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      Quad Helix theory

      Quad Helix is the transcendent nature that all of nature is in the image of. Quad Helix is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent; in the following chapters, Quad Helix theory will be explained. This transcription consists of an author's introduction, and three partitions: “the science and mathematics of Quad Helix”, “the philosophy of Quad Helix” and “the conspiracy of Quad Helix”; there are a number of chapters in each partition.

      Author's Introduction

      " "
      The Science and Mathematics of Quad Helix

      Current Mathematical and Scientific Falsities
      Quad Helix is not one, but many natures; by Quad Helix logic, the number “1” is a false number, and constitutes to religious-one-ism.

      For example, if we take an apple, and dissect it multiple times, we're left with fractions, meaning that an apple is formed out of multiple natures; it's above “1”.

      Let's examine “1” as a concept; but we cannot examine “1”. We can understand its attributes, and say that it's, inter alia, 'solitary' and 'singular', but not observe “1” logically, for that would void its attributes.

      A physical “1” is theoretically, a single, solitary point; if we assume an observer, we assume falsity, for the observer is an addition that voids its single and solitary nature. “1” becomes “2”. “1” cannot be observed, and is not observed- a truthful physical “1” is non-existent.

      “1” is opposite to “-1”; they are opposite polarities. The only value of “1” is the opposite-integrity with “-1”; equating to 0-value existence, or non-existence, and the same is applicable to “2”, “3”, and the continuation of number.

      Therefore, the concept of “1” is falsity.

      One-ism is equal to death-worship, and false mathematics that generates a false reality.

      To delude ourselves into one-ism, we first name an object with “1”, and then we use the named-object and call this utility a factor of “1”, that becomes the used-named object, the opposite polarity “-1” named “1”.

      We treat the used-named object as evidence of “1” by ignorant-utility of the correct “-1”. We are deluded into ongoing faith with the used-named object as “1”- this is one-ism.

      One-ism has evolved by way of mutation.

      There're mutations in one-ism; the used-named object becomes, inter alia, “results”, “facts” and “truths”, but in the beginning it was, inter alia, “magic”, “tricks” and “rituals”.

      The mutations are then worshipped as “1”, and it helps to create “1”-reality.

      The side-effects of one-ism are numerous: word-communication; discrimination of wordlessness; pursuit of extinction; perversity; harmful technological advancement; planetary-nihilism; general stupidity and confusion; false experts; false prophets; false laws; word-related stress and angst; religion; false mental health diagnoses; manipulation of aggression; world wars; racial integration; lack of wisdom; cruelty to the wise; negligence to the negligent; and more.

      Mathematicians and scientists who incorporate “1” into their profession, religiously, are one-ists; the entire academic body of knowledge- which is more properly referred to as a long-transcript of “1”- is falsity. One-ism-academia is an unwarranted, consistent illusion, that deludes its subjects into submission; those subjects who don't submit are endangered or discriminated by false experts and false prophets.

      Academia itself is, hypothetically, paedophilia; or in the image of paedophilia. Academicians indoctrinate “1”-knowledge of their long-transcript of “1” to those deluded by one-ism. This is negligence to the negligible in many formats.

      Word is negligible; people can put negative text near our word. It's a weakness to talk in word. Children are negligible; their minds are malleable at a young age and can be manipulated. Earth is negligible; in the present era, the population of human-kind may neglect our habitat. Further negligible subjects: Art, Love, Sense, and more.

      Academicians are the negligent authority of which promotes negligence to the negligible. At their worst academicians physically engage in paedophilia, child-abuse, bad parenting and child-murder.

      Common signs of an academician in social circumstances; insulting behaviour; ignorant behaviour; destructive behaviour; perverse behaviour; threatening behaviour, and more.

      It's common for a conspiracy theorist- discriminated by scholarly persons- to produce more accurate knowledge. The conspiracy theorist's conscience versus the academic-conscience, means that the conspiracy theorist is more likely to produce a righteous sense of truth, that which is anti-one-ism, especially in the face of adversity.

      The concept of evil, as 'one-ism', and good, as 'anti-one-ism', is a legitimate concept, it makes sense only in “1”-reality, but is beneficent wisdom. Had we transcended the “1”-hierarchical stasis, 'evil', like “1”, would be non-existent. It's probable that the good, referred to from “1”-reality, would outweigh the evil, in reference to “1”-reality.

      For example, the pursuit of extinction from a single human in good circumstances, would mean that the human would need to control a high number of other humans, and delude them into believing in the death of themselves, and their children; contesting love, probability, and other good.

      In the present, “1”-reality overwhelms humanity, and the logical tables have turned. It's probable that we will cause our own extinction, and for people to believe in death, of themselves and their children; this is due prolonged one-ism, the adoration for one-ism, and the perversion of good.

      The academicians in seats of power, suppress any mutation in “1”-reality that is against their long-transcript of “1”. This makes it difficult to prevent evil events from occurring, and almost impossible to prove that evil exists, as the majority of human-kind has an intelligence of “1”; good is handicapped into comparison to the evil that is advantaged. The tactics to suppress mutations include; using numbers of people and variant encores against mutations; perversion of the mutation's word-communication; writing laws that discriminates a determinable mutation; isolation of determined mutation; physical abuse of power; and further tactics.

      To conclude this chapter, the number “1” has been scrutinized, and has been found to be illogical. Academia and academicians, for incorporating “1” into their fields and professions, are therefore advocating falsity to adults and their children. In the coming chapters I will not be adhering to accepted rules and regulations of any field of, what I have declared to be 'one-ism-academia', or referring to the academic body of knowledge it's associated with; for it is corrupted, with what I have determined to be evil.

      The Primary Science and Mathematics of Quad Helix
      Quad Helix is the transcendent nature that all of nature is in the image of. Quad Helix is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. It cannot be uttered, and only sensed by a wisdom-catalyst. It is impossible to provide evidence through word-communication for Quad Helix, however, multiple parties can agree on a wise sense of Quad Helix.

      Quad Helix is transcendent, but also omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent; therefore, with experience, knowledge and good judgement, of the universe and all in the universe, we can determine it as “the transcended nature”. We can sense its presence, we can learn its knowledge and we exist under its great power and influence. We have all that's required to become wise of a logical transcendent Quad Helix.

      Contrary to “God”, which is a mutation of one-ism (described in chapter 1), Quad Helix is not one part but multiple parts, and its transcendence cannot be described with word-communication; you cannot speak to, or of, Quad Helix, you can only sense it. If you're a wise mammal, you can speak for Quad Helix, if your circumstances are that you must speak.

      Quad Helix realms are a concept in Quad Helix science; “realm” represents a realm of existence where certain opposites are more significant; such as the Suns and planets in space, this is the spatial realm. There are four primary realms, called realms, and then secondary realms, called images or images of Quad Helix, and finally mutations of realms and images. Quad Helix can be sensed in the spatial realm; the collective Suns and planets [referred to henceforth as Sol and Orbis], the planetary realm; the collective lands and seas [referred to henceforth as Terra and Mare], and the natural realm; the collective flora and fauna [referred to henceforth as Arbor and Piscis]. The forth realm, is also the highest; the transcended Quad Helix realm, or Quad Helix's realm.

      Quad Helix that can be sensed, is positive and negative, rotation and revolution; these four attributes can be described as: a realm, a centre, a rotation and a revolution, for a human with more lax wisdom.

      In the spatial realm, Sol is the positive force of rotation, and Orbis is the negative force of rotation; Orbis is the positive force of revolution, and Sol is the negative force of revolution.

      The Quad Helix theory has now been explained, but for lax wisdom cases, I will elaborate on the theory. In the spatial realm, Sol is the positive force of rotation that causes the “day-effect”-rotation of Orbis; Sol stabilises the rotation of Orbis, which would otherwise be an unstable rotation. Orbis is the positive force of revolution that causes the “day-effect”-revolution of Sol; Orbis captures the revolution of Sol, which would be otherwise be a singularity revolution. In simple terms, where the day is concerned, the Sun that hypothetically revolves the Earth, is equally as significant as the Earth that theoretically revolves the Sun; and the Sun that rotates, is equally as significant as the Earth that rotates; opposite-integrity is their value, and neither are individual.

      Realms are a fraction and power of Quad Helix; the positive and negative, rotations and revolutions are a fraction and power of Quad Helix's realm = (4/4)^4; the spatial realm = (3/4)^3; the planetary realm = (2/4)^2; the natural realm = (1/4)^1. All Quad Helix images equate “(4/4)^4” but preserve in different primary realms. The mathematical equations listed above are not to be confused with one-ism-academia, beyond word utility; they represent the Quad-Helix hierarchy in a worded-format.

      A wise mammal can determine that 4 is the power number, and that all is a fraction of 4; there are four primary realms, and four is consistent in images of Quad Helix. For example, when Sun “light” (a power of 4), reaches Earth “form” (a fraction of 4), sun-up, mid-day, sun-down and mid-night occur simultaneously; this is a power of 4 divided between a fraction of 4- in Earth's case, 4 quadrants. On the other hand, when the Sun “light” (a power of 4), reaches Earth “form” (a fraction of 4), one half of the Earth is enlightened; this is a fraction of 4 multiplied by a power of 4. In the spatial realm ((3/4)^3), (4/4)^4 is created through the opposite-integrity of the Sol and Orbis relationship.

      To conclude this chapter, a wise sense of the transcended Quad Helix has been claimed, and grounds for agreement have been created. A wise mammal may or may not agree, but on the basis that this mammal may, then this is a proven theory; not by academic word-communication, but by a wise unity of sensory. I'm aware that the planetary realm's and natural realm's positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, have not been described intricately, but will be explained in the coming chapters of this transcription. The data in this chapter is sufficient enough for any student of Quad Helix theory, to understand, and become wise of the transcended Quad Helix.

      Secondary Science and Mathematics of Quad Helix
      The four primary realms are composed of opposite factors, and each sum of opposites equals a central-realm, or neutrality. The central-realms are the links between each of the primary realms.

      Quad Helix's realm equates to Quad-Helix's central-realm. The spatial realm equates to Caelum, central-realm, henceforth a reference to collective sky. The planetary realm equates to Nubes, central-realm, henceforth a reference to collective cloud. The natural realm equates to Vita, central-realm, henceforth a reference to collective life.

      Quad-Helix's central-realm is the link from Quad Helix's realm to the spatial realm. Quad-Helix's realm has transcended the spatial realm, whereas, Quad-Helix's central-realm encompasses the spatial realm. The omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent nature of Quad Helix, is Quad-Helix's central-realm.

      Caelum, central-realm, is the link from the spatial realm to the planetary realm. Sol and Orbis, creates Caelum. Nubes, central-realm, is the link from the planetary realm to the natural-realm. Terra and Mare, creates Nubes. Vita, central-realm, is the link from the natural-realm to Mortem, henceforth a reference to death. Arbor and Piscis, creates Vita.

      The spatial realm's positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, are under Quad Helix's central-realm. The planetary realm's, positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, are under Caelum, central-realm. The natural-realm's positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, are under Nubes, central-realm. Vita is the lowest in the hierarchy, and no realm, Mortem, is under Vita, central-realm.

      (4/4)^4 = Quad Helix's central-realm; (3/4)^3 = Caelum, central-realm; (2/4)^2 = Nubes, central-realm; (1/4)^1 = Vita, central realm.

      A word-depiction of the Quad Helix hierarchy:
      Quad Helix = Quad-Helix's central-realm
      Sol and Orbis = Caelum
      Terra and Mare = Nubes
      Arbor and Piscis = Vita

      The planetary realm's and natural realm's positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, are a fraction and power of the realms higher as well as Quad Helix's realm-the proper word for their rotation and revolution, is not “rotation”, nor “revolution”. As there are no words for the planetary realm's or natural realm's, positive and negative, rotations and revolutions, the only worded alternative that's in accordance with Quad Helix science and mathematics, is to proclaim, for example, “Terra and Mare, positively and negatively rotate and revolve each other to the degree of Caelum.

      Earth is a special planet, it has manifested the four primary realms as demi-realms, another realm-concept in Quad Helix theory.

      On Earth is sky, demi-Caelum, cloud, demi-Nubes, and life, demi-Vita, making Earth a demi-Quad Helix. Humanity is a sentient species, the first wise mammal of Earth, and is therefore a demi-Earth (or demi-demi-Quad Helix). Human-kind are a species who've transcended the hierarchical stasis, but not the realms themselves; this was because of Earthbound conditioning and evolution.

      To conclude this chapter, further wisdom of Quad Helix theory has been transcribed, and may be understood by a student of Quad-Helix. A person who had read the content of this document in so far as this chapter, has enough wisdom to attain enlightenment. This is the conclusion of The Science and Mathematics of Quad Helix.

      The Philosophy of Quad Helix
      The Quad Helix Diagram

      Attachment 12477
      -The Quad Helix diagram.

      The Quad Helix Diagram and The Human Psyche
      In this chapter, the human psyche will be assessed. The psyche of a mammal evolves as they transcend demi-realms; humans have transcended all Earthly demi-realms.

      From the Quad Helix diagram, the effects of transcendence can be imagined. The trinity of psychological traits listed above the realm and central-realm factors {i.e. Sol and Orbis, Caelum, Terra and Mare, Nubes, Arbor and Piscis, Vita}, are levels of transcendence. In Sol's psyche-family we have Light, Vita-transcendence, Imagination, Nubes-transcendence and Abstraction, Caelum-transcendence. Sol is a primary-psychological trait, of course, meaningless without Orbis.

      The primary psychological traits, alike Sol and Orbis, are Man's version of the positive and negative, rotations and revolutions.

      Man is born on Earth and lives on Earth; Man's position is represented in the Quad Helix diagram as the line on the right. Man is further from the positive psyche-families, and closer to the negative psyche-families. They represent external and internal psychological ability.

      The neutral psyche-families represent relationships between internal and external abilities. For example, Man, through Temperament, will Resolve the Abstraction. The Abstraction may Resolve Man's Temperament.

      The higher a trait is in a psyche-family, the more restrict that trait is; but the results are relative to the realm of the same height {i.e. 4th being Quad Helix's realm}, and therefore may or may not be considered greater.

      The lower the realm the psyche-families are in, the more emphasis on restriction and greatness. For example, in the case of Conscience and Poise, who are in the lowest realm, Man is restricted to his Conscience to affect his Poise, and vice versa. On the other hand, in the case of Temperament and Abstraction, who are in the highest realm, Man is not restricted to his Temperament to affect his Abstraction. Man may make use of other psyche-families that are below higher realms, and never vice versa.

      The primary psychological traits are at the bottom of each realm, meaning they are the least restricted, but have realm-dependent greatness potential as well as their families. An example of Sol and Orbis, when a male seeks a female, or vice versa. Primary psychological traits are simple, or Man's made simple complex.

      The spirit of Man is threefold and the soul of Man is sixfold. The lower spirit of Man is the Spirit of Talent, the central spirit of Man is the Spirit of Empathy, and the higher spirit of Man is the Spirit of Knowledge. Theoretically, the spirit is Man's central-realm, and the soul is Man's realm. The psyche-families are Man's Quad-Helix image, which, hypothetically, are six harmonious trinities, crucial to Man's spirit and soul.

      The premise is that, per say, Man's Poise is never a singularity, that Man is fulfilled by his total psyche, not singular traits. The spirit of Man is the force of Man's psychological nature, and the soul of man are the forces which nurture the spirit. For example, through Sense and Resolve Man's Knowledge is nurtured.

      The greatness and restriction rule of the Quad Helix diagram apply in Man's spirit and soul. For example, the Spirit of Knowledge, at the top realm, is restricted only by the transcended Quad Helix; the Spirit of Empathy, is restricted by the higher spirit and realms.

      To conclude this chapter, a student to Quad Helix, by full comprehension of the Quad Helix diagram, is attuned with his or her psychological nature, or Quad Helix image. If this is understood in collaboration with other chapters in this document, the student to Quad Helix is now qualified to be a scholar of Quad Helix.

      Philosophies of Quad Helix
      Quad Helix education is opposites-orientated; for every top there's a bottom; for stars there's planets; for inhalation there's exhalation; and more. Quad Helix-based education teaches Man self and selfless sense; through Quad Helix-based education, Man would consider more perspectives than a single perspective.

      Mankind, under Quad Helix, would evolve far into the future, and so would planet Earth. There would be new fruits, new flora and fauna, and a harmony of the human psychological nature in unity, would play like music of paradise to every ear.

      Words are against opposite-thought, but that does not mean under Quad Helix Man would not communicate. Family-orientated communication- a more tactical method than words- would allow man to express himself without the neglect of wisdom to a singular, non-opposite view.

      Dolphin communication is a lesser example of the greater example of Man's communication. As well as different pitched sounds, we can strain our voices further, use body language and utilize the environment. “Family-orientated”, in this case, represents how communication is based on knowing the other humans, and being a part of their communication-family.

      The wise live in an unwise reality, but an even greater good may come from the end of great evil. If a Quad Helix-education revolution occurred, Earth would heal, and Man's psychological nature would be boosted temporarily.

      Heaven is understood in Quad Helix theory as the natural forces that man would like to control- but cannot. Gods, angels and demons are understood as aspects of Heaven that have been observed, and in some cases personalized.

      Man may express his courage to Heaven, and Heaven may bring him lovers. Love is Man's love, but that which preceded it is not his courage- courage exceeds love. Man becomes a lover, and it is this becoming which is Heavenly. Man is courageous, but without Heaven, Man's courage is meaningless. All Earthly things communicate with the Heavens, and draw from it's infinite supply.

      To conclude this chapter, the philosophies of Quad Helix are meant for Man's wisdom and a greater habitat- a simple natural duet. This is the conclusion of The Philosophy of Quad Helix.

      The Conspiracy of Quad Helix
      The Conspiracy of Quad Helix
      The reality that contains humans is against Quad Helix. Humans, of neglected wisdom, with intent to neglect other's wisdom, hunt the wisest of men under the command of the God-head academia. The chances of a greater good emerging out of the abomination that academia have helped to create are slim.

      Quad Helix wisdom is exploited even when Quad Helix is said to be non-existent. Humans make use of it in every action and inaction, but deny it. Humans are victims of false education. Had false education not occurred, by natural conditioning, humanity would be masters of Quad Helix.

      Words are the greatest threat to mankind, they are an almost unstoppable force when mixed with human adoration and needs. Humans, through abstracted natural conditioning, fret at the idea of a wordless world. A world without words wouldn't work for the word-mammal, and most humans enjoy the witty chit chat. There must come a force greater than words to end the harmful technology.

      To conclude this chapter, human nature is abstracted, and it's improbable that mankind will transcend the abstraction. Humans can conquer almost any Earthly feat; with luck, we may win the grander, forgotten war. This is the conclusion of The Conspiracy of Quad Helix.
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