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    Thread: Dream Recall Compendium

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      I am at the rock bottom right now, I was not able to remember any dream until I started a Dream Journal week ago. After a few years, finally I was able to remember 2 dreams this week, but it was hard. After I woke up, I was lying in the bed and thinking what was that dream.

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      ^^ That sounds to me like you've just begun lifting up from rock-bottom!

      Hopefully, with continued DJ'ing and additional positive results, recalling will be more common for you.. and yes, thinking "What was that dream?" seems a positive step, even if it might not feel like it, because it shows your mind is interested in recall even in the groggy first moments of waking.
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      Thanks StaySharp! I'm brand new to knowing what Lucid Dreaming even is, but dream recall for me is important as it was the single-most reason I even cared to learn what Lucid Dreaming was...I dream a lot (at least I thought so, until I saw your rankings), and learning that there is a way to convert my dreams from mowing the neighbor's lawn to Neo in The Matrix was exciting! I have never kept a journal, and my rankings would be "Above Average" for Quantity, and "Skilled" or almost higher for Quality. Now that I keep a dream journal (started a little over 2 weeks ago), I'm surprised that if I go back and read my entries, I can actually still remember the dreams vividly...which remembering dreams for weeks would not have been possible for me before (at least most of them). Also, the bulk of my dreams are long and vivid, and most come between 4-7am. When I went to bed 1 hour earlier to get 8 hours of sleep, I saw an increase in my dreams (which I guess shouldn't come as a surprise...lol)...went from about 3 on average to 5, just from an extra hour. Now if only I can stop my gf from getting up an hour earlier than me and clanking around like an elephant (no offense baby!), I'd be a dreaming machine! Earlier or non-REM dreams I don't even try to jot down...those are practically nothing for me...which I sort of do on purpose, trying not to wreck my sleep until about 4 am'ish (although could be wrong).

      Unfortunately my brain has still not figured out they are dreams when I'm dreaming, and have only had 2 small lucid dreams using WILD (at least my version at the time, before knowing what it was). I'm hoping that one day my brain will get sharper and be able to tell that joining the circus and my truck turning into a bicycle is crazy, and that I must be dreaming!
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