Lately I've been having alot of dreams of a mystical, supernatural and symbolic nature.
I find these dreams to be more exciting and enchanting than any lucid dream I've ever had.

In this threat I want to share these dreams with you and I want you to share dreams of a similar nature here too.
While some of the symbols in these dreams are obvious, others are not and so we may also be able to help eachother
interpret the possible meanings of symbols in our own dreams that we can't figure out ourselves.

I also intend to draw some of the scenes and characters of these dreams and share them with you here.
I want to encourage others here to do that too.


I will start with the dream I had last night(But I have many more of such dreams from the past to share with you):

I was in an office building, trying to go to the upper floors, but some people were trying to stop me. I got to the upper floor and spent some time overlooking the city from the top of the roof.
Next thing I knew was that I was in a large park in the center of a residential area. With me was this 10ish year old girl that I was trying to protect and hide from a group of evil men that
were looking for her. The girl looked human but I knew she was not quite human, but something like an elf or a feary. The evil men that were looking for her, though looking like men,
were not quite human either. They had this predatory werewolf energy and I knew they were shapeshifters. Though instead of being able to shapeshift into wolves/canines, they were able
to shapeshift into eagles. Were-eagles I guess. I saw a black station wagon drive agressively and very fast down the road that ran next to the park. In this car were these evil men.

I took the girl to an abandoned, red, toyota-like car that stood behind a small, straight hill in the park. I told her to hide in there. I covered the car in a large fleace blanket, knowing that
that would somehow make the car invisible for the evil were-eagle men. At this point the 10is year old girl had her little brother, a boy of about 7 years old, with her in the car.
I told them to stay put and that I would go out and get them food.

I kept going back to that office building to steal food and other things to bring back to the girl and her little brother. In that office I met a pretty woman with a caramel complexion and thick,
finely curled hair that was dyed blond. She was also sympathetic with the little girl I was hiding and protecting from the evil were-eagle men. I would have probably flirted with her in any other
scenario, but in this scenario I was too occupied with trying to keep the little girl and her brother safe while providing them with food.

Suddenly I am with my mother and we are both cycling through the neighborhoods surrounding the park as I see a small, long lake to our left side, surrounded by tall trees. The lake was about 15 meters
lower than the street and there were terraces on the right side of it(on our side). In the lake were alot of boats with people sunbathing, BBQing and partying on the decks. On one of the boats I spotted a
friend of mine so I yelled her name, but she didn't hear me. Then a black car stopped at the side of the road, next to me and my mother. Out of the car came a group of women in their 50s.
I felt the predatory, agressive energy of the evil were-eagle men again and I noticed that one of the women that had come out of the car, a chubby woman with short black hair, also felt the same
predatory energy approaching. It made me nauseous and nervous. We both agreed that we had to get out of there at once. And so we got into the black car with the other women and we drove off.

Without recalling how I got there I am suddenly back at the office, this time in the company of my uncle. The office seems to be a much bigger building this time. I am again stealing everything I can to bring
back to the girl and her brother who are still in hiding as I get a vision. In this vision I can see through the eyes of the evil were-eagle men who were now in the shape of eagles, circling over the park and
diving down in search of the girl. Somehow I was able to see through the eyes of all 4 of them at once. I was able to feel their agressive, predatory state of being too.
I snapped out of it and knew that, although the fleace blanket did it's job of hiding the girl and her brother well, the evil men knew where to look for her and that she and her brother wouldn't be safe there
for much longer. I went back to the park to bring them more stolen stuff and to see if they were still okay. As I walked to the hill where the car was hiden I made sure no one followed me.
Some children playing in the park wanted to follow me, but I told them not to. Except for a 6ish year old boy and his sister of about the same age. I knew that they were elves/fearies too, just like the girl
I was hiding and providing food for. So I asked them to follow me, hoping they might be able to help me getting the girl and her brother out of the park safely and to another, more permanently safe location.

The next and last part of this story is seemingly unrelated, but I'll include it here anyways:
A chubby rastaman on a bike, that normally is friendly to me, rides passed me and pushes me backwards. I attempt to hit him with my linnen bag full of stolen stuff.
Another man, an aquaintance, walks up to me and tells me that the chubby rastaman is quite a criminal type and that I might not want to hit him, to which I responded
cynically, saying something to the effect of " What? And let someone just push me around? I don't think so."