I've noted a few locations in my dreams that have occurred more than once, and occur at random. I don't choose to go there, they are presented to me. Unfortunately, most of these places don't come to me anymore, and are only here by memory.

Cartoon Temple Track

As best as I can describe it, it is a temple-themed water "ride" that is a bit cartoon-like in art. In one dream, I explored it for the first time. In another dream, I visited the same place, but knew where all the "easter eggs" were (in video game terms) because I created that place.

Cheaply-Made Video Game Level

This one is really basic. It has a solid black floor, and is a rectangular room, with a sort of figure 8 floor plan.


I knew it was cheap because I could glitch to the top of any wall and shoot below. Also there was bots. There is no roof, and the outer barrier was a cityscape.

And most recetly:
An England Town

And I know how vague that sounds, but this picture looks EXACTLY like what I'm picturing in my dreams.

Picture this scheme for the buildings, only that the buildings are literally duplicates of each other, all around town. It is shaped a lot like the video game level, except bigger, and more detail. Not just flat walls, but actual buildings. Also different from this picture was a lack of cars, or I don't remember their being cars. Keep in mind I've never been to England, nor seen this picture before today.

The first dream I entered this place, the entire dream took place here. There were people walking down the streets. I assume there are streets, but I have yet to get a real good look of the ground. Anyways, the dream started with me playing marbles with a couple other kids if I remember correctly (also I'm 20, but likely not in the dream). I heard a bang, and I see one of the buildings are on fire and people are screaming, people start running away from it, I run too. I hear another explosion, more screaming? I don't remember. But as I turned around, every other building was on fire. Smoke filled the air and it had a reddish orange tint.

Just last night, the dream I was having had no resemblance. At one point though, I was exiting a grocery store, and the doors opened up to this England town, no fire, no damage. It's like my dreams were giving me a cameo of my other dream, as this is where the dream ended.

I will definitely update this post if I happen across any familiar locations.