First let me say that I have not remembered a dream for the past month, and I do not have an especially close relationship with my parents.

I was traveling with my parents and we stopped at this little shop for a snack. I was hungry and they knew it, it was dark out and dark in the shop with only dim lighting. An older man with a cowboy hat was working. I dug $1.35 out of my purse for the vending machine and I pressed the wrong button for my snack of peanuts. I pressed 115 instead of 117 and i ended up getting a tour map of the city. I was so mad and I went further into the shop for real food. My mom was following me so i was going down the lanes really fast trying to get rid of her. I passed canned foods and found a little section with "found" items in baskets. I was looking at those and grabbed an eraser that had something written on it. I don't remember if it was edible but I thought it was cool so I grabbed it and was looking at a different eraser that was all black and had a smiley face on it. To my right was a man and woman sitting on a couch looking at me. They were about my age, a little older, and the woman wasnt paying much attention but the man was interested in what I was doing and kept looking over his shoulder. I was angry the whole time.