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    Thread: Rapterbone's Yoga Workbook

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      Rapterbone's Yoga Workbook

      Along with doing this Yoga class, I am also participating in the intro course run by OpheliaBlue. I am not too knowledgable about the parameters of this class, but I am going to start with the all-day awareness techniques.

      So far, I been practicing the listening versions of the homework. Whenever I walk around school, I try to listen to multiple conversations whilst focusing on the sound of my footsteps and other sounds like air conditioning, doors opening closing, etc.

      I am also working on my sight awareness by trying to notice all different clothes my peers are wearing and such.

      I will post soon/read more up on my results. I will jump back and forth between the two courses. THANKS
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      Welcome to the class!
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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