Just saw a movie all about dreams: "Dreamscape". It concerns research into dreams (nightmares, in particular), and also the linking of people who are fully awake, into the dreams of others (at first using technology, later on using psychic ability). It also has a thriller/sinister-branch-of-government-doing-evil-stuff theme.

It's not in complete agreement with current understanding of dreams, and it does not make use of the name "lucid dream" (the movie is from 1984). But it does makes use of the concepts of being aware in dreams, and taking control of them. I highly recommend it - especially so, as there are very few movies about dreams. Being from 1984, before moviegoers appearently lost all trace of hearing ability, it also is not littered with mindless explosions and loud noises.

And it has a very sexy Cate Capshaw in it, which doesn't hurt one bit (well, not from my perspective anyway ).

There is a web page (with complete plot outline) at Wikipedia: Dreamscape (1984 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I caught it on Netflix.