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      Exclamation something I thought of, about dream recall and general memory recall

      Hello, I come to you today not as a lucid dreamer but simply as a person who has partially mastered something I like to call memory triggers.

      What are memory triggers? could they possibly be related to Deja Vu? or even meta tagging, used by youtube, and generally blogs everywhere?
      Yes they are sort of like Deja Vu, sort of. But this is mostly like Tagging They are like an alarm, but that which goes off when you see something you set yourself to remember something else. This is confusing I know; Let me explain, you are in period 5, you have science, the teacher tells you exam A is coming up in a week, he says this on Monday. You set yourself to remember this in say 3 days from the day the teacher announces the exam A,leaving you with enough time to study and be generally prepared, you tell yourself that on Wednesday when you see for example a test, a reminder of a test, or anything correlating to the concept of a quiz anywhere, you have a flashback(see sort of like Deja Vu) to Monday and the announcement of exam A, you then tell yourself when I see my Science textbook when I get home(mine are on a shelf directly above my desk so every time I walk in I see them) I will remember to study. Thus you study and pass the test.
      So? how does this apply to dreams?
      Well I have noticed that if I dream of a certain Catie(someone who I fancy very much, but have a strong whim that she despises me) I remember it pretty well, extremely well, and you should reckon that I AM NOT an LD(lucid dreamer) I have not told myself to remember a dream if that Catie girl is in it, my subconsciousness auto programed it. No bs. Also if yesterday I dreamed of a warzone and then I wake up, and while I am brushing my teeth I hear this song on my iPod (set to shuffle) by Rage Against the machine Bullet in the head, and I remember this dream! I have had this happen to me many times. Also if no such trigger is experienced or is encountered during the day then I do not recall the dream, however, if I encounter such a trigger very late in the day(have been able to partially recall a dream at about like 3:50 PM, at school when I wake up at 8:00 AM) then I will remember it partially.
      To Conclude, when the trigger to that dream is encountered then I recall only part of the dream that apply's to the trigger, like if I see a bullet I will recall only part of that war dream, if I see guns, hear gun noises, and hear a song called "bullet in the head" I will recall most of that dream, as had happend when I HAD dreamed a war dream, after seeing the A-Team, old version at 11:00 PM previous night, woken up listened to bullet in the head, then watched the A-team, newer edition;

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      Hmm, sounds like you're talking about Dream Signs.

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      Looking at books and then remembering to study sounds more like an anchor.
      I think your brain is anchoring these dream events and you're recalling them when you're awake. Very nice skill to have I'd say.

      Use your ears, not your eyes.

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