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    Cities in the Astral

    I have been LDing sinse 1988 and have had maybe 2000ish. I am starting this dream journal on 02-19-12. Many of my dreams involve otherwordly concepts, such as dream cities that are real and have many perminent inhabitants. I have interacted with some many times, so if the entries I make seem to refer to strange things like 'the 3 women' or 'the monks' just assume they are reoccuring DCs for before this journal starts.

    1. Hearing the Real World in Dream

      by , 10-10-2021 at 05:57 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I have been trying to listen to a great set of astro-physic lectures as I go to bed as a form of meditation. Essentially the man's voice is acting as an anchor. I do not have any random thoughts as listening takes up my attention while my body relaxes deeper and deeper. The lectures keep playing through out the night.
      In two vivid dreams the sounds were incorporated into my dream. In one I was at work. We have been told not to listen to pod casts and such. Suddenly my phone is playing these lectures pretty loud from my pocket and I know everyone is looking. I don't want trouble. I apologize and try to shut it off it is quite clearly teaching about how the spectrum of light coming from a star is directly tied to the surface temp of the star. Of course everyone will think I am a nerd. Can't turn it down, can't turn it of. Put my ear upto the phone and find the sound is not coming from the phone. Lucidity- this must be a tech don't work RC, yep it is a dream. Still I hear the lecture and what is being said makes too damn much sense. It is clear and logical. That does not fit in with the dream. I realize that while fully asleep and in a dream the words are coming through very clear.
      Second time was act a big carnival where I had an adventure when some DC randomly ask me a science question and I go about explaining the shedding of a red giant stars outer layer very clearly and correctly in college level detail. Lucidity- I am just picturing myself teach the lecture I am hearing. The words I had been speaking were actually the real life lecture I had left playing.
      Neat stuff- I wonder how much I can absorb this way?
    2. Bonus: No More Bad Dreams. Extra Bonus: Precog- Car Crash

      by , 08-28-2021 at 04:06 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      How weird. So I was about to post this dream as an example of how lucid dreaming has made it so I no longer have to deal with bad dreams. Last night I was casually experiencing dreams and images. My attention was drawn to the scene and it suddenly shifted into a vivid scene of an auto accident. A car got smashed but it also included emotions and was generally not pleasant. The imagery changed so that I was inside the car and experiencing the emotions involved in getting in a car wreck.
      I simply stated to myself, "this is stupid, stop dreaming unpleasant things," and I made the scene vanish. The stream of standard interesting dreams resumed. I was going to mention that this is a bit different than what beginners think about lucid dreams. I pretty much have to plan on having a true lucid dream for what you think of as LDs to happen. However, I basically never think a dream is real and am aware that I am dreaming to some degree, I just don't really pay attention. I saw that the dream was not pleasant and was able to prevent that sort of thing shifting back to nice dreams. That was what I was going to report here.
      I did think the dream was vivid and really stuck out in my recall, so I warned my wife that I had had the dream and to be extra careful. I told her that this morning I came much to close to backing into an old lady and her dog and perhaps that was what the dream was about.
      I just got a call from my best friend! His first words to me are "I just got in a wreck." He took a job delivering pizza and just got in a smash up. This was about 14 hours after I had the dream.
    3. Innertube

      by , 07-24-2021 at 05:06 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      In a lucid dream there was a very fun bit where I summoned a big river rafting innertube and sat in it and floated like levitation about two feet off the ground and used it to get around the dark city streets. I just decide which way to go and floated there as if I was on a river. I had listened to Huckleberry Finn that day so the idea of leisurely floating along appealed to me. At one point I am dreamily floating at night down a lonely neighborhood street and I hear footfalls coming from behind me kind like from a jogger. I turn and it is a young female jogger. She looks worried about me. I decide not to allow that thought to flavor the dream. I decide if I ignore her and go about my business it will put her at ease. I can hear her jogging along beside me and start talking with her. We go on a short adventure together and travel under a mountain through a tunnel the whole time her jogging and me floating along leisurely in my tube. I remember pointing out to her that the graphics in the tunnel made no sense when we went down a staircase. It looked to me that I was floating both only a foot off the stairs and a about two feet below the ceiling, that would make the tunnel no more than 4 feet high, yet she looked about normal height and had a few feet above her head.
    4. Flying a Van and Summoning a Aircraft

      by , 07-05-2021 at 09:33 PM (Cities in the Astral)
      This started out when i found a small ferret outside a store like it was a discount rack. It was in a plastic bag. I also found two baby skunks. I figured they would be thirsty but then the ferret's bag was half full of water and had a goldfish in it. I realized it must be a dream and did an RC by trying to levitate. Sure enough I floated up and became highly lucid.
      Later on in the dream I ran into a DC of my mom and she was driving a van. I went for a ride with her. I told her that this is a dream and we could actually fly the van to where ever she was going. It worked well and I created imagery from 3rd person of the van floating off the ground and go flying. Then back in 1st person I was flying the van from inside of it. We had a scene change and were on the ground in a park. She mentioned that the van was gone. I assured her that no problem existed and just pretended the van was still there and was about to levitate us knowing the van would just reappear if I refused to acknowledge the lack of the van.
      The DC who was now my wife said she refused to go flying in an imaginary van as it was too silly. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said "summon us each a Tomcat Jet Fighter and we can race them." I decided to use basic summoning (aid from a plot element) rather than try to instantly create that much detailed imagery. She asks where they are and I say "here they come, see the com trails," knowing there would be com trails and I could then slowly develop the imagery as they landed. Sure enough I look up and there are 2 com trails but I am floored, as my brain created a vivid space scene with stars and such and a line of 3 giant satellites bigger in image than low flying blimps. "Right there behind those satellites," I say surprised. the trails get close and when in view it is some sci-fi double engine passenger jet/hover craft with fun exciting detail and apparently a whole flight crew. I decide not to fight this and just say, "this is better than Tomcats as we can land it anywhere." We go to get on and the flight crew leads us up a boarding platform and wants to ask us Covid-19 related screening questions and discusses if we still need everyone to ware masks. they ask me to take a pill that will prevent spread of Covid. I feel like forcing the dream forward but am working on o trying to control every aspect of my dreams, so I just let the scene play out. We went up on a observation deck made out of metal mesh.
      That was the end of the sequence.
    5. Jealous and Irritating.

      by , 06-20-2021 at 06:30 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am in a lucid and at one point summon two young female companions to sit with me and be beautiful. I suspect it is the same entity that has been guiding me but the form is of my first girlfriend. She is angry that I summoned the pretty women to sit with; it seems like jealousy. I say that i do not intend to disrupt my dream or training with sex. She asks why my DCs are topless with such well formed breasts. I get a bit mad and tell her that as this is my dream and being near younger women in such a way is not possible in life, why wouldn't I want to be near them now. I say your jealousy is making me frustrated.
    6. Biking and movie

      by , 06-20-2021 at 06:25 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Long lucid in which I am traveling by bike. At first I try to keep track of the bike when ever the dream shifts to make the story seem continues. Look around, where did I park the bike, create suggestion such as over by the tree of course, oh there it is. This became taxing so I changed the story. Now it is a magic bike that can transform into my glasses. Now if the bike is missing, obviously I just have to toss my glasses down and there it is.
      I randomly find my way blocked in many dreams and go through peoples houses or yards to keep going. Screw dead end streets. I am aware that sometimes I seem to shift to an astral venue without my knowledge and basically end up trespassing. Mid dream I realize this and tell myself I need to stop going inside random houses. I run into some people who invite me to watch a movie and I agree. A few of us are in a darkened room with couches and I can not see anything where the others seem to be watching. Someone is caressing my back. I am curious who, but decide it is not important and it feels nice. After awhile the person slides up close to me and appears as a attractive female. A male in the group tells me to watch out as she is notoriously difficult to deal with. She aggressively attempts seduction. Of course engaging in sex is a great way to end your dream (why is that). I also am leery that if these are astral entities and not DCs I did receive a warning and maybe should listen. I decide not to fight her off but instead cover my clothed genitals with my hand and allow her to rub against my hand. The tactile part of this becomes very graphic. Turns out she is hard to deal with and begins insulting me for not complying and is generally mean while still basically assaulting me. There are other scenes but those are the interesting bits.
    7. Spontaneous WILD at Bedtime.

      by , 06-15-2021 at 05:19 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      How rare. Not a WBTB or WILD attempt. At bedtime I did relaxation techniques and a mantra, before I knew it a wonderful WILD happened.
      I am standing outside my father's house (he is deceased) and the lights are off. A narrator lets me know I am a young teen and he said he would be here but is not. It is clear I should be disappointed and angry. I am not as I know it is a dream. I am interested because it might involve seeing my dad and sometimes it feels as if I have contacted his spirit, plus the obvious emotion stuff seems deep. I look around back and observe some garden stuff. When i go back to the front lights are on and I see through a window a scant clad nurse. Now some other half exposed women. I go to the door. Dad comes out. He is drunk. He is bitter at the interruption. He rambles on about stuff. We are all in the car now, mom sis, me, dad. He is being a slobbering blubbering drunk which does not reflect on the last 20 + years of his actual life. He expresses anger at me and even knocks meanly on my head. We stop and are now following him up stairs. It is a hotel lobby and there is a bar. He loudly orders a bottle. I think what ever usefulness this aspect of the dream may have held has played out, so I just turn around and leave.
      My sister and mom and now step dad are following me. Sis wants to talk about it and is crying. She had been yelling during the car part trying to make him stop. mom is falling behind as sis is rushing up some stairs on a hillside in a urban setting. I ask her to hold up so we can keep all the DCs in the scene but she is not concerned. She reaches the top and a helicopter is parked there. the whole area looks dangerous. I talk with her and wonder to her why she was yelling at him to stop. being a dream it was not really him and I had wanted to try and make sense of what he said. I decide this whole thing is no longer interesting and go flying.
      The flying is awesome and it is night time. I land and a car pulls up behind me. It is Judy and the car is full of her kids so I get in. We talk as I watch the car driving and doing some not real stuff on the freeway. I get out in a familiar area of town. I am now in a basement area of an industrial site and her oldest Todd gives me a hug. I do not trust him IRL and now in the dream I assume he has put stuff in my pockets to smuggle for him. I walk off and there are things I dump out of my pockets as I go up the stairs. Guards are in this area and I try to not manifest a scene involving any of the smuggling stuff but a guard comes my way. I decide it is a cute female, and so she is. I suggest we move aside so I can speak quietly. I pull out some pills and tell her she can have them but it will cost a kiss. She kisses me but I stop it from becoming a distraction as there is no quicker path to loosing the dream.
      I move away from there and am still in a dark industrial area. I see a building and the thought tries to happen that bad gang types are coming out the door. Sure enough the thought/shape of a couple bad guys start to form. I summon many Catholic school kids in uniform to come happily out the doors and it disrupts the delinquent thought. Now Todd is back and wants me to join him at a near by restaurant. I am not interested as a Mexican Cafe starts forming so i spider climb up the building. I reach a fenced roof top and relax. I enjoy the textures and looking up at the side of a tall building. Below is scene where I summoned the school kids but only adults dressed casually are still down there. I go for a nice spider climb up the very tall building. Near the top I have to move some gargoyles to get on a balcony and go inside.
      It is an office and some lady tries to give me a box of files and asks me to take them upstairs. I am not interested but she is aggressive about it. I create a corner of the room with other file boxes and assure her this one actually goes with those. I set it with them. She is irritated and follows me. I go up some stairs and it comes out under an overpass. She is still following me. I tell her it is not very realist for them to have a freeway overpass at the top of a sky scrapper I just climbed, chuckling at my own humor.
      I see an open area I get to near the top of the incline so I go there. She is openly angry and summons a monster. Oh yeah?! It is an invisible force that arises full of hostile emotional force and with a feeling of pursuit and snatching jaws. I work my way backwards through the open area. I face the thing as it has real presence but am not terribly interested in having a monster in my dream. I enthusiastically call it a good boy and make conversation like you would with a big puppy. "Oh you are a good monster, so scary, who wants to play? Oh what a good boy!" It becomes a giant rotwiller dog and I keep up the good boy stuff. It does want to play! It doesn't like being mean anyways. We trot along down the street I am now on and find play equipment. We go jumping around playfully. the dog can fly by the way. At this point I can sense my body and clearly have to urinate. I decide to end the dream.
    8. Long Trek

      by , 06-15-2021 at 04:32 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I think I was inspired by MoonAgeDayDreams dream about preparing for a jungle vacation. In a dream I decided to trek to a jungle in a made up place in the jungles of a tropical country. I never really got there despite trying to keep the dream from going off track. I got a couple friends (DCs) together and we walked along a desert hill terrain. We got up on a hill side for the view and I could see back to the ocean where we seem to have started. I knew we started there but it was not part of the actual dream. I considered just popping over to the ocean and swimming, but stayed on task. We had an opportunity to explore some exciting caves but I wanted to make it to the jungle (note: not create it out of thin air or teleport), so we continued. I decided to know that the jungle was at a higher elevation and that just up that valley we would see it. I see a visitor center and a moment later the scene is inside it. A nice big building and I think a scene with a fancy fish tank but I continue on through the back doors onto an observation platform. My friends are gone. I look around. Pretty good scenery but no jungle theme or animals. The dream fails briefly and I loose track of what I wanted to do.
    9. Well, You are a Criminal

      by , 03-05-2021 at 07:29 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am having a basic lucid and am on a familiar street but seem to have lost the car I was just in. I pretend I still have a car and steer my imaginary car down the road until a little orange car swerves over toward me. I place a hand on the car and jump higher than the car. It stops and my aunt is in it with someone else. She says my cousin is in jail and will I lone him $5K so he can be home with his family. I make it very clear to not bring it up again.
      A girl puts her head over the fence behind me. See says she is Trina and I had met her in my last dream when hanging out with that girl. Now that girl shows up. I realize what I took for a DC of a girl from my past was actually the younger daughter, and this was her sister, who I know little about as she has never seemed to talk to me. We talked for a little while.
      Next I am in front of a gas station and some joker puts something in my back and says he will shoot me. I whip around and joke that I will bite his face. I run into a girl from Jiujitsu and she shows me a new studio she helps run in the strip mall. I leave and go to the gas station. It goes back and forth between my cousin being there and him being on the phone. We argue and I refuse to lend him money. He mentions Moses is around I do not want to see Moses. He brings stuff up from a false memory. I walk off and tell him "Yeah? Well you are a criminal."
      I walk away and go past a church when I hear an engine. I assume it will be him in his crappy truck so I walk behind the church. I levitate up off the ground between buildings until the vehicle (dump truck) I try to leave and I am inside the cab of a truck. I get out and am back between the two buildings. I decide to go flying but heavy branches get in my way. I phase through them rather than deal with it. I fly to where I think my body is sleeping (I was wrong). I land in the yard and then open my eyes.
      I am in bed but figure out this is a FA. Despite realizing the FA I ended up actually waking up.
    10. Witch Darts

      by , 03-05-2021 at 07:06 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Me, dad and a girl from my past are sitting around talking about witches locking your soul in crystal. She is carving weapons that look like darts out of calcite. At one point she gets topless and does a sit up. We are clearly dating and there is closeness and such plus one short kiss. A cat outside in real life starts howling and I must incorporate the noise into the dream to avoid waking. I cause a cat to walk inside and say it is in heat and I will pay for the bill if someone will take it to the vet. Thee real cat is a noisy bastard but by putting a howling cat in the dream I did not wake up. The dream went on awhile with the cat noise going on. She started telling people flattering things about me which made me feel good.
    11. Magician got Slapped

      by , 03-04-2021 at 07:08 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      We are in a basement bar and a man comes up dressed like a magician. He wants to challenge us. He pulls out some cards and flourishes them. Suddenly the actor who plays Picard comes up and tells him to knock it off. He turns to a showw girl and tells her to punish him. She slaps the magician twice and hard. Now her and Picard go off to have sex. People are saying he is flexing his social muscle.
    12. Crazy Golf Clubs

      by , 03-04-2021 at 07:02 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Non lucid at first. A beautiful day on a golf course, vivid imagery. Tammi is there and I am talking to her about golf while we have to wait for others to play. When it is my turn a weird scene happens where every club I pull out is wrong in a silly way. The driver has a very large meat tenderizer for its head. I go to swing and someone runs in front of me jokingly acting like they were going before me. I noticed a ball stuck to the side of a tree where no one would have hit it. I see a guy on a green nearby through out a thing that folds out and is like the track for hot wheels and he tapps his ball onto the ramp and raises his end to get the ball in. My alarm interupted the dream here.
    13. Rat Tail Arm

      by , 03-04-2021 at 06:51 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      Laying in bed next to thered head and for some reason I am eating a large cucumber, which she tells me to put away. I lean off the side of the bed and eat it and it is dripping everywhere. She has reached over and i start nibbling on her arm hairs which she thinks is a turn on. Arm morphs into a rat tail so I am lucid because duhh that is not right. I do not look at it and just go about moving up the arm/tail to her neck. The next scene we are at an airport in Denmark and something has happened, false memory reveals that in order to not get in trouble we had to get married and we are hoping a USA judge will be able to annul it.
    14. Feral Underpass Cat

      by , 03-04-2021 at 06:38 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      I am out drinking with my sister and her friends. On our way home we must run one at a time along the side of the freeway while going under an overpass. It is dark. When my turn comes the area is so tight and seems very dangerous. A car is coming, I run but am wrapped in a sheet which are getting caught in my legs. I finally make it and go up the dirt side to a gated access to a irrigation ditch. I will be stuck on this side of gate and do not know where my friends are. I run to the far corner and hide under the sheet, thinking a police might drive by. Some sort of large feral cat is out there and growls then jumps on the sheet. I bat at the sheet and make a weird boar like snorting noise at it. At this point I woke up because my real life body had made the same loud snorting noise.

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    15. Off Road

      by , 03-04-2021 at 06:29 AM (Cities in the Astral)
      In restaurant and mom is mad at step dad about going to strip club. She lectures us both to never go to such places. She goes to use restroom and me and him walk outside. I see areas that are false memories of childhood places. We come back through a building and go back to table. People are complaining about how long the food takes. Tammi is now lecturing me about strip clubs. Now the dream shift to me visiting a friend and his girl who was in fact a stripper back in the day, He trusts me to be alone with her and is leaving. She is going to take me dancing. I can see through the TV screen her getting ready in the other room. I mention it and it turns out cameras are all over the apartment. We go out to her car and she has an amazing telescope in the driveway area. We talked about how she got it. We go on a crazy fun and exciting drive she goes off road along a ridge in a fancy golf course and the scene is so beautiful. Meadows and ponds and flowering trees. She goes completely off road and down a hill side with giant fur trees. Neat detail. We had kind of bounced close to each other and I became a little uncomfortable because I felt some sexuality towards her but that ends when she parks at some location in the forest. She starts talking about things that happened early in the dream but that i barely recalled. We walked a short way and realize we have forgot out shows, so we go back. Dream ends here but I do think this DC reminds me much of the younger daughter and maybe she was visiting-unconfirmed.

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