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      I dont know why this dream freaked me out

      I don't know why this dream freaked me out so much I've had far weirder dreams. I dreamt I was wandering through a landscape of dilapidated houses while in one of the houses I fell through a square hole, I survived the fall but it was so deep no one could hear my screams for help soon I found a way out covered by cloth. I then began attempting and failing to make sculptures (im an artist) from broken objects, mainly jigsaw pieces from which i knew i lacked the set. I kept trying to contact my friend who i thought was paramount in completing my artwork but could not. I'd be interested to hear your interpretations.

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      A deeper side of you crying out, which you can't cover. Fair and square was a hole, perhaps regarding others.
      Attempting to put together what was broken, putting the pieces together or picking them up, but lacking completion in your creation.
      So you tried to connect with that part of you, or the friend, which can.

      Now do you know why this dream in your life freaked you out?

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