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    Thread: Sky and clouds

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      Sky and clouds

      I haven't had a lot lucid dreams yet <10, have been trying for 3 months now, so I'm happy with the results.
      Something I noticed is that very often the sky/clouds look very beautiful pink/orange in my dreams.
      This has been a trigger now a few times for me to do a RC and become lucid.
      Do more ppl experience these beautiful sky's in dreams? And use them as triggers?
      When (IRL) I'm outside walking or whatever I always love looking at the sky and clouds.
      And sometimes I see the actual dream colors in real sky's, of course always do a RC then.

      These colors:

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      That's quite lovely. I have to admit that I am often inside during LDs, and the sky looks rather normal when I go out. However, I recently had a dream where I flew over this purple ocean, and the stars were out. Probably one of the neater things I've seen in an LD, but nothing that took my breath away. Still waiting on one of those experiences
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