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    1. Lucid #22. Two Sorority Sisters in a House

      by , 09-09-2016 at 11:51 PM
      September 8, 2016: I am unloading pre-cut as well as uncut stone pavers from the side door of a huge delivery truck. I repeatedly and tediously carry them down a lane bordered on my left by a brick retaining wall which stands about nipple high. After walking about 60 - 75 feet, I rest the arm-load of pavers on the wall before trying (with great effort) to reach down over the wall to hand them off to a young black man who is standing in a ditch on the other side of the wall. He needs to stretch up as hard as he can to take the "hand-off" of the paving stones. I repeat this action about three or four times, walking back and forth to the truck each time for a new load when it dawns on me to float-fly in each direction to speed things up. I come to this "labor and time saving decision" right after handing off the forth load, so my hands/arms are empty. As I float-fly back to the truck it hits me. FUCK ME!!! I'm flying! I must be dreaming! WOW, two nights in a row!!!

      I immediately abandon the notion of flying back to the truck and fly instead on the far side of the retaining wall and follow the ditch to see where all the stone is being put - principally out of curiosity and because I have no other plan for this lucid dream - having been caught by surprise. I come upon a house that looks like a cross between the White House and your average colonial home. Very upscale and nice. I enter (in the normal way) through the front door and wander around. Most rooms are entirely empty of furniture and initially encounter no dream characters whatsoever. In fact, the house gives the impression that it is an unoccupied new construction. I'm just about ready to leave to find something fun or interesting to do and discover I'm a bit confused as to how to find the door out (or any door for that matter) when I enter a room with two college age women sitting cross legged on a wooden floor - no rug or chair.

      I say hello and they actually introduce themselves to me by name! They are pretty and smart, and my first thought is that they could be sorority sister pledges and maybe this home is going to be a sorority house - or perhaps I'm on a college campus. Both girls are fully and fashionably clothed, and far too smart and aloof to try and coax to do anything sexual...besides, one I could handle, but two?? Wouldn't know where to start, and they just aren't "that kind" of girl. So, I ask them to please indicate a way out or to please escort me out of the house. Neither gets up, but they each start to talk over the other giving me directions. I thank them, but the conflicting and confusing instructions fail to get me to an exterior door. I start to feel trapped and frustrated - and I wake.

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    2. Lucidly flying in front of my daughter

      by , 09-07-2016 at 12:53 PM
      LUCID DREAM #21

      September 7, 2016: I am test flying (indoors) a small (~30cm) yellow and black radio-controlled model jet. After tossing it into the air and flying it in the tight constraints of the room, it goes to ground gently out of sight between a couch and the adjacent wall. It was difficult to see behind the couch to perform the retrieval, so I float-fly above the couch to see where it has landed. WAIT!? I'm FLYING! I'm dreaming! WooHoo!

      Never once gave a thought to any of the TOTM's. I immediately start flying around the room which looks like a cross between our current living room and basement. As I fly I’m looking for an exit to the house. I fly down a short hall to the foyer of our front door and find a screen door that leads to the outside, which is day-lit and looks like a pleasant fall day. I try to pass directly through the screen. I "KNOW" I can - this is just a dream screen...but NOPE…I bang into it as if it were real. The sensation of my shoulder hitting the screen (with more than a little conviction and therefore “force”) is utterly real. Having failed to phase through the screen I open the door latch with ease, not willing to waste lucid time or effort on such a mundane and possibly fruitless task as phasing through a screen door.

      Outside, I spot A. (perfectly rendered as she exists today) and (later) her best friend A. S. - less accurately depicted but still recognizable. Our daughter A. is standing on the walk leading to the front door of our current home.

      I fly above our A. at about 50 feet altitude and look down at her, optimally positioning myself in front of her at about a forty-five degree angle. I call and wave frantically to her multiple times to see if she can hear or see me. At first, she couldn't, but I persisted. Eventually I gradually became apparent to her, but she expresses little in the way of shock or surprise. I tell her "Look at me! I'm dreaming and I can do ANYTHING I want!” Evidently she was not impressed.

      I think she was on the walk waiting for her friend (also named A.) who soon joins her while all this is going on. I though seriously about flying up to her friend A. and attempting to get in some sexy time, but what with her being my daughter's friend and with my daughter right there on-scene, it for sure was NOT going to happen and my heart wasn’t really into it, anyway. Thwarted by the circumstances (and with other people waking up and making noise) I awoke. Wake time: 5:35am.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Flying Above a Crowd

      by , 08-06-2016 at 11:32 AM
      August 6, 2016: I am one of many people in a large open field. Scott and many of his friends such as Costa, Brandan, Kelly are there. I recognize them from his wedding and invitations to their homes to celebrate various events in their lives such as baby showers and house warming parties, but I don't know/remember many of their names, even in real life. In front of me is a sandy patch of soil. For some inexplicable reason I decide to jump onto that particular patch of soil. I am launched softly into the air and immediately go lucid.

      The view from above the crowd is SUCH a unique perspective and highly detailed. I think to myself it's remarkable how few people even notice me in the air because of the infrequency with which people tend to look up. Yet here I am marveling at the idea that I can look down upon them and see them all and every detail of their heads, hair, hats and clothing. I circle the field and the crowd below several times inspecting the grounds, their clothes and taking in other details of the meadow scene from a stable altitude of about 100 feet. I spot Scott and his friends (all guys) towards the periphery of the crowd and gracefully descend, making a rather skilled landing. For some reason I rarely have trouble flying or landing. I am completely aware that this is a dream. I pick out one of his friends (Costa) and start patting him playfully about the waist, practically dancing with joy at being lucid in their company. I ask Costa “what does it feel like to be a dream character?” He responds cryptically by saying “how does a piece of meat feel about being a piece of meat?”

      I start explaining to the group that this is a dream and I am dreaming. I tell them I don't want to think about it too hard because I'm afraid I'm going to wake up - but I'm asleep in my bed or taking a nap somewhere in my house and I can do anything I want without consequence..so let's find me a girl. This declaration is met with a substantial amount of hilarity from this younger group of men, and we collectively break into a trot and begin to gradually spread out in an effort to reach the objective of finding me a woman with whom to have sex.

      I myself, in my search, enter someone's (strange to me) home cautiously through a screen door. I enter in the "conventional way" not by phasing, which didn't even occur to me to try. Inside I encounter my wife's entire family - sister-in-law, brother-in-law, late father-in-law and mother-in-law. Although I don't see them, I suspect my two nephews are somewhere in the house as well. I realize straight away that's the last place I want to meet a woman and have sex is in the home occupied by my wife's entire family!!! On the way out, I noticed that the sliding latch to secure the screen door has been installed on the same side as the hinges. I laugh to myself that their "Dream House" isn't so perfect after all.

      Shortly after stepping back outside I realize that I am mostly alone. The crowd in the field is gone and Scott and his friends have dispersed. There is little to focus on and I wake. The time is 5:53am, a mere seven minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Whew!

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    4. Motorcycle ride to buy suit

      by , 07-31-2016 at 01:49 PM
      July 31, 2016: Optimen BID, B6, 100mg h.s.: I am in what appears to be a dormitory setting complete with a full kitchen. I meet an attractive college-age female dream character who says her name is Joanne. I asked her if she would like to take a motorcycle ride with me to buy a new suit. She says she would like to accompany me except she has a doctors appointment to have a cyst in her throat assessed.

      A male dream character appears in the kitchen standing next to the counter upon which is a blender. He says to Joanne that he would be willing to call her doctor to cancel the appointment so that she would not have to pay a late cancellation fee, and she agrees to that plan of action. Joanne says she will meet me at the store.

      I step out into the hall and mount my Ultra Classic. I look at the dashboard and there is a clear film over some of the control buttons like when you buy a new iPhone. I start to pick at the plastic. After the plastic is removed I make adjustments to the windscreen, and wheel the motorcycle to the outside, where I find the road is wet from an ongoing misty rain.

      I mount the motorcycle and look to my left. There is a Marshals directly across the street, however it is across a divided highway and there does not appear to be a direct route to get there. I’m forced to turn right on what starts out to be a paved road. I make my first left. On my left is an abandoned Shell gas station. It is surrounded by a chain link fence. The road becomes a damp, puddled, rutted sandy dirt road with many fallen tree branches the size of telephone poles. The road also has some slippery wet rocks in the distance. My son S. appears and he scrambles on foot over these obstructions ahead of me. I try to negotiate the heavy touring motorcycle over and past these obstructions until I am thwarted by a large wet boulder.

      The dream scene shifts. I am standing on what appears to be a well-lit high school auditorium stage. To my left is a cheap picnic table covered in a white tablecloth. There are three folding chairs on the far side - none on the near side. Joanne is seated in the middle chair. Her mouth is covered by what appears to be a large Band-Aid. To her right, a child sized doll it's seated with a yellow balloon in its lap. Although it is a pleasant looking doll there is something creepy about its character. I wake. Time is 3:00am.
    5. Public groping (B6- induced?)

      by , 07-30-2016 at 08:22 PM
      July 30, 2016: 1 Optimen BID plus B6 supplement H.S. I am standing behind a woman in a tight, sheer, grey knit dress. My chin is on her right shoulder and I am gazing down at her breasts while my hands pass over her hips and casually up to her breasts, which I cup and jiggle with both hands. She offers no objection. After a moment she turns her head and speaks into my ear "You should make your head really tiny and look inside one of the cells inside your body and describe what you see as one of the tasks of the month." I became instantly lucid. I can smell the shampoo of her hair!

      I look around and see that we are standing on the front lawn of a bank, or perhaps an elementary school. I realize that I am groping this woman in a what appears to be public place in broad daylight. I feel a momentary sense of alarm/embarrassment but soon realize there doesn’t seem to be anyone else around. Her prompt causes me to remember that I wrote down the list of July TOTM’s and that the list is on my nightstand. I recall that one of the tasks was to pull a DC’s pants down, but there is no one else present, so I can't complete the task. I'm frustrated because I can’t remember any of the other tasks. I wake. Time 4:54am

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    6. Tetris game using boulders

      by , 07-16-2016 at 12:53 PM
      July 16, 2016: I am climbing down a steep incline of large boulders at the beach towards a tidal pool. The rocks are slippery with moss and I have to step with care. The day is bright and clear. The ocean water in the distance breaks with large waves from right to left. There is a strip of beach sand at the front of the tidal pool. The blue-green ocean waves appear to be approximately 30 yards in the distance. The boulders surround the tidal pool in a giant horse shoe shape about 300 yards wide with the open end oriented towards the ocean. The scene is quite beautiful and vivid.

      As I stand on a boulder adjacent to the water, a column of rocks glide into the title pool as if it were a ship looking for its dock. I can hear voices in the distance objecting to my presence near the edge of the tidal pool. Someone throws a fist-sized rock towards me, but it falls short and splashes into the water. This is followed shortly thereafter by an apple which is thrown in my general direction which also splashes into the water. Apparently, people are playing a Tetris-like game. The tidal pool is a substitute for a giant computer screen and people on the shore are conjuring up different shapes using rocks the size of garbage pails and causing them to magically travel into the watery alcove. I realize the object of the game is to fit different configurations of boulders into specific patterns in the pool.

      I watch several pieces of Tetris-boulder pieces shaped like an “I" and an “L" glide into place before yielding to the objection of the unseen players and leaving my position on the mossy boulder at the edge of the pool. I clamber up and out of the rocky horse shoe and soon find myself in what appears to be a shopping mall. I walk about the mall entering different small shops and rooms looking for my way out. I inadvertently enter what appears to be a dressing room with approximately six fully naked women, one of which is an African-American with small breasts. No one seems embarrassed or upset. I make a brief apology and leave. I wake.

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    7. Lion in the House

      by , 06-28-2016 at 12:38 PM
      6/26/16: The recollection of this dream commences with me attempting to troubleshoot and restore electricity in a partially built home by tying together several electric wire pig-tails inside a wall outlet. I need to go into the basement to see if the repair has restored electricity in the lowest level of this partially built house. For some inexplicable reason I believe the house belongs to Scott.

      The scene shifts and I am walking on an upper floor whose rooms are bare studs with no sheet rock. I open and close a sliding window whose glass is shaped like a bowl bending outwards. The glass is broken, but the window slides up to open and down to close. I turn away from this room which I believe is to be a future bathroom based upon its relatively small size. Almost immediately upon leaving the room I encounter a huge, fully grown male lion which is resting comfortably with its eyes lightly closed and front paws crossed. Roused from its sleep, it takes notice of me, but makes no immediate move towards me.

      I squeeze my shoulders through the spacing of two studs as this is the shortest and fastest path away from the perceived danger. I climb down and out of the house in moderate alarm and begin fast walking and ultimately running down the street filled mostly with children, supervised by a handful of adults. I call to them to alert them to the danger. Instead of running away, curiosity seems to compel them to enter the house to observe the lion for themselves, apparently oblivious to the danger.

      As I flee the scene I slowly realize that I am larger, faster and further than the easier potential victims which the children represent. Nonetheless I am sweaty with fear and the effort from running. My sweaty hands hamper my ability to shed a pair of thick garden gloves which I am trying to remove as I run. I end up having to pull each finger out of the glove using my teeth in order to get the hot, moist gloves off and throw them to the ground. I wake.
      Tags: lion
    8. Falling from Above a Castle! Lucid #17

      by , 06-15-2016 at 12:27 PM
      June 14, 2016: #3 of 3: With no prior recollection as to how or why, I find myself falling through the sky like a parachute jumper above a dense forest over a sprawling, stone medieval castle. I appear to be approximately 3,000 feet in the air falling at terminal velocity. The panoramic view of the forest and the castle (at about my 2:00) is very realistic. The shock and surprise of falling causes me to become immediately lucid. I am falling, not flying. I have no more control over my flight path than a parachute jumper would ordinarily have. I suspect this dream content was prompted by the Game of Thrones episode I watched with my wife L. prior to going to bed.

      The sensation of weightless falling is very striking and enjoyable. For an inexplicable reason I am not concerned about hitting the ground. Perhaps I am wearing a parachute. Instead of feeling a rushing wind, my entire body has the sensation of a very powerful, extremely pleasant tingling. I observe the tree tops rushing up to meet me at a furious pace, but I am 100% aware this is a dream. In order to prolong the sensation of falling and the tingling associated with this, I somehow manage to “roll back” the dream to a higher altitude so that I can fall again. This succeeds even though I don’t know how I did it. I have no recollection of hitting or touching the ground. As with all my non-lucid falling dreams I wake before I hit the ground.
      Tags: castle, falling
    9. Head Shop Visit

      by , 06-15-2016 at 12:18 PM
      June 14, 2016: #2 of 3: I am in what appears to be a head shop examining various pipes made for the purpose of smoking marijuana. They are very cleverly made out of various materials such as wood, glass, and stone. One of the pipes is very intricately carved out of wood. It has a recess for your chin which places the outlet of the pipe right at your lips. It is intended more as a work of art and sculpture than as a practical means for smoking pot. It appears to be carved out of mahogany or some other dark, hard wood. I pick it up, examine it closely, and even fit it to my chin to see how it works. I wake.
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    10. Can't Find My Way

      by , 06-15-2016 at 12:16 PM
      June 14, 2016: #1 of 3: I find myself waiting for a preoperative patient at the nurses desk outside of the operating room holding area. I greet and shake hands with P**** R***. I grow bored waiting for the patient to arrive so I decide to go to my car in the parking lot to listen to some music. As I settle into my car I realize that my beeper has a broken button and is probably not operational.

      I suddenly grow concerned that I might be late in my arrival to the operating room. I struggle to find the correct entrance to the hospital. I wander around an area that closely resembles the outside garden area of the Home Depot and another area, seemingly indoors, which has corridor after corridor of home goods for sale, almost like a Target, Walmart, or grocery store. I asked several dream characters for directions into the hospital, but no one is particularly helpful.

      After a great effort and much fretting, I finally arrive at the doctor's lounge. I realized that I have dried blood on my right wrist from the prior case. A discussion ensues with the dream character who is evidently an anesthesiologist. As I wash off the blood I remark how easily body temperature blood can get on your skin without you realizing it. I wake. The time is 3:23.am.

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    11. Rope Swing into Sand Pile

      by , 06-08-2016 at 12:26 PM
      June 8, 2016: I am in a crowd of people who are using a knotted rope to swing into a large pile of sand as if it were water in a lake. This was something I wanted to try. When it came to my to be my turn however, instead of one giant pile of sand there was only one medium sized pile of sand amongst multiple piles of coarse pea gravel. Also, there was a long dinner table covered with a white tablecloth running parallel to all the piles which was between where the rope hung and the sand & gravel piles, which greatly limited my ability to swing in the appropriate direction in order to land on the one pile which contained the fine grained sand.

      I walk about the table holding onto the rope trying to calculate which direction I could run while grasping the rope that would lift me over the table and simultaneously result in my landing in the sand as opposed to the piles of more coarse material. As I size up my potential trajectory I notice there is a tall chain link fence on the far side of all the piles only inches away. I realize that the fence and dinner table are an absolute bar to a successful jump into the sand pile and so I must abandon my attempt. I wake.
    12. Tree Hollow-Home Renovations

      by , 06-01-2016 at 12:48 PM
      May 27, 2016: #1 of 2: L. and I are performing renovations on the house. I walk outside the front door and pass our open garage bay and observed numerous brown boxes of various sizes which apparently contain nails, shingles, and other construction materials which so occupy the garage that the garage bay door cannot be closed. I walk onto the side lawn and observe an immense tree with a large triangular hollow at the base between the roots which looks like an animal’s den. A small white dog appears next to my right leg and starts to sniff, paw and explore the entrance area of the hollow of the tree. An orange and white tabby cat suddenly flees from the tree and is lost to sight. After the cat runs away the dog starts pawing at what appears to be bedding material made out of strips of soft foam within the hollow of the tree. The dog pulls out several strips of blankets and closed cell neoprene-like foam which is yellowish from exposure to the elements and/or sun.

      I walk back towards the house as it begins to rain. The rain is getting heavier as I pass the garage. I see that the outermost boxes are getting wet. When I enter the house L. is washing down a wall of what appears to be our future kitchen with a large yellow sponge. She is wearing only a pair of tight jeans and a brassiere. I asked her if it's okay for the outermost boxes in the garage to get wet and she says "yes." I tell her to show me her tits and she does. They look slightly smaller and she appears somewhat younger than in real life. I wake. The time is 4:29 AM.
    13. Beach Party.

      by , 06-01-2016 at 12:42 PM
      May 27, 2016: #2: I find myself swimming in a large body of water about 300 yards from a mountainous shore. I am in the company of a female dream character on a raft. I am attempting to swim back to shore, and as I do so I pass numerous pieces of debris floating in the water such as peach baskets and empty wine bottles. I grow very concerned that this debris will attract bait fish, and therefore larger predatory fish such as sharks.

      The scene shifts. I find myself back on shore where there is a party underway. I quickly realized that I am the host of the party. As I'm walking through the crowd D. K. throws a football to me. Because there are so many people I can't quite reach the ball and it hits my outstretched hands, and I drop it. I pick it up and throw it back to him underhanded. I make my way to a long table which has food laid out on it, much of which I can't identify. I place onto my plate a round disk of cheese about the size of a hockey puck which appears to be coated with shredded coconut. I wake. The time is 6:05 AM.
      Tags: beach, party
    14. Leaving Work for Home

      by , 05-25-2016 at 12:42 PM
      May 25, 2016: #2 of 3: I am in an office setting along with numerous dream characters who play the role of my office mates or colleagues. It is evidently time to go home and everyone is in a hurry to leave. One of the dream characters is an African American woman about the age of 30 with short hair. She is naked from the waist down. I get the impression that we have just finished having sex. Despite this I ask her if she would like to have sex. She says no.

      The dream characters hastily leave for home. Alone, I walk about the office which now has more of the appearance of a nicely appointed home than an office. In my wanderings I discover that there are three bathrooms. One of the bathrooms appears to be off of a master bedroom. I enter this bathroom, urinate, then leave.

      The scene shifts and I am outside driving in my car. My task apparently is to bring home a bottle of wine pursuant to the request of my wife L. I am driving on a road apparently northbound towards route ***. As I reached the intersection I realize that the road conditions are icy and snowy. I apply the brakes but nonetheless slide (uneventfully) into the intersection. No accident occurs but the occurrence is frightening nonetheless. I turn left on route *** headed towards B*** & B*** even though that wasn't the liquor store that L. had specified as the store to purchase the wine. I wake. 2:53 AM.
    15. There's Going to be a Test

      by , 05-25-2016 at 12:36 PM
      May 25, 2016: #3 of 3: I am walking down the hall of a school. I am headed towards the classroom in which I'm going to be taking an examination. I am with L. Just prior to entering the room I noticed there are several gadgets on the floor just outside the door (down and to my right) which apparently had been confiscated by the teacher and not permitted into the exam room. One of them looks like an REM Dreamer. My pants legs are rolled up to demonstrate that I have nothing hidden on my ankles although there does seem to be an REM Dreamer strapped to my leg.

      We entered the classroom and there are numerous previously seated dream characters. There are several unoccupied wooden desks in the classroom. I am interested in taking a seat at a large pine table. The teacher/proctor is Sean Connery. As I take my seat the large table appears to have spontaneously divided into two smaller tables. The teacher turns the narrow end of one of the tables towards me and I take my seat. L. is seated behind me and to my right at a "normal" classroom desk. She seems to know all about the subject matter of the test. I grow suddenly concerned I might not be fully prepared for the exam. I am surprised to learn that not only is there an academic part of the test but also a test of my physical strength as well. I wake. 5:54 AM.
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