle of this bench seat was an object that I can't recall and about 4-5 half-eaten strawberries sitting in a perfect line on the seat. The strawberries were bitten up to about the top of the strawberry and only the small top and the green stem and leaves were left. I then wiped these off of the seat and took off in the truck.

      The last thing I remember is exiting some community and going around a bend, then I woke up.

      Weird, huh?

      Here are the predominant things I remember about the dream:

      1) The pantry room, or the layout of the garage in general.
      2) Grabbing the girls breasts.
      3) Hiding behind the door during my escape.
      4) The man trying to burn me with the lighter, more specifically the flame.
      5) The man mentioning his daughter getting pregnant.
      6) Me being in my boxers and commenting to the man on them.
      7) Getting in the truck and looking down at the seat.
      8) The half-eaten strawberries that I brushed away.

      Here's my interpretation of this.

      1) The pantry room thing I don't known. Although the garage did remind me of one I visited once while visiting my wife's friends while they were house-sitting. Don't know why this would be a big thing to me.

      2) The breast part I'm not sure about either. My wife and I haven't had sex for a while. I could be missing it and this is an outlet for me. I've never really had thoughts of cheating on my wife.

      3) Don't know why I hid behind the door instead of running. Not sure what this means.

      4) Not sure what the lighter means or being attacked by it. I do smoke alot, but that's my only encounter with fire in my life. I don't have a fear of fire and I hate being burned almost as much as the next guy.

      5) The pregnant thing is weird, especially that I remember it despite all the other words being spoken in my dream. My wife and I had a pregnancy scare about 2 weeks ago now. She told me a few pregnancy tests came out positive, but when I brought home digital ones they were negative. Then my wife told me she started her period, although she was late, and that was the end of that.

      6) The boxer thing I don't really know. I don't really have a fear of public nudity, although I wasn't completely nude. I have a slight negative image of my body.

      7) I remember the truck fairly well, it's color, the seat, etc. And I recall it as being my father-in-laws truck but he drives a Ford Explorer and it doesn't have bench seats in the front.

      8) The strawberries don't make sense. I like strawberries, a lot, but don't really eat them as much as I'd like to.

      Any other interpretations are appreciated.e
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