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    Thread: Brain to brain interface.

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      Brain to brain interface.

      This article is absolutely phenomenal, supposedly they linked two mice up together which were able to interpret signals from each others brain and use them to solve problems almost like an organic computer Brain-to-brain interface allows transmission of tactile and motor information between rats
      I was thinking about it last night and I was wondering how it would feel to receive new signals like this in a human brain. An even more interesting thing I was thinking about was linking two people up, one who is lucid dreaming and one who awake, could we effectively create a link through which a dreamer could communicate with the outside world? I truly hope research goes into linking up humans, imagine the possibilities. Not that I really understand how it functions but the thought that a dreamer could be connected to an awake person is pretty cool, especially if they could communicate.
      Any thoughts?

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      The difference between this thread and the IS thread is that you actually grasped what the paper was stating instead of jumping to "therefore, TELEPATHY!"
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