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    Thread: I Want To Change

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      I Want To Change

      I'm so sick and tired of being a super skinny, mildly underweight girl. It's hard for me to gain weight when I have such a high metabolism AND I have a physically demanding job, which tends to make me 10 lbs thinner than without a job. I'm 5'10 and about 122 lbs. I keep worrying about how skinny I am. I want to look and feel healthy and fit (perhaps even muscular).

      Any tips? Ideas? Good resources?
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      You could try to add some coconut oil in your cooking, or some olive oil. Walnuts is also a excellent source for some good calories. If you really want to gain weight and be sure to really do so, then just gooogle calorie calculator. And you should be able to figure out how many calories a day your body consumes. Once you figured out that number, then just add about 300-400 kcal on top of that. Give it a good month, and you will gain in weight. If you start to working out aswell, and want to look healty. Then dont start out with running on a treadmill like 90% of all girls seem to do. Try to do some body exercises that actually build muscles for real. By doing push ups, squats, chins, dips, you name it. I have heard that some girls are almost afraid of lifting heavy wieghts, because they are afraid to be gaining to much muscles. So that probably explains why alot of girls that do lift some wights, are lifting the easiest weights they can find (By judging from their face expression). There is however no need what so ever, to be afraid to gain muscles. Because it doesnt add up as fast and effortlessly as fat does unfortunetly.. I feel like I almost got off topic for a while here now, so to summarize all this a bit. Look for easy calories that you could add to your meals. Like different kind of oils as I mentioned above, nutts are also a good calorie source. That is atleast my top favorite sources to build a diet for higer kcal. It is ofcourse a option to eat a lot of junk food and candy, but even if that will make anyone gain easy weight. It will obviously not do any good for the rest of the body internaly, so I would not recommend anyone to gain wight that way. Learn how to perform any excersice and its movement correct by someone well experienced before you do any serious attempts to incorporate any of it into your daily life routines. Well I think that's it for now. Good luck with that wight gain!
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      Be glad you are not fat. Of course too skinny is not good either but my mother is skinny as well and when compared to her same age persons she is much more healthy.
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      ^^^^What he said. Absent some extreme height/weight disparity (and 5'10 and 122 isn't extreme for a woman) or bona fide eating disorder, thin is generally quite healthy, and health is wealth! They used to tease me relentlessly in high school 'cause I was so skinny. Now that I'm in my 60's and 6' 0" and 190 lbs, I wish I could be back to 6 foot and 158!!! Trust me...like it or not, as you age you WILL put on weight.
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