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    Thread: Having trouble recalling dreams

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      Having trouble recalling dreams

      Last week I was able to recall my dreams perfectly and record in my dream journal. Now for the past two nights I can't seem to remember them. What could be the issue?

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      Dream recall often flucuates, though two weeks seems extreme. Have you tried recall mantras before bed? Saying something like, "I remember my dreams," as you're going to sleep works well. Also, make sure that your bed time has been consistent and that you haven't viewed bright lights before bed.

      Your recall will come back soon.

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      Along with Mango's suggestions, you could try doing WBTB if you don't already. If you use it for recall, it serves as a checkpoint in the middle of the night. So you really have twice (or the amount of times you wake up) the chance of remembering your dreams!
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