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    Cities in the Astral

    I have been LDing sinse 1988 and have had maybe 2000ish. I am starting this dream journal on 02-19-12. Many of my dreams involve otherwordly concepts, such as dream cities that are real and have many perminent inhabitants. I have interacted with some many times, so if the entries I make seem to refer to strange things like 'the 3 women' or 'the monks' just assume they are reoccuring DCs for before this journal starts.

    1. Important Astral- New Entity

      by , 07-03-2022 at 08:22 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      After the last astral dream I decided to use this mantra when going to sleep, "no sex in lucid dreams, look around, be aware, ask questions." I did this on this occasion.

      I am in my grandmother's house where much of my childhood happened. I am dealing with confusing stuff (items) involving past girlfriends and clutter. Grandma is there and I tell her to get a storage shed. I realize at this point that it is a dream as She and her house are dream signs as both are of the past only. I go out the door and my mother is outside. She tries to engage with me but I explain that this is just a dream. Why do I always explain to DCs that I am dreaming? She questions thiss, so I point out that G-ma died many years ago and the house was torn down. I see another DC in the drive way and make this a pretty female and cause her to walk to us. I demonstrate to DC mom that I can control new DC like a puppet and demonstrate that the DC does not react. I am not focused and take the hot DC over into the yard and proceed to act as you may imagine a teen boy with highly tuned LD skills may act. She easily bends to my will. There is mud in the yard and we are dirty bt I ignore that.
      Wait! I hear the mantra! "no sex in lucid dreams, look around, be aware, ask questions." I dismiss the image of the DC and she is gone. I am embarrassed that "THEY" may be watching me and i went straight to gratifying sexual urges. (very common theme in my training.) I intend on shifting into the astral which I have never found a firm formula for doing. Set the intent and then pass through the boundary to the dream often depicted as water. As I set this intention the yard starts to flood and it is cold. I use dream imagery to picture tropical water full of pretty fish and a nice temp. I work my way out to the street and waves of water are filling the land. I rise and fall getting swept off my feet. I dive below hoping to make the transition. This carries me high up on what i am visualizing as a wall. I see high up what looks like an elevator door. I keep trying and the waves take me higher until I reach the door and push the button.
      Upon pushing the button I appear in the dark (dry) in some other place. It is dark but I can see myself just fine. I regain my composure and focus on intricate hand mudras to razor focus my awareness. I start walking into the dark while doing the mudras. She (from last Astral dream) is there now sitting on a chair with a small audience of youth she appears to be instructing. I look her in the eyes and think something at her like "lucid dream." I sense she is not to be interrupted. This area seems to be on a campus and others are milling about. Well here I am, but how to go about learning more details? I focus on complex mudras while I stroll and start intoning a chant. The chant seems to be come naturally but is not one i remember knowing. It just seems to flow out. I have a feeling as if she is following me with her consciousness but remaining out of sight.
      Now the weird stuff: I am approached by a tall stout entity who is focusing his gaze on me (see last astral dream) this entity seems unfamiliar. His energy comes across as a philosopher. We lock eyes in that special telepathic way. He asks if he can help me. I express that I know this is a dream, but is it also something else. Do you have an existence of your own separate from me? Can you explain all this astral stuff? Your types interactions with me?
      He seems sort of busy but takes time to try and give me an answer. I tried to interoperate what was being conveyed but what I came up with is confusing. the following is what I could recall and bring out with me. "I want you to read the following text to give you a foundation, it is The Religious Correspondences of Orius, The Ideologies." He also started giving me what felt lke a philosophy lecture I was failing to grasp along these lines, "if I eat, they will go hike. No action is ever isolated." He shows me something in his hand like a paper he has written on. I try to read it and grasp what it is, such as the name of the book or something, but it does not make sense. As I focus intently on this paper I end up awake.
      Sadly upon awaking my google searches hit a dead end on trying to find any reference to the book much less to the name Orius. I also tried Orsisus as I seem to remember it both ways. Despite not finding the book here in modern day Earth I am excited by the last couple dreams.
    2. Parents trading houses

      by , 06-22-2022 at 07:27 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Non lucid. I was a pre-teen and for some reason my mom and new step dad were going to trade houses with his brother and their family. I was pissed and pointing out how one kid had damaged so much of it. I threatened to move away on my own as soon as I could. In one scene I was in the new house and trying to take a shower but it was inn a cramped area that ii could not fully stand up in. The dream was emotional and seemed to have hidden meaning.
    3. Flight Improvement

      by , 06-22-2022 at 07:15 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I was testing reality by trying to TK small objects and found that I could move objects with my mind. that made me lucid. I eventually decided to try and find a person from my past real life, but not by just summoning them.. I would try to go to where they might be and also try to keep the landscape somewhat in line with my home city in real life. I started flying in a yogi meditation position but was not satisfied with the speed/ I have been experimenting with why I have trouble with really fast flight while maintaining a landscape/ I only seem to be able to fly at what feels like 60 mph. I switch to Superman flight with no improvement. I try swimming through the sky while still in a Superman like pose. It helps a bit. I stop and get a odd idea. I summon a chair and sit in it braced as if it where the seat of a jet fighter. I imagine the chair taking off driving me forward like a jet. This worked and i seemed to be able to go much faster.
      I went to where I pretended this person would now be working and did arrive at the work place I had imagined. It was very detailed with lots of customers and workers. They were not around. I asked a DC and was told they had quit and now worked in another building. I flew a short ways and decided I was there so a building appeared. I found it deserted and it was huge. I believed (pretended) I had heard someone moving and "knew" it was them. Around the corner I found another person. Nope, BS, I found who I was looking for no matter what the dream said. The dream gave up on trying to add randomness and it turned out to actually be the person I was looking for.
      (note: poor brain/dream trying to give me some randomness and adventure and I go bossing it around. Something for me to work on.)

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    4. Big Moment- Astral

      by , 06-22-2022 at 06:52 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I was walking south with Brandy, but a second later I was walking north past the same intersection with her and Brad. I tell them that this is a dream and I am off to go play. The change in continuity had made me lucid. They question me on what I mean and I point out that we are all now inside a phone booth on the same corner. Clearly a dream. I explore a city that looks a bit like the sci-fi stuff you may see in the show Eureka.
      Here is the big moment. I notice one of the DCs is actually an astral entity. It is a middle aged woman and is very familiar. I suspect she is my first dream guide from perhaps 20-30 years ago. She had handed me off to "The Monk" who later handed me off to "The Young Women"
      This woman I am thinking is the stern older woman who first trained me so long ago. She had a body guard type who seemed to dislike me and it often caused trouble. I am thinking she has made an appearance again for some reason after many years.
      She is seated and calmly watching me. There is a type of deep connection that happens between astral beings (including the dreamer) and appears to be focused through what I visualize as the eyes. She is gazing on me with this mystic sense/vision (sorry, it is beyond words). I meet the gaze with my own gaze/ astral sense thingy. We become connected in a telepathic bond of a sort, again I would have trouble explaining.
      It is worth noting that perhaps I am known to some of these things from multiple lifetimes (this has been suggested to me by them), and perhaps I have spent time with them between physical/ earth lives, but while incarnated on earth and projecting from a point attached to my human body I am limited in my memory and understanding. I also suffer from a sort of drunkenness and confusion due to the frankly weird ass nature of astral travel.
      She does not seem to be trying to boss me around or intimidate me as she often has in the past. I decide to talk to her much more like an equal than I have in the past (subservient/ awestruck/ afraid- note she comes across god-like.)
      I ask her, "can you explain to me who you are?" It is telepathic and includes a bit of "what are you" and "why me?"
      She intensifies the connection and starts to communicate. It sounds sort of like the adults in Peanuts comics "whawhahwaaa" I focus very intense and try turning my ear to her. Now I am breaking the eye connection and realize I do not even actually have ears. I reinvest in the eye contact. I ask her to be patient and go slow as I am having trouble understanding. She slows down and this is what I hear telepathically. "A while ago (decades? lifetimes?) my brother (whawhawha unclear) who is a god, took notice of you and (whawhawhaaa unclear). We have been observing you since then and (whawhawhaaa unclear). I have something to share with you (show you? give you?)"
      At this point she stands up and moves suddenly very close as if to kiss me but only in the sense of bring our mouths together. Suddenly she is exhaling/ vomiting a stream of multicolored energy that goes into my mouth as if I am inhaling it. All the visuals change and I experience some magical thing involving my energy body/soul that I do not understand.
      Then it is over and we are standing near each other. She talks to me with out the telepathic eye stuff. Oddly I can understand the entities when talk is this way. What ever the message she gave me at first it was something mystic and hard to grasp and is different to just chatting. She says they are having a celebration for a friend and that I am welcome to join them as I have been behaving myself for awhile now (I have got in plenty of trouble here in the past). There is cake! Now one thing in this realm is that some things are just dream images and other things are made of something that is real and quantifiable to them. This is real astral cake (my interpretation) if that makes sense. It is wonderful and I eat two big handfuls of it.
      If anything happened after that i have no more recall.

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    5. Levitating in Shinto Temple

      by , 06-02-2022 at 05:27 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I have had these dreams on and off for 30 years, They involve taking part in Shinto rituals and becoming lucid somewhere mid ceremony. In this one when I became lucid I decided to try and show off how evolved I was by floating up off the ground while meditating.
      In real life I have been actively trying to stay quiet and humble and go as close to unnoticed in the temple. I think it is good for me to not show off my skills or knowledge to the general attendees for my own growth and training. This dream seems to show that my human ego would love to be acknowledged as wise or skillful.
    6. Hungry Ghost realm

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:10 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Took a wrong turn I guess and found myself in the realm Hindu call the realm of hungry ghosts. It could have been terrifying as it was like vampire demons wanting to eat me. I calmed myself and extended a barrier around me, sort of like starship shields on movies. I calmly did mudras to bring intense focus, then started proclaiming I was a servant of the Good and the Light and that they could not touch me. this enraged them, but they in fact could not touch me. I left that realm swiftly.
    7. Not Even in a Dream

      by , 01-02-2022 at 04:00 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Enjoyed traveling swiftly through a well-lit city that was like a open shopping center seeing how swiftly scene changes could keep up with me. Eventually decide to find a woman. Looked in a shop and it was a gym and their was a coach. She was pretty and comes to me and embraces me. I decide I would prefer a more ample build and start transforming her to my wishes. She jokes that I am inflating her like an inner tube. I am able to keep everything stable all the way through the encounter.
      I then want to go to my workplace but the images are actually from my prior workplace. I cruise around as fast as I can and am leaping in great bounds One of my actual co-workers appears as a DC and asks if I could jump a field goal from the 15 yard line. I say I could from the other teams 15 yard line. I see my brain is buying into this being my work place so somehow I get it in my head to try and interact with a woman I think does not like me in real life. I cause her to come walking around a corner and approach her. She is put off and negative, like "what?" I suggest that we should become friends outside of work and get to know each other. She says thinks that is terrible idea and is not interested. Well damn, the DC does not like me either. I decide to try the scene again but control the DC. This time she walks through a door, and I cause her to walk right up to me. I give her a friendly hug. She is absolutely rigid and robotic. I guess my mind is set on her wanting nothing to do with me. I note that it is interesting, then go off to do other things.

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    8. Bed Partner and Tilework

      by , 12-17-2021 at 06:52 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Mostly this was just a lucid in which I just enjoyed a virtual partner's body. Not much to say here. It was started with a false awakening. I reached out and felt my wife in bed. I realized that this must be a dream as she would not be in the bed at this time. I did not jump up and run around having a lucid. Instead, I was curious how realistic I could "dream up " This worked out well and tactilely she was very soft and convincing. Insert random male fantasy here for about 5 minutes. Eventually she says she is bored, and my dream starts throwing elements into the dream that are to distract me. People can see us through a window, who cares, it is a dream. Someone walks into the room; I act like she is just a kid and tell her to leave. Finally, a team of workmen walk in and a wall is gone and they are going to start working. Oh well, time to give up and move along. I start talking with the workmen about the tilework.
    9. Time Travel/ Dad's Fish Store

      by , 12-15-2021 at 03:46 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Interest lucid with heavy doses of repressed psychology. I was cruising around in a lucid when I walked into a room and saw my father. He is no longer alive in waking life. I decided to interact with him and try to experience something interesting. I decided that I had traveled back in time to talk to a much younger version of my father. This took place in a fish store he owned. I noticed a fish had been fed alive to other fish who were eating it while it suffered a long drawn-out death. I remember telling him about the mistakes he would make in the future somehow hoping he could avoid doing the things. I remember telling him he would become very selfish and at times perhaps psychotic. I also pointed at the suffering fish and made some point about his personality. Oddly, I do not think of him as having been that cruel or psychotic.
    10. Ghost Adventure Non-Lucid

      by , 12-12-2021 at 10:42 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      This dream was so involved and long with a running theme. The theme was a haunted resort town and a group of people (I was a non-me DC) who had been magically trapped there. After much exploring, I figured out we needed to identify what each ghost was there for and say something to them or do something that would allow them to move on and rest. There was a maid ghost that every time I saw her there was a door next to her that she then caused to be hidden. there was a young boy with marbles and a ghost couple who were going to go get cocktails. We found out that there was supposed to be a cave by a beach house, but the owner said the cliff by his house was totally flat. We found where the cave had been bricked shut and then a park person came and said to stay away because it was dangerous. I figured out the boy with the marbles had either killed his friend or been killed by a big marble thrown in anger and knew I needed to tell him it was not his fault. We got a clue that we should make sure to be at a certain intersection at either sunrise or sunset to see what happens. There was a part where we tried to escape on a raft and it ended up bringing us back to the town but reset the adventure to the beginning and now, we had a better idea what to do. The dream eventually ended with no resolution. The dream was more or less non-lucid despite being so weird.
    11. Taboo?

      by , 12-10-2021 at 07:04 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Last night's brief LD included a woman who represented someone inappropriate for me to fantasize about per social convention. This was an alarm DEILD so at most the dream was limited to 9 minutes. The first stuff was in a crowded area like a convention center, and I was sitting on a lounge in the middle of an open area. The DC comes to me, and she is totally nude. She interacts with me but not in a overt sexual way. She is simply being friendly and is totally nude. Keep in mind the woman represented is someone I would be shamed for fantasizing about (think cousin). In the dream I pondered this and decided that "what happens in dream land, stays in dream land" No contact happened but I went ahead and enjoyed watching her. Then the next alarm went off and the dream ended.
    12. Old Friends

      by , 12-08-2021 at 05:06 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I had a lucid with all the old crowd from my twenties. We walked to a point locally that we used to enjoy. We looked from the Train Depot down to see Ann Morrison Park but new construction had blocked the view. Oddly enough their were old people with us, maybe it meant that the kids we were are getting old. We were apparently taking acid as I was aware that the drugs should be kept concealed from the old people. We moved up hill a bit and could see into the park. the scene changes and we are on a farm road near perhaps a water tower. Dave is having trouble and says he can no longer handle more than a half dose. We talk about his mental illness and how drugs can not possibly be good for him. I decide to distract him by mentioning that since it is a dream he can do all sorts of fun things. I demonstrate levitation to him and how I can float forward from the least push with gravity not pulling on me at all.
    13. Super Hero Stuff

      by , 12-07-2021 at 04:53 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      This lucid went on long enough that I have totally forgotten the things in the first half. I do remember that I got kind of bored with flying around randomly and decided to work on a task or come up with some sort of challenge. I remember that the TOTY is about superheroes and that sort of stuff but not any details. Oh well, I will wing it and have a grand superhero adventure maybe meeting one of the goals by happen stance. I find myself in a space station but remember almost nothing of that. I take an escape pod and fall to earth. It lands in Jefferson school field, and I get out. A van full of superheroes pulls up and Nick Fury gives me instructions, criticizes me and offers me some shrimp dishes. I take a couple types but never really ate them. Next i walk into the headquarters for our group. It is worth noting that i am now not the spider man type I was in the first dreams. I am instead sort of a DR. Strange hero. The headquarters has a grand entry with lots of marble, stairs, glass, displays and a woman who talks to me as if she is giving me instructions and explaining something. I explore on a second level (forgot lots here) eventually it has transformed into more of a shopping mall, and I am not positive I am dreaming. I RC by using TK to pull mittens off a display. A DC of my sister asks how well I really have it together if I have trouble remembering that I am in a dream and mocks me a bit.
      Eventually me and a team of heroes are dropped from space into the compound of a super villain. We are immediately taken captive by Guys who look like COBRA guards from GI Joe. I notice the team leaders are not with us. I decide my mission is to find and free them. I use a spell to look like a old butler and use this to get close to a guard. I whisper a spell and it nails his head to a post with a vine and smoke comes out in little wisps. I find my way to an open courtyard and spy from above. I see the super villain's wife and bodyguards and a ninja villain. She just seems to be gardening. I move along to the mansion and levitate up to see inside. There are three guys and 3 young naked women having a party. I move along. I decide to go for help. Outside the compound a pretty woman attempts to get me to have sex with her. She is very graphically spreading her legs and pulling me to her. I almost get distracted but remember the bonus task Moonage added about some guy throwing things in your path as a distraction. I get away from what I now know was an illusion this bad guy was using against me. I get back to headquarters and rally the troops. Oddly the troops consist mainly of dozens of "Super Lawyers." We are taking off and I get stuck flying out a window but use my powerful hero bod to stretch the window frame and get out. Me and many, many Super Lawyers fly off and it reminds me of the flying monkeys from Wizard of OZ. At this point my alarm wakes me.
    14. TOTM Ring of Power

      by , 11-28-2021 at 12:17 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I was in a nice lucid and had a female companion DC which was of one of my college girlfriends. We ran around exploring on a date. In one scene we had gone through the lobby of a fancy restaurant and sampled types of food, then we exited through a side door. It led us to a balcony on the side of a giant pyramid but everything was upside down. It looked similar to the Escher drawing of stairs that defy logic. I stared at this for a while but was unsure what to do, just being amazed. We went back inside instead.
      Eventually lots of exploring had been done and a fun date had been had. I told the DC that the date has been good and that my dream could end soon so perhaps we should fool around. She starts to please me orally and it causes me to wake. I swiftly DEILD and am back in the dream. I worry that sex will destabilize the dream and the girl is still there just as things were when I woke. I decide to try and do some sort of task. The only TOTM I had focused intent on enough to recall was the ring of power one. I explained it to her. I summoned a big solid box and wanted it to be a furnace for forging the ring. I focused on igniting an inferno in the box. Various visuals suggesting magic force and energy start dancing around and half ass images of flames splash across the image. I focus more and do not get a sustained furnace effect, but just more magic force/ energy visuals and splashes of fire. I decide this entire box is a sealed canister like when forging Damascus steel and that the ring has been forged inside of it from all the magic force, I put into it. I tear the box open and sure enough there is a really big and very gaudy gold ring. I pick it up and show it to her.
      I put the ring on to see what will happen. I look around and nothing has changed. I look at my hand and the ring is gone. I decide it has absorbed into me and that like Gladriel's, rings of power cannot be easily seen when worn. I wonder what power the ring could give as I basically have total mastery of the standard super powers when in a vivid lucid. Just doing something I can always do seems against the spirit of the task. Ah ha! I cannot always have sex without it disrupting the dream and even when I can it takes lots of stabilizing during the act. I decide the ring of power has given me the power to have my make out time with this girl undisturbed and without stabilizing. She goes back to pleasing me and it works! well for a few minutes it works, then the scene randomly shifts. Well, like most men it seems, my dreaming self is a bit of a pervert.
      In the new scene I am standing on top of a van. It is outside Grandma's house. I start steering it with TK and park it in her yard. The dream goes through a whole sequence where I cannot keep the van stable. It appears on the other side of the fence. I TK it back but it is now a food truck. I try to turn it back to a van and now it is sitting an a mound of garbage. I TK the mound away and now it is a mini version of the food truck. I lose interest and go do other things.
    15. Forging The Ring- Fail

      by , 11-16-2021 at 03:42 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Yesterday my two kittens died. That night in a dream I was in my front yard and my step dad had moved some rocks. He found the bodies of the other 4 kittens. I looked at the bodies and one of them opens its diseased eyes. this was straight out of a horror film. In fact it was so shocking that I did not believe it. I remembered that the other four kittens had been adopted out, so this must be a dream. I decided to fly and it did not immediately work. My step father tried to tell me I was not dreaming or I would be able to fly. I pointed out that I was currently floating at least three feet of the ground, so I clearly was dreaming. I flew around and eventually thought I should try to do something useful. What was the task of the month? I remembered that I was supposed to forge a ring of power and see what it did.
      I decided that I would role play out this whole thing rather than just summon a forge and do a quicky thing imagine a ring and have done. I was still picturing the area around my house so I went into my shop. There is a wood stove in there so I lit it with my mind. I look around and come across some rings. I also find a can to melt the rings in. This seems like a good start. Perhaps these are magic rings and good material for a ring of power. I put 4 or so magic rings in the can and go to place it in the fire. I notice that smoke is coming from some place other than the fire. This led to me trying to put out a few shop fires and then I woke up suddenly. Nice vivid dream, but failed TOTM.
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