Hi there!

My name is Mats and I am not completely new to lucid dreaming and decided to take this course because I think it will perfectly blend with my current ADA/mindfulness work and help me reaching my goal of continuous strong self-awareness.
I've got a basic understanding of relaxation and meditation, and currently practice ADA/mindfulnes and Sageous RRCīs. Of my normal RCīs are a part of my day work too. I find meditation really interesting and always admired those tibetian monks being fully aware and peaceful!
I think lucid dreaming is the coolest thing ever and apart from being able to do everything you want and it being as real as WK I am really intrigued by really getting to know your inner self and your subconciousness. I am speechless by everything the brain is capable of and I am also interested in lucid dreaming and muscle memory. I havent experienced Astral Projection, OBEīs or shared dreaming but I am open to those things as well and believe in their existence.

Ill post the exercises I have done, my results and my progress here