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    Thread: A little nuanciation on intro/extroversion

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      A little nuanciation on intro/extroversion

      General consensus among people is that an introvert is always alone and that an extrovert is always with people. False. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here is why

      The act of introversion can actually be done in a social setting by taking words into the context of your own introverted thought world without consideration of the person behind the words. You can see now that it is possible to be completely introverted while seemingly socializing. If you then go on to react based on your own thoughts without the consideration of the person you are talking to you are still not doing extroversion. If then you gauge one's reaction as an indicator to validate/invalidate your beliefs. Then you are still only working with youre own beliefs. It is still introversion. Therefore it is possible to be actually become more introverted when talking to a lot of people. And get into dangerous territory doing it. A lot of psychotic people do this.

      You can't really be extroverted without coming into contact with other people. But actually in soltitude is where a lot of extroversion is going to take place. The poet actively works in the imagination of other people. And it takes a bit of quietude to get the job right. Being alone is a marvelous situation to be in to really take into consideration the minds and thoughts of other people. So you see that the average perspective considering what is introvert and an extrovert isn't all that accurate. Now that doesn't mean one who is alone can not become introverted in his thoughts. But it requires a little bit of lucidity and dexterity in thoughts to catch yourself being introverted.

      Take it or leave it guys
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