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    Thread: Being "genuinely" interested in/curious about somebody, ever felt that way?

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      Being "genuinely" interested in/curious about somebody, ever felt that way?

      Will make it clear now. Curiosity and how it works/why it exists are explained by science, at the same time, using common sense, everybody can find why us humans are curious creatures.

      We are interacting with others, constantly. We ask people if they think free will exists or not, we ask them where they got that awesome hat, we ask them whether they love us/find us attractive or not... This goes on forever. And you might have noticed, questions share that one thing. We benefit from them. We ask, we wonder, become curious so we can learn. We need to discover to stay alive, to get stronger. (Now I'll not go deeper and explain why we need information/learning assuming you already have an idea.)

      Now the question. Do you ever ask trivial questions to others about themselves, out of pure curiosity and not because you want to see if you can become good friends/partners/lovers?

      I wonder why we ask things like "What's your favorite color?" Answers to questions like this won't provide asker any useful information. (Don't tell me we become curious about a friend's favorite color because unconsciously we want to get them the best t-shirt on their birthday)

      Spending time on dv is to learn, philosophical discussion is to learn, to benefit from. Well, most of the time.

      I wonder if questions like "What do you think happens when we die?" and "What's your favorite color?" can be same in nature.

      And I think, maybe this is what love is about. I'm not necessarily talking about romantic kind of love. Any two people can be in love, in tune. In love and infinitely curious, unexplainably passionate about discovering eachother.

      This possibility, it just blows my mind, people.
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      "This possibility, this just blows my mind, people."

      Me when reading that:

      Why is that so fascinating? I'm curious about 2 of my friends that are a couple, and hopefully in love, because I care for their well-being, and it makes me happy to know that they're doing well. This still benefits me though, not because it's useful information, but because it makes me happy. But this touches upon the term enlightened selfishness, so even when you basically sacrifice your life to make the world a better place, you're still doing it to live a more fullfilling life. But I think that this misses the point. Yes, it makes you happy, but it makes you happy BECAUSE SOMEBODY ELSE IS HAPPY. To call a good person "enlightedly selfish" downplays the fact that they really are a good person! It takes away the fact that somebody is truly doing something noble. I'm being a bit childish/petty, but I don't care.

      I voted "yes", because I think that the word benefit can refer to a selfish and unselfish thing. 1 Is gaining info, and the other is to feel happy about somebody's well-being. It may be true that we evolved to feel happy for other people, because caring for others in the group was almost always important for our own survival, but I don't care. The fact that this mechanism evolved for purely selfish reasons, to survive and pass on genes, doesn't mean that it's selfish now. If a weapon was designed for evil purposes, let's say for killing innocent people, and you happen to get that weapon, does that mean you can't use it for good? NO!

      "And you might have noticed, questions share that one thing." And you might have noticed that these questions share that one thing. Or.. And as you might have noticed, these questions share that one thing.

      "Do you ever ask trivial questions to others" You ask people questions, you don't ask questions to people. Does the following sentence make sense? "Can I ask a question to you?"

      "I'm not necessarily talking about romantic kind of love." I'm not necessarily talking about a romantic kind of love.

      "Answers to questions like this won't provide asker" Answers to questions like this won't provide the asker

      "can be same in nature. " can be the same --- is what my gut tells me, but I looked around for about 10 minutes and I couldn't understand anything because people were using these terms: noun phrase, definite article, noun, adverb, pronoun, adjective. Blehhhhh! Unfortunately, you'll have to trust my gut feeling xD

      "This language barrier of mine, I wish I could speak my mind..." No, that's incorrect. It should be this: This language barrier of mine, it doesn't stop me from speaking my mind. I would even say that I'm quite eloquent.

      I'll soon go to bed and I might miss your reply, so dear figurefly... I'll wish you a good night Here it goes: "good night figurefly"
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      I ask my nephew(who is like 5 currently) random things some times, just to see what his answers are. It is partly because I want to help him be able to ask questions himself better in the future, but also I am just curious some times as to what he is thinking. He is a little kid so clearly has a much different perspective of things that adults do, so is just interesting to see what he says. The questions I ask are usually pretty trivial things.

      Ironically enough, today he asked me what my favorite color was, which I am pretty sure he already knew or had an idea of, but he asked anyway just to confirm in. A question like that is obviously an entirely pointless question, since it isn't like we are never going to talk again if we are not compatible as friends, and a five year old isn't going to be buying me a gift or anything. I am pretty sure in his case it was just random curiosity.

      I don't think it is really about love, though love could be a reason why you ask questions to learn about someone. People are social animals, so some times we are just curious at things about other people we meet.
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