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      Dreaming of super wierd stuff - nuclear bomb, feeling yourself dying? Vividness? Confused...

      Right I obviously can't remember it all but as soon as I woke up I wrote down the most detailed account of it as I could.

      I am a fifteen year old girl who lives in England, I have had a fair few life changing events in the last few years e.g. Parents splitting up in 2010 meeting a boy mum eating married mum movin to America my sisters eating disorder my breakup with my ex, moving house 3 times in last 2 years many family members dying of cancer etc etc, so I've been struggling a bit lately but no more than anybody else I suppose. But this dream captivated me, especially at the end where I could FEEL everything and feel emotions of sadness and calmness and love at the same time, and see everything going on around my ex...

      Firstly I will tell you about the people in it as not to cause any confusion.
      My ex boyfriend of 1 year who spilt up with me almost eight months ago is one of the main characters, I will just call him my ex. I am not over him but the pain isn't as bad as when we first broke up. I lost my virginity to him, which might explain the hole condom thing.
      Becky is one of my current best friends, met her only recently, both me and her regularly smoke weed/drink etc
      Emily was my old best friend, we stopped being friends 6 or so months ago
      Dom is in my friend Emily's friendship group, i have known him for a while, I am fond of him as a friend.

      Okay so basically from what I remember in my dream, me and my ex had got back together, we had both matured a lot since the relationship. We went shopping and at the time i was with just my ex, my mom and other people who I can't remember, but me and my ex wanted to get some condoms. We firstly went to morrisons and didn't get anything significant, but I then remember I was sudden,y with Becky and I can't remember if my ex as there or not, but we went into this very strange shop place. I remember when I walked in Emily was working in there and we went to get some condoms. Me and Becky were suddenly wearing long fluffy coats. When me and be Becky went to go pay the shop was significantly larger, it was dead quiet and there was a food mall, and there was a male ballerina, for some reason... I can't really remember what happened after that but I know we ended up walking up a street similar to the main shopping street in my town and then finally purchased some condoms, and then met back up with my ex boyfriend in a mall. Throughout this shopping trip, I wa s constantly losing my phone and my 50 quid my mum gave me, and worrying If I had Lost them, but then found them again. Once I met back up with my ex I wasn't wearing th long fluffy coat. Then me, Dominic, my ex and (I think) Becky was there and we walked up to a field which seemed remotely similar to have a cigarette before my ex came back to my house and stayed the night there. I can't remember this bit too well but I was playing with my phone and it began to speak saying something like "if you don't ..... I will..... Levitation.... Take over the world...." I then broke my phone and threw it into the other field. My ex then stepped into the same field and finished his cigarette, we then sarted to hear loud roars of thunder, and then the clouds started to move so so so so so quickly, like unbelievable, and then the sky is lit up, not very brightly though, with the most beautiful yellow orange pinky colour I have ever seen, and then a huge mushroom cloud forms after a nuclear bomb was dropped in my dream. Then I turned back to see My ex was then sat on the bench, I didn't take much notice but I remember Dom was there still and I think be ky, then I ran to My ex, sat on his knee and told him I loved him. Just before the wave from he nuclear bomb that would kill us hit us wierd images started going off in my mind then this wave hit and it genuinely felt like I had been slammed to the ground, my heart felt like it was burning but it was a tolerable pain and I didn't care about it. As I felt my heart beat
      Beginning to slow down and stop beating all these super wierd images popped up in my head again, some I can remember we're like white writing on a black background saying "children have died" I remember seeing a spinning crucifix and clouds, whiteness, darkness, necklaces but these were just a few of the many images that flicked through my mind and then I could literally f****** FEEL my hearts last beat I then woke up. The wierd thing is a nuclear bomb would kill you instantly especially as this nuclear bomb was maybe 2 miles away , why did I feel this hole rush of images and emotions etc?

      Yup, that's my dream. As you can probably imagine I was pretty startled as I woke up, when I dream they are usually pretty wierd but this has to be one of the weirdest. Can someone please help me interpret this dream... It's pretty annoying cos I wanna Get to the bottom and I can't tell whether I was lucid dreaming or not...

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      Well I'll start with your last question: whether you were lucid dreaming or not. It doesn't seem like you were aware that you were dreaming, and so no, you weren't dreaming lucidly.

      Skimming through that HUGE paragraph I'd say a lot of it could have been omitted (the coats, ballerina, shouting into the phone, etc.) as they just seem like mind wanderings. The things that stand out are your ex, the nuclear bomb killing you, the emotions you felt, and maybe the condoms. The images you saw also seem quite clichéd, so unless you have some particular significance for any of them in your waking life, I wouldn't attribute them to anything more than stereotypical links with death and spirituality.

      You say you felt lots of emotions during this strange dying process - what were they? Were you sad to be dying, or happy to be with your ex? I think these emotions are what you should be focusing on, as they may be the true reason for your dream; to tell you how exactly your feeling deep inside about your situation.

      Just remember that dreams come solely from your mind, and therefore don't have to be realistic. The fact that you didn't die instantly is no big deal - seeing as your mind doesn't actually know what it feels like to die! Dreams also fluctuate wildly, moving from event to event (or Morrisons to a field!) so I'd try and focus on the themes that permeate throughout - there you should find your answer

      Hope this helps!
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