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      Grab life by the antlers
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      Oh that movie, Elizabethtown.. I loved it so much THANK YOU!!!

      And Paula Deen was in it. She's a popular chef you know.
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      where you been biaaeeerrtch??
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      Hey, how's it going?

      Apologies, I just received notification that my inbox was full (I've sorted it out now ), but I'm afraid I didn't receive your last message =(
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      [17:07] <ginsan> bye gab
      [17:08] <ginsan> good rest of your day
      [17:08] == ginsan [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
      [17:11] <@gab> ohhh bye ginsansan
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      omg ginsan! reading the chat just now "[14:50] <mrpriority> Yeah, I've also never been a dragon. Or anything other than human" reminded my of onother dream I had las t night. Remember our convo and video about birds? So last night I thought I should morph into some animal and I chose bald eagle and I mophed into it. After I morphed back, still in a dream I thought "man, i gotta tell ginsan about this" !!! Whoa, my first morph, not even lucid. Thanks, man. I'm just glad it wasn't the snake we also talked about.
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      Yeah, the secks is distracting.

      Oh, I see. Then I won't wait for the rent.
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      Do not worry. As a fellow samurai, I can understand. Your post isn't too long, your soul is just too strong. A samurai's post is more than words after all.

      Sounds like you and gintama have been through alot. I'd gladly talk about it more but it sounds like that will be detrimental to your lucid life.

      Thank your signature. Wouldn't have known otherwise.

      I won't hold my breath. I'm not some old hag grandma who's still waiting for rent But how is your lucid life going? Is there straciatella ice cream in it? Are there gintokis with cheesing smiles? Then again, who needs gintoki for that.
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      Make a thread when you get gintoki as a dream guide. I don't think I'll need to watch gintama for awhile if that happens.
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    Red is her name

    by Ginsan on 10-17-2016 at 03:03 PM
    (the title comes from the second lucid dream)

    LD 1: I was flying around in the parking lot/middle area of a place of appartments, with a building of apparatments to my left and right and I was flying up to a window and entering? I also had a part with going around a neighborhood entering houses or just walking around with friends. There was also something with a giant pokémon I summoned and it was fighting someone else's, it was video game like.

    LD2: I'm in a gym's changing room, there are 2 or 3 girls there and I wonder if it's the right room, but it's the boy' room so I just assume they are in the wrong room. So I act cool and change. My nephew(s) and brother is also there with me, they flirt with the girl(s) or she/they flirt(s) with them. They fail xD I'm still acting cool, not interested in flirting with random girls. Then somehow I and a red-haired girl get a long and I don't remember what happened, but we are lovers suddenly. And in bed, not in a gym changing room. We are kissing and cuddling and all sweet and lovely = ) This goodness lasts at least 5 minutes She says she is 50 years old and at first I say or think it doesn't matter then I say that's ridiculous, the way you look, and we laugh together. Even now (at 4PM) I very vaguely remember what she looked like, she had a slightly prominent bone structure (face) and pale skin with slightly colored cheeks, blue + slightly green eyes of medium size. I dont remember the length of her hair but it was straight and not voluminous but at least slightly past shoulder length and the color was orangy red, not deep dark red. And she was beautiful.

    (still LD2) And near the end I thought of telling her it is a dream and I was wondering how to say it and I also thought of this DJ and of the title "Red is her name" but it ended and I didn't get the chance. I don't remember at which point I became lucid, and I know I was only vaguely aware that I was dreaming. But I wouldn't have cared anyway because it was so nice with her it was worth losing awareness :)

    When I woke up, I said the first dream was ~15 minutes and the second one 10-15, but I remembered only like a total of 30 seconds scattered over parts of the 1st one and the second one I remember about half I think. Actually the first one I didn't remember at all at first and after practicing mindfulness for a few minutes it came back to me slowly (pretty cool huh, this is how I remember dreams).

    Notes to self: Now that my sleep schedule is somewhat solid, or solid enough, I can try sleeping a little earlier and occasionally sleep 30-60 minutes longer if I wake up earlier and this way get some cool extra lucid dreaming time. It would be cool to have better recall and for that I can do WBTBs, which doubled (possibly more) my recall, but it can mess up my rythm so I can do this later and for now I'll try to do it only by journaling and trying to remember details every morning (if I wake up in time).

    Updated 10-17-2016 at 03:15 PM by Ginsan


    Competition day 1

    by Ginsan on 10-15-2016 at 09:57 PM
    The first part I won't say here, but after a minute I was kissing a girl. It was foggy and dark and her face and hair color changed and I pushed her away from me, I was a little creeped out or repulsed and went away, flew. Then I remembered and told myself (so I'd remember after waking up) that I had had a lucid dream before this one and that I also vaguely remember having a third one that night. Oh and I went outside, trying to make the dream more vivid through commands or will-power but I don't remember if it worked.

    And I had a non-lucid dream I remember the best part most vividly. Me and a girl in class were doing some math problem and as we were working on it, we happened to be close with our heads because we were writing or looking in the notebook and it was kinda warm-ish. Then we moved closer I think or we moved our heads more sideways so we'd touch heads more and then she was just leaning her head on my shoulder or pushing her hair into my face and I was a little shy and was just sitting there enjoying her warmth. (What the hell was I thinking not doing a reality check xD There's no way this would happen at school) She had long straight blond hair and I don't remember her face (I rarely register faces), I think she had blue clothes over her upper body.

    Unfortunately I didn't remember the 2nd lucid dream nor the third. My recall is pretty bad unfortunately. But I'm struggling to wake and sleep in time for school and it's a big change for me since I've had an even lazier life before I started college so it's okay. I think I'm slowly adjusting and soon I can make time for remembering dreams and occasionally sneaking in some extra juicy morning dreams :)

    Little hamster

    by Ginsan on 03-22-2016 at 10:11 PM
    The last few seconds of the night I was petting a little white hamster on its belly. It was either completely white or had a bit of light brown on its back. It was somebody else's hamster and the person was beside me. The hamster spread its arms and legs as I rubbed my finger on its belly and made a face (and maybe sounds too) and it was warm.

    And now all day I'm thinking about getting a pet rat once I live on my own and have more money. Which will be soon. Why not a hamster? Rats are much more intelligent. Ferrets look and move cuter and are bigger so they'd be nicer to cuddle, but they live ~7 years and rats only live 2-3 years so there's a smaller chance of me not wanting to live with it anymore and being faced with a dilemma. Ofcourse as a lucid dreamer of some skill, I can have a good time with animals in lucid dreams :)

    miniature people (lucid)

    by Ginsan on 02-18-2016 at 04:21 AM
    [URL="http://imgur.com/a/GHDWh"]nr 10 and 11[/URL] (2 a5 sized entries on an a4 sized paper)

    nr10 is lucid, nr 11 nonlucid

    about nr10: the dream characters were more elaborate than usual and felt almost like real people. at one point i could force a girl (non physically, i have some control over the actions of dcs, if i want them to want me, they will) to want to have sex with me but i didnt because she seemed reluctant initially, because i wouldnt feel good about it. at some point i told a guy that this is a dream and that i am dreaming right now. i asked him if he dreams and he said i was crazy and superstitious (or religious). later on i used powers to light lamps and looked for people to give dream powers so they could be of more help (we were in a survival type situation in a warehouse and had to work together) and i was looking for a responsible person. (this goal was forgotten moments later) i also thought of asking a girl if she could listen to me summarizing my dream so i can remember it better when i wake up and said "hey.. can i ask you something?" and there the dream ended.

    pretty cool.

    edit: this past week ive actually been getting lucid once a day on average. yes. holy crap thats amazing. yay for nose plug rcs and counting down from 100 thinking "lucid dreaming" on every count. now the next huge step is to learn how to prolong dreams. if i can do that... its happening! its finally happening = D

    according to laberge: rubbing and spinning are effective
    yell clarity

    Updated 02-18-2016 at 08:23 AM by Ginsan

    lucid , memorable , side notes

    invading castle, freefalling (lucids)

    by Ginsan on 02-17-2016 at 04:57 AM
    [URL="http://imgur.com/a/rnSaI"]paper 9[/URL]

    2 A5-sized entries on 1 A4 page

    i also had the nightmare with my mom in which i couldnt tell whether i was dreaming or not. i looked at my phone and did the nose plug but detected nothing strange. i wasnt very clear minded.